Maybe really?

Last night was a surprise. We were in bed, having chatted for a while, and she said she was horny. I figured we’d have sex, since it had been a while. Things have been crazy, busy, and stressful for several weeks. I thought to myself how nice it would feel to be inside her.

She started rubbing her hands on me, and talked about this fantasy that was making her aroused. I just listened getting more and more turned on as she started talking about how nice it would feel to have a big, black cock inside her. My cock, not being black, obviously wasn’t what she had in mind. Please see my previous post for a bit of the back story here.

She went on describing her daydream, how I might be tied up on the bed while her black lover fucks her right above my face. I’d be helpless to do anything, forced to watch. She went into some detail about how nice it would feel to have her pussy filled with a large, thick black dick. She reached around and felt my hard-on, confirming that we both actually found this fantasy erotic.

She talked about how she would sit on my face afterwards and let his cum run out and into my mouth. And how she’d expect me to clean her afterwards, licking his seed out of her, swallowing and appreciating every drop. And she went on to say how black men often can have many orgasms, so it’s likely that she’d let him rape my ass while I was tied down. She asked me if I had daydreamed about that, and I answered truthfully that I had.

Even more surprising, she said she wanted me to masturbate for her. Although I had hoped to have sex with her, I wasn’t going to turn down an orgasm. I got ready, and she clarified that I had to share the fantasy in my head with her while I jerked off. At that point the only answer possible for me was “Yes, ma’am”.

I started pleasuring myself, and described how I could help her black lover get big and hard for her. She asked for specifics, so I went into detail about licking and sucking him. She asked directly if I would lick his ass if she told me to; I hesitated, but finally agreed, worrying that if I said no my orgasm might be cancelled.

She asked more more, and I suggested that I could help guide his cock into her, and lick his balls while they fucked. She said she’d like to see my mouth full of his huge testicles, gagging on his manhood while she rode him and moaned like I have never heard her moan before. And that’s when I came.

Afterwards she made some vague comments about how maybe she should arrange that. I laughed nervously, not sure if she was serious or not. Honestly, I’m not sure anymore. Afterwards, it struck me how she could be using sessions like this to train me to be aroused by black cock cuckolding.

[NOTE: the photos are NOT of us. If you like them as part of my posts, let me know]

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