Just a brief update.  The real world intrudes, and chastity games take a back seat.  My wife, mistress and keyholder came down with a cold that hung on for over two weeks and then went bacterial.  She’s on antibiotics now, but it was a lousy time for her.  I took good care of her, but sex was not on the menu.

Although I’ve been unlocked for just over two weeks now, I’ve been good.  Maintaining myself under an implied “verbal chastity” for her just seemed right.

We’ve exchanged a few sexy videos today, so I’m thinking she might be back in the saddle, maybe even tonight.  Her choice:  Madonna’s “Justify My Love” (YouTube).  My choice: Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” (MTV).  Enjoy.

Bad Behavior

I was extremely fortunate to be out of chastity all week last week. My wife / keyholder had a nasty cold all week, and she wasn’t feeling up to micromanaging Tiny (her name for my cock). I considered myself under “verbal chastity”, and didn’t do anything I wasn’t permitted to do, like masturbate. I did shave my genital area in anticipation of being locked back up soon.

By Friday evening she was feeling a little better, and she allowed me to orgasm. Saturday we went out to see some live music downtown. Between my being frustrated at getting out of the parking ramp, and a few other interactions where I was a bit impatient, she decided that my attitude was off-base. To her there is a direct correlation between me having an orgasm and misbehavior shortly thereafter. I don’t see it that way, but she has the key to unlock me. So only one opinion really counts.

I didn’t realize how annoyed she was until she explained a few things that night. She started by telling me: “First thing Sunday morning you are to lock Tiny back up. I want you to present it to me so that I can close the lock myself.” I replied “Yes, Ma’am.” She then reiterated how she dislikes how my attitude seems to change after an orgasm, and that she’s feeling like the problem is actually the orgasms themselves. I had the sense this wasn’t going to go well for me.

She went on to explain that not only was she going to have me locked up for a long while this time, but that she was also not going to have her sexual pleasure reduced because of my poor behavior. She said she was serious about finding another man, with a real cock, to fuck her. Maybe I would be allowed to watch, maybe not — that didn’t matter. What mattered was that her desire for intercourse would not be affected by my cock being locked up for long periods of time. She asked me if I understood, and I replied “yes, Ma’am” in a very dejected tone.

She went on to explain that she had been doing some research about castration. She feels that removing my testicles would also be a good solution to the problem. She liked the behavior changes she has read about that occur for castrated men, and she was sure that it would eliminate the behaviors that she was not liking in me lately. She asked me what I thought about that plan. I said that I thought it was rather extreme.

She laughed. She recounted each recent behavior of mine that she was unhappy about, and identified all of them together as extreme. She said the pattern was obvious: when I get to cum, I’m so much more likely to behave in ways that she really dislikes. She explained that without my balls I simply wouldn’t have the hormonal variations that lead to my upsets and impatient responses. She said she would be continuing to look into the options.

Sunday morning I presented my cock in the CB-3000 to her with the lock unlatched. When she clicked the lock closed, she said to be quiet and listen to it latch. Then she explained that it may be on a long time this time, perhaps for weeks.


We’ve been into a pattern lately where my wife/keyholder will have me locked up all week, Monday thru Friday. Then on the weekend she has me remove the CB-3000, wash Tiny (her name for my cock), and supervise my release from chastity over Saturday and Sunday.

Both this weekend and last weekend I have been permitted to orgasm, but only after she has had a chance to climax at least once.

Friday night was an example. She allowed me to slip inside her. After having been locked up a week, intercourse feels incredible. But on top of that, she started playing with my nipples which drives me crazy with sexual energy. She had not cum yet so I had to stop and stay still, and I had to beg her to quit stimulating my nipples. So she left my nipples alone and focused on her orgasm, which arrived before long. I waited until she was ready for me to continue. Then she went back to my nipples, and in no time at all I had a long and satisfying orgasm.

Saturday night she was a little miffed at me for not being interested in going out to a drive-in movie. I was exhausted from lots of yard work, and had a few other reasons. But she was certain that my orgasm the night before had reduced my interest in sex. In fact, she was so annoyed by this that she said she would find another man to satisfy her since sex with her didn’t seem that important to me. I tried to plead my case, but it was hopeless. She also suggested leaving me locked up for two week periods instead, or maybe permanently once she found another lover. And her plans are to have me watch while she is satisfied by another man with a cock that isn’t Tiny. To be honest, I’m not sure how serious she is. She might do it.

Last Thursday she gave me an opportunity to be released early. We were meeting a friend for dinner and she wanted to be sure we were on time. I left on-time from work, but hit unusually heavy traffic on the way home, and then again on the way to dinner. We were a few minutes late, and so I stayed locked up for two more days.

A week earlier she allowed me to get unlocked for the weekend and wash myself up before bedtime. It was another evening when I was exhausted, but apparently she was hoping to use my cock in an erect state for her own pleasure. Tiny stayed soft as she played with him, and she talked about how useless he was. “Look at how small and soft this thing is. It certainly isn’t going to give me any pleasure tonight, is it? What is the point of even having it? Perhaps we should have it removed, or better yet turn you into a woman. Then I could fist both your ass and your pussy.” I agreed, being too tired to argue at all.

We both have tomorrow off work, just to make a 3-day weekend for us at home. So I’m not sure if she’ll want me locked up in the morning, or if she’ll just keep me “supervised” during this extended weekend. The freedom or imprisonment of my genitals are up to her.

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