Male Chastity Devices

In this post I’m going to discuss some of my perspectives on male chastity devices. I will focus on their purpose and security issues. And I will detail how we dealt with these issues in my current experience of chastity.


The two main purposes I see for locking up a man’s genitals are: control and prevention. Much has been written about the ways that a keyholder can control the sexuality and behavior of someone locked into chastity. What and how to control is a very broad topic that I will not delve into today. My links page has a few good articles about control.

Prevention is an easier topic, being more limited and practical in nature. What activities does the device prohibit? I see three primary levels of prevention: stimulation, orgasm, and intercourse. Devices can prevent all, some, or even none of these. So when selecting a device, it seems important to know what you wish to prevent, and whether a given device actually achieves that goal.

In my situation my wife/Mistress/keyholder wants to prevent orgasms and intercourse, but she also wants access for stimulation as she loves to tease and deny. To prevent stimulation as well, a properly fitting full belt style device could be used to block all access.

Devices that enclose the penis can severely limit stimulation, but many can also transmit the sensations of a vibrator. For some men such vibrations can be enough to achieve an orgasm. For others (like me), a vibrator against my chastity device can only tease, arouse, and frustrate.

Tube or cuff style devices which fully expose the glans would not work for us. A tight, even painful, shaft restriction does not prevent me from being able to masturbate to release. It’s possible that I could even have intercourse and orgasm with such a device. I think they look interesting, but I suspect they would prevent very little sexual activity for me.

Another, secondary aspect of prevention is visual. Some devices show more of the male genitals than others. Cages and clear plastic models allow the penis to be seen, whereas tubes, opaque plastic, and full belts keep the cock partially or fully out of sight. Since men are sexually visual creatures, one opinion is that the inability to see their own manhood will increase the psychological impact of a chastity device. I think that would be true for me.

One advantage to visibility is that it allows the keyholder to see and possibly access the cock for teasing. I believe cage designs offer a sweet-spot of both visibility and minimal access for stimulation while severely limiting or preventing the ability to orgasm.

Visibility is also closely related to ease of cleaning, which in turn can relate to wearing time. Having to remove a device for periodic cleaning can be desirable or undesirable. In our situation, we appreciate being able to stay clean without having to remove the device.

Another secondary prevention feature of almost all chastity devices is limiting or preventing erections. Attempts to get hard will reinforce the state of being in chastity. Sometimes this can also interrupt sleep patterns due to nocturnal erections.

Some devices offer optional spikes to more severely discourage erections. Some keyholders enjoy this punishment effect, which can discourage behaviors like using pornography or having sexual fantasies, physiologically training him to actively avoid arousing situations. Keyholders can also use it to inflict genital pain by purposely arousing him.

A final secondary aspect of some devices is to prevent the use of urinals. I was able to stand and pee with my CB-3000, but not now. Always having to sit to pee reinforces being in chastity and can be humiliating. Some keyholders enjoy reinforcing this with sissiness or feminization teasing. All my boy underwear has been replaced by panties, for example.


I’m going to use the word “inescapable”, but I must define it first. I consider a chastity device inescapable if the only way out of it requires: 1) damage to the device, 2) damage to the genitals, or 3) access to the key(s).

True inescapability is impossible in reality. I use the term instead to indicate a sufficiently high level of effort that the wearer would not or cannot accomplish.

I could easily escape from the CB-2000 and CB-3000 devices that we have used before. Without a piercing, I don’t believe that any ball-trap style device (even my current metal JailBird cage) could contain me. The flaccid penis can be amazingly flexible – stretching, bending, twisting, etc.

Tipping a ball-trap device forward allows me to easily pull out the back. When soft, I could just as easily slip back into it. I also know I’m creative and handy enough to easily defeat something like the Points of Intrigue. While I never did escape and masturbate, I always knew I could.

Trust enters the equation here. If chastity security relies on trust, then I don’t see the sense in spending money for a more physically secure device. In the extreme, no chastity device is even needed – the keyless keyholder just needs to set the rules (e.g. no orgasms without permission). “Faith-based” chastity, anyone? ūüôā

For me, like most men interested in chastity, this level of sexual trust isn’t feasible. That’s a primary reason we get interested in chastity devices in the first place — we fail at self-control.

That’s why I am now locked into an inescapable chastity device. Neither of us wanted to have any worries once it was locked on and the keys were secured. And we’ve achieved that for much less than the cost of a full belt device (which Mistress doesn’t prefer anyway).

Like essentially all men in chastity, there is no way I would damage my chastity device or my cock in order to escape. Either type of action would be obvious to a keyholder and entail consequences much more severe than remaining in chastity. And this is a curious point to explore further.

One common consequence that a keyholder will build into a chastity agreement is the permanent termination of chastity in the relationship for breach of security. While this allows for a “safeword” style exit strategy, such a clause is likely never exercised. Being in chastity is a big deal, and ruining it forever is a huge deterrent. This aspect also eliminates lock picking as a viable approach.

A keyholder can thus leverage a strong interest in chastity into a very serious real-life chastity experience. Neither damage to the relationship nor ending chastity forever are ever seen as worth that risk. He ends up trapped, figuratively and literally.

Access to the keys can also be a trust issue. Are the keys hidden? Does she wear them (and is that really inaccessible)? Does he have a copy? How secure are the emergency keys? Again, relying on trust here defeats a goal of being in inescapable chastity. Fortunately one need not rely on trust to inexpensively attain key security.

Our Security System

The device I wear has two sets of keys. One pair of keys is for the PA-lock (which prevents pull-out). The other pair of “keys” are the only way to remove the high-security screw holding the cage to the base ring. That leaves us with two full sets of keys: her set, and an emergency set.

The emergency set of keys is encased in an inexpensive plastic key box specifically made for this purpose. Once closed, it cannot be opened without breaking it. So any access to the keys will be obvious to the keyholder. I keep this box in my car in case of a true emergency. Our agreement is that Mistress reserves the right to inspect it at any time. She has also custom-decorated the box itself, so replacing it with a new one isn’t an option.

Her set of keys is locked in a safe in our master bedroom. It’s a low-end but very secure biometric safe that opens using her fingerprint. She had me securely cable it into our closet, far away from our bed, to ensure that her fingers cannot come in contact with it while she sleeps. The safe can also be opened by a backup key, which she has hidden. Once she is confident about the safe working reliably with her fingerprint, it sounds like she will keep the backup keys with a relative (locked in their safe). Another option would be to use another emergency key box for the backup keys.

PA lock and JailBird

PA lock and JailBird

A penis piercing is a vital component of my inescapable chastity. Since a belt-style device is not for us, and since I can pull out of other devices, that only left one option. My Prince Albert piercing allows the the tip of my glans to be locked to the end of the JailBird cage. This completely prevents any possibility of pulling out.

Many other chastity devices can utilize a PA piercing to prevent pull-out. One concern I had about units with a PA “pin” was that a truly flaccid penis might stretch enough to pull off the pin. Since we wanted as short a cage as possible, this would have potentially left more shaft for “unhooking”. A longer cage might mitigate this, but at the risk of pulling on (and possibly migrating or damaging) the piercing hole.


One of our goals for chastity was to eliminate the need for trust-based chastity enforcement. A PA piercing was necessary to achieve our security goals. We also took some simple and relatively inexpensive steps to implement serious key security.

The device we selected allows for stimulation and well as easy cleaning and long-term use. The cage length restricts me to a humiliating length of less than 3 inches, and forces me to sit to pee.

The result is a device which I now wear continuously. I know I can’t escape it, and that helps. I don’t spend any effort trying to defeat it, leaving me more energy to focus on pleasing my keyholder. Your mileage may vary, but this is what we have found that works for us.

I’d love to hear your comments.

Penis? What penis?

It has been almost 3 weeks without any orgasms or even an erection. She’s had several orgasms, of course.

It’s very strange living with her rules prohibiting me from asking for release, or an orgasm, or sex, or even to offer to sexually please her (e.g. orally). She tightly retains exclusive control of both my sexuality (and hers, of course). She has even gotten upset with me lightly teasing about how she appears to be wanting sexual attention from me. If she wants it, she will tell me, she says.

This is very different from all the stories about chastity where there is lots of begging. In our house there is no begging – ever. It’s part of her sense of full control over this situation. And, I suppose, it’s a logical manifestation of her “no topping from the bottom” attitude.

So, day to day, it’s like my cock and cage don’t even exist. They are very present in my reality, of course. But it’s “out of sight, out of mind” for her, and it’s not a topic of discussion within the relationship.

That’s not to say she doesn’t sexually tease me. About every other day she will initiate something to arouse me. But it’s always 100% on her terms. She might parade her sexy nakedness in front of me, or wipe wetness from her pussy on my lips, or stimulate my nipples or tiny in his little cage. Then just quit and go back to what she was doing.

Meanwhile my daily life accommodates my penile predicament. I never get to use a urinal, only the stalls. I wash tiny and the cage each shower, and again before bed. After showering I apply a little lube around the base ring for comfort. Every week or so I replace the little rubber band that helps the PA lock stay put and keep from pinching. And I put a little WD40 in the lock now and then in the hopes that it will unlock (after all the peeing and showering) if and when Mistress ever puts the key into it.

I thought I would be struggling more. I keep waiting for blue balls or other discomfort. Instead my energy and focus seems to be totally redirected. I really, really want to please her. Not just to get unlocked, but because it makes her happy. Her happiness is extremely important to me these days.

Part of it may also be related to my gender identity issues. I sit here tonight typing in a pink nightshirt and pj bottoms, pink fluffy robe, and soft pink pom-pom slippers. My hair is down, and Mistress calls me her girl. There are times that it feels like my genitals are just in the way. I want my body to be pleasurable for her.

And she seems more interested in my feminine side lately too. Partly it’s my more demure and gentle attitude, engaging my softer side and more compassionate emotions. But she also plays around wishing that I had breasts and a pussy.

One recent afternoon she bent me over the kitchen counter, pulled up my dress, and started humping my ass like she was fucking me from behind. Then she leaned over me and caressed my breasts, whispering how she wished I had real female breasts and nipples that she could play with. Her hands moved do my crotch. “It would be so nice for you to have a vagina. I could pull on your labia right here. Wouldn’t you like to feel my fingers up inside your pussy?” It was an incredibly hot scene.

The reality, of course, is that a full M2F transition is a long, involved, expensive, and serious process. It may not be right for me, then again it may be in my future. I’ve been crossdressing for decades, and also wondering for about as long why I had to grow up as a man instead of a woman. I’m only just starting to work things out, and I have professional help on board. I’m looking into electrolysis for my facial hair, and am looking forward to discussing hormone therapy with someone over the next month or so.

My wife has taken to calling me “her girlie” at times. We’ve talked a lot, and we keep talking. Our marriage would survive a radical change like that. It sure helps that she is bisexual. But we also have a very deep relationship that we both greatly value. In the extreme, we would be a lesbian couple (ironically married in a state that doesn’t allow gay marriage!).

Which brings me to wonder about female chastity. Do any of my readers have any experience with such devices? I suspect that full metal belts are about all there really are. Of course we’ve seen the extreme piercing photos with several padlocks through the labia (but what about that lovely little clitoris?). I may have to review what AltarBoy’s site has for female chastity device reviews.

Mistress has never been a fan of waist-belt devices. That’s probably primarily due to my failed attempt to construct a wearable wait belt and front shield addition to my CB-3000 to increase security. Her medical background caused her concern about something that constantly constrictive about the waist, and particularly the skin.

So, dear readers. What say thee about female chastity devices?


I blew my change to be released from chastity for an orgasm yesterday. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Saturday morning we woke up and were laying in bed chatting. My wife/Mistress/keyholder told me she’d like to unlock me to ensure that tiny (her name for my cock) “gets a good bath”. By this she means a good (usually harsh) scrubbing.

The prior evening we had watched Margaret Cho’s “Beautiful” comedy stand-up performance (excerpt here). ¬†Margaret is awesome, we love her (but Cho newbies may want to check out her previous tours first). Anyway, part of her act was going off about stinky dick. So I jumped to the conclusion that my wife was concerned about that with me. Certainly that was true with the CB-3000, but I can keep the JailBird nice and clean. In addition, putting the PA lock back on is a bit of a hassle.

So, keeping my defensiveness in check, I commented back to my wife that I am very able to keep it clean, and that “a bath for tiny” really isn’t necessary. She dropped it for a short while, then brought it up again. And again I said we didn’t need to do that. You can probably guess what she said next. I didn’t see it coming – go ahead, call me an idiot.

“Well, I was going to release you today and let you have an orgasm. My plan was to get into the shower with you and let you soap up my naked body. Then I was going to wash tiny until he squirted. But twice now you argued with me about unlocking you, so you can just forget about it now.”

Fuck! ¬†Fuck, fuck, fuck. I didn’t say that, but I thought it really loud. What a dunce.

And that was that. It’s Sunday afternoon now, and she’s not said another word about it. But that wasn’t my only screwup that day. Oh no.

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to offer my newly hairless body to Mistress this weekend in a special way. She approved a “surprise” scene for Saturday afternoon. When the time came, I gave her a note and asked her to give me 1/2 hour to get set up, then she could come up to the bedroom.

The note outlined that I would be tied to the bed and gagged, naked (but in chastity of course). My cage would be covered to hide my useless genitals, but in a way she could rub herself on it for her pleasure if she wanted to. The rest of my body was slick with massage oil, and the note suggested she could feel free to arouse herself by rubbing her body on mine. I thought she’d enjoy a bondage/lesbian/sensually erotic scene.


She came into the bedroom as I was finishing up with the wrist cuffs. She said “Here, let me help” and she tightened them both and locked them to the corner bed restraints. Her enthusiasm at securing me surprised me. My ankles were already tied out. I had a ball gag in and she tightened the blindfold. “Comfy?” she asked rhetorically. I nodded. Then she left, going downstairs to her office for what I estimated was about 1/2 hour.

At this point I had no idea what was going on. I laid there bound, gagged and naked, unable to do anything but await her return. Part of me wondered if this was a way for her to reinforce the objectification – leaving me as a toy to be used if and when she wanted. Another part of me was worried that I had messed up.

When she eventually returned, I got my answer. “So, according to your note, you had a particular scene in mind, right?” I nodded weakly, concerned about where this was headed. “Well, what if I’m not interested in that? And by the way: I’m not. So let’s review your note.” She read the note to me, word for word. “It’s good you put the part in about me doing whatever I want to you, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

With that she sat on the bed next to me. The next 10 minutes were torture, consisting of her flicking my nipples painfully and tickling me relentlessly. I was yelling and begging for her to stop, thrashing around in my 4-point restraint. After that she took our leather paddle and reddened the inside of my thighs. Then some more tickling and belly-button stimulation which I also greatly dislike.

She tortured me as I yelled and thrashed, and I heard her laughing. Yes, she was really, truly enjoying the hell out of this. I was in tears from the torment. She said “You know I’m a sadist, right?” I nodded, as we both know that’s one of the reasons I wanted to marry her. She continued this torture for a little while longer.

But I wasn’t prepared for the next part. Behind the blindfold my eyes went wide as she asked “Where are my needles?” OMG. Just after New Years I gave her a present: scores of new hypodermic and acupuncture needles, along with alcohol wipes (this post). Through the ball gag I directed her to a dresser drawer. I could tell from her voice that she was serious.

I felt her rub a wipe on some skin on my leg, and then heard her opening one of the needle packages. “I haven’t had a chance to use these yet. And you said I can do what I want, didn’t you?” All I could do was whimper, torn between not wanting to be her pin cushion and wanting so much to sincerely please her.

“Stay still, don’t move,” she said. I felt her pinch the skin on my leg. I braced myself. I really hate needles, and she knows this. I felt the needle enter my skin as she pushed it through, and I bit hard into the rubber gag as I screamed. “That’s one,” she said, “I think we’ll start with five.” My whimpering protests were unintelligible through the gag.

I bit down hard as she swabbed, pinched and poked me four more times. Then she sat back and caressed around the areas. “Don’t thrash around now, we don’t want one of those needles poking into your testicles now, do we?” In my mind I saw a needle dangerously close to my tight scrotum poking through my chastity cage. Must … be …. still.

Seeing my blindfold had slipped, she adjusted it back into position and said “Keep this in place. If it moves again, that will be five more needles.” Ok, I think I can do that.

“Now I’m horny,” she said, and she climbed on top of me, still fully clothed. “Do not move around, I don’t want any of those needles poking me. Understand?” I nodded, truly scared for me and for her.¬†She ground her crotch against my chest and worked herself up to an orgasm. In doing so, her chest was in my face and it moved the blindfold.

As she carefully got off of me, she noticed the blindfold was out of place again. “What did I tell you?! That means five more needles.” I whimpered and whined and begged. “Do you want more than five?” That shut me up, briefly anyway.

I felt more alcohol swabbing, followed by more skin pinching and poking. My teeth dug into the gag each time as I screamed during and cried afterwards. After the last one she laid down next to me and caressed my face, feeling my tears. I panted and calmed down, feeling very loved by her attention and grateful that the torture seemed over.

“Would you like to see?” she asked? “I’ll release one hand and you can get the rest.” She did so, and soon I sat up and removed the blindfold. I expected to see ten needles still in me. But there were none. There was just one place where two little blood spots indicated where one needle had been. Nine of the “needles” were mindfucks. I cried.

I unfastened my ankles and she covered me with a soft throw. We cuddled together, and I sobbed with my head on her chest and in her arms. I really am needlephobic, and this was an intense scene for me. Her aftercare was perfect, and eventually I settled down. We talked and processed things, we both learned some things about the other, and our intimacy deepened once again.

Overall it was an incredible scene. But she made clear that she wants to be in charge of them. Me defining the scene was not a good move on my part. I thought I was offering something new to her, but I see her point now and my error. In my quest to make her happy, I can do better.

Twice yesterday she sent me out crossdressed for errands. One to pick up dinner, and later to pick up a DVD. Today she send me out grocery shopping for ingredients for a new recipe she wanted to try. And yesterday as usual I was in my housekeeping dress for several hours cleaning floors, vacuuming, doing dishes, and other chores at home.

We have a local kink/BDSM party coming up in 2 weeks. Last time she put me and my newly received Prince Albert piercing on display (prior post here). I’m wondering if she will keep me chaste until then. That would be a full month. I’ve daydreamed about being milked at the party. I fully expect to be displayed again so people can see my cage and PA-lock.

But after this weekend I’ve learned my lesson about suggesting scenes or activities. The moral of this story? Mistress is in charge.

Mistress Chair

Two days ago I gave my wife a big surprise. We were at a store with some relatives about a week ago, and she saw a lounge chair that she loved. This picture is of a very similar item. She’s wanted something like this for years.

Mistress Chair

Mistress Chair

We’ve seen items like this before, but I could tell as she was sitting on this floor model that she really liked this one. It also looked like it would work well in our recently renewed master bedroom. So while she was working late I bought it, rearranged our room a little, and had it ready for use when she got home. She was very surprised, and very happy.

She calls it her “Mistress Chair” which I think is very appropriate. She’s already initiated it by having me lick her to an orgasm yesterday as she reclined on it. I’m quite sure I’ll be attending to her regularly that way. Tonight she had me lean over the back while she paddled and caned my butt. ¬†It was punishment for forgetting my cell phone at home today. You see, she couldn’t get ahold of me, nor could she text me humiliating messages about tiny (her name for my cock).

In other news, she found out that my housekeeping dress was being held for shipment because the apron assortment she ordered was backordered. She was not happy with them. The dress should be on its way now, with the extra aprons arriving later.

She also bought me a fun, new outfit – women’s, of course. The tight, stretchy pants looked really good, although I wish I didn’t have such a bulge in the crotch area (even after tucking). The top of the shirt sleeves are loosely laced, revealing the arms. I wished I didn’t have so much body hair. But overall I liked the very female appearance it gave me.

We both find it very fun for her to bring home girlie clothes for me to wear. I felt like putting on some makeup, fixing up my hair, and going out dancing with her in my new outfit. But it was late and she was tired from her long work day. I’ve asked her about us going out together as two women (which we have done a few times before). She wants to be sure we do it discretely to avoid problems with people at her work or mine.

We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new chastity cage. It should be here in about a week. Unfortunately I’m having trouble ordering the high-security PA-lock that we will use with it. The cage comes with a high-security screw to “lock” it onto the base ring. The PA-lock is a separate unit that is like a padlock for my Prince Albert piercing that will prevent pull-out 100%.

I’m unhappy about some delays in getting the PA-lock ordered, in addition to the 2-week overseas delivery timeframe. I also have yet to order a secure emergency key box. So it may be the end of the month before everything comes together.

Last night my wife remarked that she’s noticed my behavior has been more self-centered lately. She said she figured it was because she allowed me two orgasms recently. I playfully suggested that it was just her imagination, but I don’t think she took it the way I intended. So that’s probably not good for me.

In anticipation of the new cage, I’m wearing my CB-3000 during the day. I want to get used to a base ring again. I was concerned that my PA-ring would pinch or otherwise not work well with it. But so far I’ve had very few issues. There is an oversized slot in the end that allows plenty of room for my ring. A pleasant surprise. Has anyone seen any pull-out prevention accessories used with the CB-3000 and a PA piercing?

Watching, Sitting, Security

Yesterday my wife brought herself to two orgasms with her new vibrator while I watched. This, of course, was after much teasing to make my newly pierced little cock hard. I wanted so much to be the one providing her that pleasure. My hips were uselessly bucking while she squirmed, moaned, and came.

Afterwards I watched as she again compared the length of her vibrator to tiny again. I think she had some doubts that tiny was really that small. But we could both easily see that her vibrator was still bigger.

I’m genuinely happy for her, despite my ongoing sexual frustration. Since my piercing, she is averaging an orgasm per day now with her new toy. She gave her vibrator a name: The White Knight. She said it represents her “strong, powerful, gentle hero” who “only wants to please and is capable” of doing so. What a contrast to my limp, small, useless excuse for a cock.

I’ll share a few of the text messages she sends to me at work, teasing me about tiny. “I miss laughing at tiny. I am sad he is not here for me to humiliate. I enjoy laughing at how limp and small he is. I found a site dedicated to small cocks … few are as small as tiny.” Clearly my wife sees my cock as nearly useless and she enjoys making fun of it.

I wrote previously that I made a committment to myself to not cheat while wearing the CB-3000. Now that I am unlocked for at least a month to let my PA piercing heal, my wife has instructed me to not masturbate without her explicit permission. I’ve promised to her that I will not, and I intend to stay faithful to that committment.

The main reason is that I want to be true to this new arrangement with my wife/keyholder/mistress. Another good reason is that I don’t want to do anything that might risk the healing of my piercing. And getting carried away beating off would be a poor reason to have this PA fail.

Another aspect of my life that’s changed since the piercing is peeing. Thanks to this thick metal ring protruding from my urethra, standing to pee simply isn’t a viable option anymore. I was spoiled by my CB-3000 since it permitted me to stand and not make a mess about 99% of the time.

Whatever my next chastity device is, it will almost certainly not be as accommodating. So I’ve decided that I just better get used to having to sit to pee from now on. Plus this is just in line with seeing myself as a sissy anyway. Bonus: the toilet seats now stay down all the time at our house!

I’m still struggling to find a chastity device that fits our goals: 100% secure by utilizing the PA, aesthetically acceptible to my wife, easy to keep clean without removal, and suitable for being worn 24×7.

I’ve seen a bunch of devices that use a PA, but a surprising number of them do not appear to be secure at all. The CB-5000 is one that makes no sense to me. If you can get your PA into it, why couldn’t you get out of it? And the head of the cock is totally exposed, which would not inhibit my masturbation. Am I missing something here?

Since I have a history of body piercings migrating (working their way out), I also have to be sensitive to pulling forces on the PA. That seems to rule out most of Mistress Lori’s chastity tubes. While almost all of them are well secured through a PA, they are heavy. I’m certain that the constant tugging would hasten the migration of my piercing, even with a ball-trap ring. ¬†Might be worth a second look though.

The best option I’ve seen so far continues to be the Queen’s Keep from Mature Metal with a PA lock added forcomplete security. I’m tempted to try a regular padlock through my PA, but I’m concerned my fresh piercing might react with whatever shackle metal the lock has. So I’m looking at the PA lock offered by Steelworxx with their Looker item. I’m guessing it’s much more expensive than a padlock but it’s piercing-quality, high security, lighter than a padlock, and rather cool looking. A minor downside is that 2 different keys would be required for getting unlocked and relocked.

I’m also going to try to get into a dialogue with the folks at Mature Metal. Their web site says they are exploring devices that utilize a PA. It would be ideal to have something that integrates with the main locking point of the Queen’s Keep.

More breakage

While shopping yesterday, I discovered that my CB-3000 broke yet again. ¬†This will be my second repair of the device in the 9 days we’ve been using it 24×7. ¬†My wife doesn’t like me having to be unlocked to repair it – being unsupervised in my workshop. ¬†And I am frustrated at how much maintenance this thing is taking.

To be fair, this plastic chastity unit is over 5 years old, it has some mileage on it, and it was low-cost. ¬†Prior problems have included splitting on the side at the seam, cracking of the base ring at the hinge, and the two plastic posts coming out. ¬†The seam splitting was the worst. ¬†When I swelled up, the cage would come apart there, and the thin skin on the shaft of my cock would get caught in the crack. ¬†The pinching that resulted not only hurt terribly, but bled a little and took days to heal. ¬†I tried several methods to glue it, and none held for long. ¬†Eventually I cleaned the hell out of it and then was generous with some superglue. ¬†Thankfully that’s been holding.

When the two original plastic pins started pulling out, I replaced them with some just-right sized steel pins I had laying around my workshop. ¬†I had to increase the sizes of the pin-related holes just a little bit, including in the base rings. ¬†But that was the easy part. ¬†Gluing the pins so they would stay proved less easy. ¬†I figured JB Weld would last forever, but that’s what gave out yesterday. ¬†Probably not enough surface area, or inadequate cleaning before gluing, caused the failure. ¬†Those pins take a lot of force when I swell up, and that back-and-forth pressure could have loosened them too.

Fortunately again, superglue seems to be holding. ¬†But between my frustration and my wife’s disappointment, it seems like it may be time for a chastity device upgrade. ¬†I suggested to her that we consider a new one, and she sounded in favor of it. ¬†About a year ago I put together a slide show for her illustrating how 30 different chastity devices looked. ¬†The visual aspect was most important to her, so seeing actual cocks locked in actual cages helped. ¬†Unfortunately nothing stood out as a winner.

We have the typical chastity conundrum: how to balance security, aesthetics, wearability, security, and cost. ¬†I’m going to add cleanliness to the list, as I’ve really noticed that it’s hard to keep my CB-3000 clean. ¬†To be blunt, tiny starts to smell pretty bad after only a couple of days. ¬†One option is to go through an unlocking ritual that often, but it would be ideal to be able to stay clean while remaining locked.

I’m going to look on-line and propose something to her. ¬†With any luck, santa will bring be a new cock cage to prevent me from having any orgasms.

2B Thankful

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  Our plan this year was to have a friend over for a relatively traditional meal, but he cancelled.  So the two of us had the day to ourselves instead.

I was feeling especially horny all morning, and I let my wife know by holding her, and kissing her neck, and rubbing my locked up genitals against her crotch.  I figured it was futile, but my body was clearly craving some sexual contact.  I felt like an animal, plaintively humping her, pleading with my caged cock between her thighs.

Twice she gently pushed me away, and I got productive around the house for a short while.  But I guess the third time was the charm.

In the kitchen I playfully started humping her ass, and she bent over a counter. ¬†We were both in our casual clothes including blue jeans, so it wasn’t some picturesque sex scene. ¬†I begged to be unlocked and to be able to go inside her. ¬†She said “ok”. ¬†I was completely sure that what she meant was that I could put the end of my cage into her pussy opening – a teasing way she lets me “inside” her without releasing me from chastity.

I unbuckled her pants and slid them and her panties down to her ankles, lowering my pants and panties as well. ¬†She spread her knees and I pushed the cage up between her pussy lips and put some pressure on her clitoris. ¬†She started grinding herself against the plastic. ¬†I couldn’t feel anything, but she obviously did as she soon achieved an orgasm.

I figured that would be it for the day. ¬†She turned around and asked “Would tiny like to go inside me?” ¬†Fully expecting more tease and denial, I said “Yes, ok yes please,” begging like someone starving. ¬†I was stunned to hear her next words: “Ok, fetch me the key”.

Less than a minute later I was unlocked, the first time in almost a full week (excluding brief cleanings).  We both noticed that tiny was about half-hard.  That sort of surprised me since I was really, really horny, and getting fully erect quickly is usually easy for me.

She said I can try and see if I can get tiny inside of her, suggesting that he might not be up to the task. ¬†I actually wondered myself, a wonderful mind-fuck, being unlocked from a week of chastity and then doubting whether you’ll be able to get it up.

Fortunately I found I could get inside her, but she only let the tip in, and wouldn’t let me go all the way inside her. ¬†That didn’t matter, it felt incredible to feel her pussy wrapped around the head of my cock again. ¬†It didn’t take long for me to have a very intense and long orgasm. ¬†My wife did not orgasm again, reinforcing the inadequacy of tiny to satisfy her.

Apparently I did cum quite a bit, as my wife said later it felt like a “cum douche” as it ran out of her. ¬†¬†I’m not sure I ever got 100% erect. ¬†That makes me wonder if the tight confinement of the cage, and the ongoing teasing coupled with the inability ¬†have a full erection (not to mention the aching), is having an effect. ¬†Probably all according to her plan.

Anyway, tiny definitely had something to be thankful for. ¬†The opportunity to be inside my wife and keyholder’s pussy is worthy of gratitude, since it is for me now a rare occurrence.

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