After giving her an underwater oral orgasm in our hotel room jacuzzi (see prior post), she informed me of her kinky plans for the evening. “I want you to think up a scene for me. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to earn yourself an orgasm.” I was all ears!

She explained: “You’re going to put on a show for me, and it needs to contain the following elements: bondage, self-inflicted pain, and edge-play.” I thought about this for a while, and had some questions, mostly about the edge play. She explained that it wasn’t about masturbation edging, but about working with an emotional boundary for myself. The goal was for me to come up with something that was near a limit or edge for me, and to push that limit in the scene.

She explained that if, in her opinion, I achieved the goals and she enjoyed it sufficiently, I would be permitted an orgasm. I asked about her participation, and she said that I needed to manage all the details myself, but that she would be willing to make herself available to a minor extent. She didn’t want to know any specifics. So as we lingered in the hot tub for a while longer, I pondered my options and came up with something I thought might just earn me that orgasm.

Eventually she decided we were done in the jacuzzi, so we got out and dried off. She went to the bed and started reading a book she had brought. I gathered our play bags in the “entertaining area” of the suite, by the couch which was out of her sight. I retrieved a set of things from our bags, and began to prepare. I moved the coffee table away from the couch to make room for me to on the floor at the foot of the couch.

She loves white rope, so I started by using that to tie off one testicle. Wrapping the rope behind my back and around to the front again, I tied off the other testicle, and cinched the rope behind me so my balls were pulled apart. I used another rope to wind tight around my cock, from the base up to the head, and then tied that off tight. I pulled the dangling end between my legs and knotted that to the rope in the small of my back which forced my cock down and severely back. Before long my bound genitals were aching noticably.

With more white rope I bound my knees together. I put leather cuffs on my wrists, and a leather collar around my neck with it’s O-ring in the back. We have two nipple clamps connected by a chain, and I tied a rope in the middle of the chain (for her to pull, as needed). I used one more white rope through my collar O-ring to each of my big toes, pulling my feet behind my back. I applied the nipple clamps to my nipples. The last step was to latch the wrist cuffs together behind my back.

I called out “I’m ready Mistress.” She put down her book, came over to the couch, and sat down. I told her “I know you like foot worship, but we’ve never done it because it’s not my thing. Tonight that will change. Please pull on this rope if I am not pleasing you adequately.” That rope would not only pull on the nipple clamps, but make them tighter too. She smiled. My balls, cock and nipples already were hurting, and we hadn’t even started.

She picked up the rope and tested it. Then she sat back on the couch and put her foot in my face. I opened my mouth and she inserted her big toe. “Suck it,” she said. I tried, but she yanked on the rope causing significant nipple pain and I yelped. “Be careful with the teeth!” she directed. I sucked her toe more carefully. She inserted her other toes in my mouth, repeated with the other foot, and rubbed her feet across my face. I wasn’t sure what to do. Sometimes I licked or tried to suck, other times I just let her feet explore my face.

After a while she felt the scene was complete. She checked in, and my pain was approaching my limit. She quickly removed both nipple clamps at once, which spiked that pain to about 13 out of 10. She chastised me for making too much noise, and rubbed my nipples as if that would help. Instead it maintained their pain level at about 9. “Thank you, Mistress.”

I was still bound, and next she went to untie my genitals. My balls were <i>extremely</i> sensitive, and her long nails were like pins. She untied first one testicle and then the other – and they each surged with renewed pain as blood flow and feeling returned to them. The tenderness of my cock was thankfully trivial compared to what my nipples and balls had just been through.

As I de-bondaged myself, we talked about the scene. She was very happy with it, and felt it satisfied her requirements. However, she did feel that we needed to find a true foot fetishist so that I could learn how to properly worship her feet. Her play with my nipples throughout the rest of the evening revisited pain, rather than my usual sexual response. The following morning I cashed in the orgasm she granted me by masturbating.

So, all in all we had a fabulous getaway together. And again, this is not a fantasy, this was what really happened.

I’m back in “verbal chastity” again, not even stimulating myself a little bit without her explicit permission.


Friday night she decided we were going to have a getaway evening in a nice hotel. I made reservations for Saturday night, a suite with a jacuzzi and view of the water (she loves the water).

We arrived about 5pm on Saturday, and I sherpa’d our 4 bags of play toys in addition to our luggage up to our room. After admiring the room she said “We need to get Tiny dressed. Take off your pants.” From our play bags she retrieved a leather cock strap device and handed it to me. There was a thick strap that wrapped around my scrotum.  It snapped tightly closed and pulled my balls down. Another strap went between the balls, separating them. A third strap fastened tight around the base of my cock. I was hard and sticking out all over the place.

Meanwhile she had retrieved a medium-sized butt-plug, covered it with a condom, and applied lube to it. “On your back, legs up” she commanded. A few moments later she had pushed it inside me. “Stand up.” She took her makeup eyeliner and drew on the head of my penis. She likes to draw this little mouse face, with eyes and ears and whiskers. It really is pretty cute. “Go look at tiny in the mirror.” Yes, cute, and a bit embarrassing.

“Ok, get your pants back on. We’re going out to eat.” As we walked through the hotel to the car, she made fun of the way I was walking. Then, “We’ll have to take the bumpy roads to the restaurant, for full effect, don’t you agree?” The correct answer, of course, was “Yes, Ma’am”.

Walking was pretty tolerable. So she made me run. “Run to the car and be ready for me! Run, run faster!” Moving quickly gave me additional sensations as the black rubber dong bounced around in my ass. I had her door open for her as she leisurely arrived. I got in the car and sat down gingerly.

The car ride was a bit jolting, as every bump the car hit translated into my anal intruder being poked deeper into me. She seemed to really enjoy that part. Soon we were at the restaurant, where again she made me run to the door and open it for her. The booth seat seemed to have more give or something, compared to the car seat. I could barely put my whole weight on it sitting down, and the intensity of the experience increased and stayed elevated through our meal. My face felt flushed and it was a little hard to concentrate.

After dinner she wanted to walk around a few nearby places to shop. Not that she wanted to buy anything. She explained that it would torture me more to walk around with my ass plugged and my cock trussed up in leather, and that would please her. So we did. Again she made fun of the slight waddle I had when walking. She had me run ahead to open all the door for her.

Back in our room she had me fill the jacuzzi and get myself cleaned up. It was a relief to eject the butt-plug and remove the harness from my cock and balls. I washed up and was soon lounging with her in the warm water and jets and bubbles.

After some chatting and cuddling, she said she wanted an orgasm. “Yes Ma’am,” I responded, “how may I help?” She said she wanted oral, which meant that I had to do it underwater. Shifting positions, I took a deep breath and plunged my head below the water and between her thighs. My tongue found her clit fairly quickly, and I got to work. She squirmed a little, which seemed like a good sign, but I couldn’t really see or hear anything. Then I had to come up for air.

She said she was close, that it was really intense, and that she wanted me back down there right away. Another deep breath, and Dive, Dive! Tongue to clit again, she grabbed my hair. I worked it like I knew she liked it, but it was strange not having the usual feedback. I couldn’t hear her breathing or her moaning, just the drone of the water jets. It was an interesting experience of objectification. I realized that I enjoy knowing that I’m pleasing her, yet that’s really an optional part of the experience for her.

I lasted as long as I could and came up for air again. She was breathless and had just finished her orgasm. She described it as very intense, suggesting that the water really made a difference. I was just happy to have pleased her. We cuddled for a while in the jacuzzi and that’s when she told me about her kinky plans for the remainder of the evening.

But I’ll save those details for tomorrow’s post.


I was treated to an orgasm this morning, but just barely. Apparently I’m in training.

My wife/keyholder/Mistress has been trying hard to get me to learn to orgasm without having my penis stimulated. As a lifelong masturbator (until recently), I’m realizing that my body really doesn’t know any other way to do it. At least not yet.

She got me going in her usual ways, and then started “edging” me – bringing me to the edge of an orgasm and then stopping. Sometimes she masturbated me, sometimes she let me do it. I had to stop well before cumming, or ask for permission to cum which alerted her to stop. Then she either left me untouched, or played with my nipples. “Go ahead, you can cum, come on, let’s see it,” she said, and also “It’s fun to torture you. I love this tease and denial.” Yes, dear.

No fantasy in my head would get me over the edge. It probably didn’t help that my bladder was full, or that there were distractions going on elsewhere in the house. Regardless, I just don’t seem to have any wiring right now that will trigger an orgasm without some penile stimulation. Unfortunately, this is unacceptable to her.

Eventually she had an idea to move me a step closer to her goal. Instead of allowing me to have my legs straight and my hands near my sides, she had me bend my knees and put my hands over my head. Then she masturbated me. This felt really unusual, and it was surprisingly hard for me to orgasm like this. It wasn’t an uncomfortable position, just one very different from almost all of my other in-bed masturbation episodes. That difference proved to be substantial.

She kept stroking me, switching hands very effectively to keep going and going. Eventually, with a little visualization, I was able to orgasm. My thoughts were about this being my last orgasm before being locked into an inescapable chastity device for a long time.

Afterwards she told me to do some research so we could learn more about this type of orgasm training. Dear readers, do you have any resources to help me in this quest? How can I learn, or be trained, to orgasm on her command? Please feel free to comment on this post, or see my Contact page to email me privately. Thank you for your help!

I also forgot to mention in yesterday’s posting an orgasm that she had two nights ago. She positioned her crotch on my thigh, and rubbed herself to a climax. I enjoy being used like that for her pleasure, it turns me on too, but of course I wasn’t permitted an orgasm or even any stimulation.

I won’t be posting tomorrow, as she decided it was time for a “night away”. So we have a jacuzzi suite reservation, and she wants to bring our “play bags”, which means there will be some substantial BDSM adventures going on. She is also talking about taking me out crossdressed, or at least looking androgynous, maybe even to a large shopping mall. I’ll catch up with a post on Sunday.

One last note: Thank You to you, my readers. My blog is averaging about 100 visits per day, which exceeds my expectations. I appreciate your interest and your comments. Several people have mentioned that some photos would be nice, and I am keeping that in mind. Please know that I value your thoughts, input, and readership.


Although I’m unlocked, she teased me quite a bit last night. I think she’s slipping out of her funk and back to baseline.

Earlier in the evening we went for a drive and parked down by a lake not far from our home. It was chilly yet nice. What struck us most, though, was all the activity around us. We might have expected the occasional couple going for a walk together, and there were a few. But we didn’t expect all the other unusual activity.

One truck had a couple in it and they seemed to be busy with each other somehow. A sports car drove in, someone on foot suspiciously got in, and they drove off. When we left later, we spotted that sports car in another part of the part near some bathrooms — subtle. The driver of another car walked around behind another building and disappeared for a while. It seemed like we were witnessing quite a bit of sexual connection going on around us (and/or maybe some drug deals?).

My wife suggested that she could take me down here crossdressed and find some guys to have me suck or to fuck me.

Later in bed she started out stimulating my nipples, but fairly soon checked my cock and found it still soft. “What’s with this? Not even hard. How useless it is.” She changed tactics. “I’m going to take you down to that park and find some guy with a huge cock. He’ll bend you over and put your head in a toilet, then ram his massive dick up your ass and give you a good reaming. Would you like that?” Her hand on my cock gave her the answer since I was quickly stiffening. Her erotic stories almost always do it for me.

Next she let me masturbate myself, but I was not allowed to orgasm. She had me think about sucking cock in that park while I was doing it. It was difficult not to cum, but I obeyed. After that she rubbed me more herself, both cock and nipples. Then she abruptly quit and got comfortable for sleeping. And that was it.

Tonight at the grocery store together she did some subtle teasing about my cock size. “See that guy’s pony tail? Look how long it is. He has a really good sized one, unlike your small, inadequate one.” I looked and agreed with her out loud. She makes these public statements a lot lately, which are analogies about my cock size. It’s her way of humiliating me in public, yet only the two of us really know the true topic.


My wife/keyholder has been in a down mood lately. She’s had little interest in the usual things, including our sex and chastity games. Yeah, it’s a bummer. But life isn’t always blue-balls and thwarted erections, is it?

If history is any guide, she’ll be back on top of her game in a few days. Rather than filling posts with fluff here, I thought I’d just clarify the situation. I think it makes more sense to skip a post or two until I can share things of topical interest. If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment.

Some years ago I would have taken something like this personally, and twisted it all around to be about my needs not getting met. But it would have come out all sideways and really fucked things up in our relationship. Over the last two years we’ve had some amazing personal and interpersonal growth. And that helps me to see that this isn’t about me, it’s her stuff. That frees me up to be there for her, support her, and just wait as she processes things her way. That probably sounds easy, but I wasn’t there a few years ago. I’m grateful to be past that now.

In the big picture, the chastity lifestyle has to accommodate all the aspects of real life — fun times and hard times. I happen to be in verbal chastity now, but would I be behaving any differently if my cock were physically locked up? It shouldn’t matter, and I’m grateful to feel that it really doesn’t. I hold no illusions that I’m immune from “topping from the bottom”, but I feel more aware about that dynamic in our relationship. My focus on her simply feels better, and very likely gets us both more of what we want anyway.

She did ask me recently if I was being faithful with what I call being in “verbal chastity”. I honestly answered that I was. She asked how it felt being in chastity without a device versus with one. I told her that I somewhat prefer being in a device, ideally without being able to remove it. She marveled at how different we are in that way, as she couldn’t tolerate that at all. I brought up the KSD-G2, and she asked about the CB-6000. I think she’s interested in putting Tiny into the short version of that device. I pointed out that the KSD-G3 add-on seems to have better reviews, and last I noticed they had a discount when the G3 was purchased with a 6k. She seemed to be leaning in favor of the 6k+G3 combo, but we didn’t make a final decision.

So in summary, my posts may be sporadic for a short while. Stay tuned. Thanks.


Time for a flashback that I’m sure many readers will love.

Since the last 24 hours have been a “slow day” here, it’s time to tackle one of the items from my “Future Topics” page.  Today’s item: “How she had me humiliate myself to others one day to get out of chastity”. This is a true story.

Last month we traveled out of town to attend a kinky weekend event. There were workshops during the day about all sorts of things like bondage, CBT, medical play, role-play, kinky toys, etc. There were vendors with all sorts of fun sex and BDSM related wares and clothing. And after dinner the dungeons were open for play. People were dressed in all manners of fetishwear. It was a really fun weekend.

When we arrived I had been locked in the CB-3000 for several days. This was pretty early on in the “chastity era” of our relationship — just a few weeks before I started this blog. My wife/mistress/keyholder had an evil, wonderful, nasty plan for me for the first evening.

She said I could get unlocked and have an orgasm if I could find someone to unlock me. But there were a few further requirements.

First she helped me get crossdressed. I had a plaid dress with a big pink belt/bow, white hose, and shiny Mary Jane shoes. She fixed my hair and makeup. I really did look quite good. Slutty, but fun.

Then she had me write a note that said: “My Mistress will allow me an orgasm if you will unlock me. I can give you a BJ. Will you please help?” She pinned this to my dress along with the key to my chastity lock. She was clear that I was not to touch the key for any reason.

Then she got ready. Soon she walked me from our hotel room, through the public hallways, to the private party area. There she allowed me to interact with people and to plead my case. At first I was really embarrassed and hesitant to approach anyone. The first few men read my note and actually laughed about it. They all declined.

We moved to another area, and I got a little more comfortable talking to people. However, man after man still turned me down, most of them laughing at my predicament. Some lifted the front of my dress to see my chastity device and lock for themselves. The evening went on and it seemed that I was not going to get unlocked. My wife was clear that she was ok with that outcome.

In the quiet dungeon we met a friend from our town who was also attending. She introduced us to her fiance, who was also dressed up pretty. Although we had not met before, it was clear that he was her submissive, so I asked her permission to offer my note to him. She agreed, he read it, and I gave them some time to discuss it. I sat next to my wife to wait for their decision. Soon our friend motioned me over and told me they would be glad to help.

For some reason this wasn’t quite the joyous moment I expected. I had been so focused on finding someone to unlock me that I had forgotten my part of the bargain. Now I had to suck this man’s cock! And not just that, but in front of my wife, in front of his Mistress, and in front of the other people in the dungeon.

Keeping the end of my penile captivity and my pending orgasm in mind, I knelt in front of this man I had just met. He lifted his skirt and revealed his cock to me. His Mistress handed me (!) a condom, which I carefully applied to his erection. I looked back at my wife, and she gave me a look that said “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. Although it wasn’t the first time my wife had put me in a position to suck a man’s cock, it had been years and it felt all new again. I worked him with my lips and mouth and tongue, and listened to his responses to help me gauge what he liked. Soon I became aware of his Mistress complementing my wife about what a good cocksucker I was, and how they both really seem to be enjoying it. But mostly I wasn’t aware of anyone or anything around me, as I was focused on pleasing his penis until it came so that I would get to cum.

Fortunately he didn’t last long, and his orgasm was clear to everyone. Once he finished I laid my head on his thigh, looked at his cum in the end of the condom, and thought happily to myself “I did it!” Both women commented that I seemed to be quite a slut, and that it looked like I really enjoyed sucking cock. This made me blush and, still on my knees, I acknowledged them both with a “Yes, Ma’am”.

I finally looked around, and it seemed to me that there were a few more people than before in the dungeon. My wife picked up on this and told me that “everyone” was watching me be a little cock whore. I didn’t care, it didn’t feel wrong to me, although I still felt somewhat embarrassed. I also felt somewhat fulfilled — that I had accomplished something and that I had pleased my wife. In hindsight I realize that she must have really enjoyed the entire evening of humiliation that she set up for me and made me endure.

And yes, an hour or so later back in our hotel room, she gave me a most wonderful orgasm.


This morning I came to realize some of her plans for me.

Last night was a bust, as my wife/keyholder had something sudden crop up that required her attention. It kept her occupied until after midnight. Life happens.

But this morning she started teasing my cock shortly after we awoke. I have been in “verbal chastity” since showering yesterday, and in physical lockup for about 6 days prior. So this was literally the first time my cock had any physical stimulation in about a week. However, her approach was one of long, drawn out teasing.

She started with slow strokes up and down my cock, each stroke lasting about 3 seconds. So frustrating! Then a 5 second burst of fast stroking on the head, followed by a break. Argh! Next she slowly ran her fingernails up and down my shaft, avoiding the head entirely. Then some intense nipple stimulation. After that she repeated those things in various combinations and durations. I was so totally aroused and attending to her every touch. It was very clear that see was immensely enjoying edging me.

Then she got out some lube, put some on my cock, and also on my nipples — hmm, that’s new. Fast strokes on my cock, I’m so close, “Mistress please may I cum?” She stops immediately and says “No!” I try hard to hold back and manage to obey. Next, nipple teasing which feels new and interesting with the lubrication. It still drives me crazy. More cock pumping, I plead “Please may I cum?” to which she responds again “No!” Again I withhold my orgasm as she removed her hand. How much more can I take of this?

Then she proceeds to work my nipples and shaft more, explaining that I can cum now. I whine that I can’t. She explains “Well, you’re going to learn. We’re going to train you to cum without all that rubbing and fussing. Eventually you’ll be able to have an orgasm without that. Go ahead and try.” Her stimulation continues and I’m massively aroused, but not close enough to go over the edge.

I tell her that I don’t think I’ve ever come without my normal stimulation. She says “Well that’s just silly. I can do it, you can too. For me it just takes the right pressure sometimes. You will get there, but it may take some time. That’s why we’re in training. Go ahead, you can cum now.” Still no stimulation of my cock head. How in the world will I ever get there? Eventually she strokes my shaft fairly slowly, barely touching my cock head. Before too long I explode with an orgasm, making a huge mess all over my chest.

“There,” she says, “that’s a start. You had much less stimulation than normal, and you still came. So that’s progress.” I couldn’t speak yet, and I just accepted what she said as true. She went on to explain that she allowed me this orgasm because she intends to use me for sex tonight, and she didn’t want my pent-up orgasm getting in the way. So those were her two plans for me this morning.

Thinking back, I wonder about her plans for altering my orgasm triggers. What could this be about? Could it be just a control thing, maybe a slave trick that she can show off to friends at a play party? Or could this be related to her desire to have my cock and/or balls removed? Could she still make me cum then if I was suitably trained? I end up feeling more confused. Regardless, I want to please her.

The last two cock pictures I sent her, as part of my daily assignment, were small and hairy and yucky. She mistook them both for Tiny which was just humiliation, since they were both uncut cocks. Tiny (her name for my cock) is circumcised. It’s not that I find uncut cocks ugly, these two were just unsightly specimens. I have some nice pictures of some uncut cocks, and I find them totally fascinating. I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing foreskin, so it really intrigues me. The 7-8 cocks my wife has had me suck over the years have all been cut.

Now that evening is here, she feeling a little bit ill and she’s exhausted after the late night last night. I’m ready for another postponement of the intercourse that she’s wanted, if that is her desire. I’m also not sure if she’ll want me locked up for the work week yet. We shall see.

T and D

This morning we got to sleep in late, but my nipples had to work overtime. Before we went to bed, my wife/keyholder stimulated my nipples for 20 minutes or so, and then again this morning for some time. My attempts at an erection is pointless thanks to the CB-3000 locked on my genitals. She also talked again about both castration and having my penis removed, telling me how nice it would be for me to become her eunuch.

After we got up she said I could get unlocked before showering. She told me to clean Tiny (her name for my cock) very well, because she was thinking about allowing it inside her tonight. I noticed she did not say anything about an orgasm for me, but one never knows, dare I hope? I asked her permission to shave my genitals because some of my hairs were getting caught in the chastity device crevices. She allowed it, but reminded me of my obligations under “verbal chastity” to not even slightly give myself a bit of genital pleasuring.

While removing the CB-3000 I noticed, quite painfully, that for the first time I had a piece of skin get caught in a crack in the seam of the device. Perhaps all my attempts at getting hard are starting to split it? I’ve read that that can happen, but I’ve owned this one for years and it’s been pretty solid. Looks like I’ll have a little gluing to attend to.

After my shower she inspected my genitals. I started getting hard in her hand, of course, and she gently rubbed some more which greatly turned me on. This turned her on, and she continued to get me close and then stop. “See, I love this,” she explained, “this tease and denial, I really enjoy this a lot.”

We’ve had a busy day since then, and it’s about time for me to go to bed and she what she has in store for me tonight.


My wife/keyholder informed me of some new rules regarding my time in chastity. I was driving us in the car today, and made some nasty comments about another driver doing something stupid. She said “Well we’re going to do something about your road rage. Every time I hear you go off about someone else like that, you will get 3 more days added onto your time in chastity.” I replied “Yes, Ma’am.”

She continued, “and if I catch you doing any gesturing to other drivers, even that sneaky one you think I don’t notice sometimes, that will be another 5 days of lockup. Understood?” Again I said “Yes, Ma’am.” She pointed out that she is willing to overlook the outburst I just had, but not the next one. I thanked her for her lenience.

At work she texted me about my puny cock. She suggested it was small enough that it could just be snipped off with a fingernail clippers, like a skin tag. She wrote “You won’t even notice, seriously, Tiny is practically as helpful as a wart or blister.” Then she asked me if I was fond of Tiny (her name for my cock). I wrote back “Sort of, but also utterly embarrassed.” She wrote that she understood, that she’d “be horrified if I were you, so let’s just be rid of him.” I wrote that we sort of were anyway, thinking of the chastity. She replied that “we could do more.” I agreed and said that I would defer to her better judgement, and she concurred.

Last night I endured another 20 minutes or so of non-stop nipple stimulation, with the CB-3000 preventing any erection or feeling the whole time. Then she rolled over and went to sleep.

Today I emailed her my third picture of a cock, again describing what I liked about it. This is day 3 of that assignment. This time I selected a large black cock that looked really awesome. It really was quite a bit bigger than my cock. Her response was to change the assignment to find some cocks for next time that I don’t like as much, and to describe why they aren’t as hot for me. I wonder what she is up to?


It has been 4 days since my last orgasm, and 14 days total that my cock has been under her control.

I have a pretty similar story for the events of last night: about 20 minutes or so of solid nipple stimulation, making me ultra horny without being able to get hard or obtain any pleasure at all. My wife/keyholder seems to enjoy it though, so that’s all that matters, right? I still wonder if this “nipple training” of hers is actually training my cock (and mind and body) to learn that it’s pointless to try to get an erection when aroused. If so, then are these teasing games of her actually bringing about the uselessness of my cock that she humiliates me with? Seems like a possible mind fuck there.

You may recall that I sent her info about a chastity accessory that might increase security. She noticed that the KSD-G3 add-on was for the CB-6000, and they don’t fit the CB-3000. The KSD-G2 is the one for the chastity device I wear, and I’m even less convinced about that one helping to eliminate the pull-out potential for me. On second thought, the KSD-G2 might make reinsertion impossible, so maybe it would be worth a try?

I got a call back from the piercing parlor we always go to, and they want to do a consultation before making any recommendations about new piercings for me. They want to see the scar tissue from my past healed holes as well as what flesh they have to work with in order to assess the likelihood of any future piercings being rejected. They also gave me a recommendation for another place that will do tattoos on the penis, since none of their current artists do those.

I called that other tattoo place, and they also said they need a consultation before proceeding or quoting prices. I shared all this with my wife. I’m not sure what her plans are. Maybe she will ask me to schedule a consultation about piercings, or the tattoo, or both; or maybe she will do the scheduling. I’m sure she would love humiliating me by telling the tattoo artist that she wants “tiny” permanently inked on the head of my cock. Or would she get more enjoyment out of watching me describe the details while she is there?

I also suspect that the consultation wouldn’t be the end of it. Knowing her, she’d want to go forward with it right then, assuming there were no concerns from the tattoo professional. Then again, maybe she’d schedule it for some time in the future to torture me for longer due to the anticipation. I really am worried about how much a tattoo will hurt on the tip of my penis. I’ve read that topical anesthetic is not something that tattoo parlors can legally do due to medical regulations. So I’m not sure what options we have left there, besides unbearable pain for me (which my wife would probably really enjoy, so I guess I’m screwed there).