After giving her an underwater oral orgasm in our hotel room jacuzzi (see prior post), she informed me of her kinky plans for the evening. “I want you to think up a scene for me. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to earn yourself an orgasm.” I was all ears!

She explained: “You’re going to put on a show for me, and it needs to contain the following elements: bondage, self-inflicted pain, and edge-play.” I thought about this for a while, and had some questions, mostly about the edge play. She explained that it wasn’t about masturbation edging, but about working with an emotional boundary for myself. The goal was for me to come up with something that was near a limit or edge for me, and to push that limit in the scene.

She explained that if, in her opinion, I achieved the goals and she enjoyed it sufficiently, I would be permitted an orgasm. I asked about her participation, and she said that I needed to manage all the details myself, but that she would be willing to make herself available to a minor extent. She didn’t want to know any specifics. So as we lingered in the hot tub for a while longer, I pondered my options and came up with something I thought might just earn me that orgasm.

Eventually she decided we were done in the jacuzzi, so we got out and dried off. She went to the bed and started reading a book she had brought. I gathered our play bags in the “entertaining area” of the suite, by the couch which was out of her sight. I retrieved a set of things from our bags, and began to prepare. I moved the coffee table away from the couch to make room for me to on the floor at the foot of the couch.

She loves white rope, so I started by using that to tie off one testicle. Wrapping the rope behind my back and around to the front again, I tied off the other testicle, and cinched the rope behind me so my balls were pulled apart. I used another rope to wind tight around my cock, from the base up to the head, and then tied that off tight. I pulled the dangling end between my legs and knotted that to the rope in the small of my back which forced my cock down and severely back. Before long my bound genitals were aching noticably.

With more white rope I bound my knees together. I put leather cuffs on my wrists, and a leather collar around my neck with it’s O-ring in the back. We have two nipple clamps connected by a chain, and I tied a rope in the middle of the chain (for her to pull, as needed). I used one more white rope through my collar O-ring to each of my big toes, pulling my feet behind my back. I applied the nipple clamps to my nipples. The last step was to latch the wrist cuffs together behind my back.

I called out “I’m ready Mistress.” She put down her book, came over to the couch, and sat down. I told her “I know you like foot worship, but we’ve never done it because it’s not my thing. Tonight that will change. Please pull on this rope if I am not pleasing you adequately.” That rope would not only pull on the nipple clamps, but make them tighter too. She smiled. My balls, cock and nipples already were hurting, and we hadn’t even started.

She picked up the rope and tested it. Then she sat back on the couch and put her foot in my face. I opened my mouth and she inserted her big toe. “Suck it,” she said. I tried, but she yanked on the rope causing significant nipple pain and I yelped. “Be careful with the teeth!” she directed. I sucked her toe more carefully. She inserted her other toes in my mouth, repeated with the other foot, and rubbed her feet across my face. I wasn’t sure what to do. Sometimes I licked or tried to suck, other times I just let her feet explore my face.

After a while she felt the scene was complete. She checked in, and my pain was approaching my limit. She quickly removed both nipple clamps at once, which spiked that pain to about 13 out of 10. She chastised me for making too much noise, and rubbed my nipples as if that would help. Instead it maintained their pain level at about 9. “Thank you, Mistress.”

I was still bound, and next she went to untie my genitals. My balls were <i>extremely</i> sensitive, and her long nails were like pins. She untied first one testicle and then the other – and they each surged with renewed pain as blood flow and feeling returned to them. The tenderness of my cock was thankfully trivial compared to what my nipples and balls had just been through.

As I de-bondaged myself, we talked about the scene. She was very happy with it, and felt it satisfied her requirements. However, she did feel that we needed to find a true foot fetishist so that I could learn how to properly worship her feet. Her play with my nipples throughout the rest of the evening revisited pain, rather than my usual sexual response. The following morning I cashed in the orgasm she granted me by masturbating.

So, all in all we had a fabulous getaway together. And again, this is not a fantasy, this was what really happened.

I’m back in “verbal chastity” again, not even stimulating myself a little bit without her explicit permission.

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