My Dish

A few weeks ago Mistress noticed that I was not eating my dinner out of my dog dish.  Her rule is that, unless I have Her explicit permission, I am to only eat at home from one of my two pink dog bowls.  I brought home Subway sandwiches, and I was treating the wrapper as my “plate”.

I tried to negotiate and rationalize, but She would have none of it.  She made me an ultimatum the last time this happened, and it was clear that She was going to take this opportunity to enforce it.

“The choice is yours,” She said, “I can throw away your dish, or you can eat dog food.”  I love my dog dish, I’ve grown very attached to it.  I couldn’t stand the idea that She’d toss it into the garbage.  But I also didn’t think I could stomach actually eating dog food.

She gave me no other choices, and waited for my decision.  It was clear there was nothing I could say to change the situation, and believe me, I tried.  Finally I caved in.  Her mood changed from being stern to being elated.

Smiling and chuckling, She pulled out a can of dog food, opened it, and put a big scoop of it into my dog dish.  It was at least a full cup.  I told myself that it looked like meat and gravy — how bad could it be?

She handed me my spoon (with my dog dish I only get to eat with a crummy spoon).  She sat down and stared at me, smiling.  It was clear She was going to savor every moment of this humiliation.

“You don’t have to,” She goaded, knowing full well I wouldn’t change my mind.  I took a small amount on my spoon and ate it.  O-M-G, it was aweful!  I can’t even describe how bad it was.  I was shocked that a dog would even eat it.  And I had quite a bit left to finish.

She laughed and laughed at my disgust.  “Are you really going to finish it?”  I just glared at Her, as we both knew I would, despite how utterly degraded I felt.  Each mouthful seemed worse than the last.  I don’t know how I managed to choke it all down.  It tasted so totally terrible and disgusting.

And this made Her quite happy.  It’s important to me to please her, but this was really revolting.  She told me that the next transgression would mean only dog food for me for a week, or the loss of my dog dish for good.

In the past She has paddled my ass good and hard for such mistakes.  And She has been unhappy when I would repeat behavior like this.  But since the “dog food punishment” I have not forgotten to use my dish every single time.

I have a wise, but mean, Mistress.

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