Normality, Redefined

I can’t believe I haven’t posted an update in a year here. Bad blogger. No hits for you.

I’m still married, despite the gender transition. And if that wasn’t miracle enough, our relationship is better than it’s ever been. That’s not just my opinion, but my wife’s as well.

Many times it wasn’t clear if we would survive it. But we did. Several times I wasn’t sure if I’d survive the emotional pain of it all. But I did. And we’ve come out stronger than ever. While that’s not unheard of, it’s rare, and I have a ton of gratitude.

Long-term chastity is likely never going to happen for me now. A downside of converting my penis into a vagina is the maintenance. I need to dilate (put something in there) every day for as long as I want it to be functional.

My wife has discussed a number of times getting my labia pierced. I’m sure she’s thinking something serious – like a whole bunch of piercings. Not a single, simple little piece of jewelry.

As for The Drawer, I have attempted to sleep in it several times. This leaves my wife, a dog and a cat in the bed, and me in The Drawer underneath them. It’s cramped enough that I cannot turn over (back to front). And there’s not a lot of room for padding, so it’s not particularly comfortable. My wife doesn’t mind any of that, of course. But it makes it difficult for me to sleep through the night in it.

She’s also continued to talk about having a man with her in bed, with me in the drawer. And she talks about having a 3-way with the two of us and a man. It’s consistent enough that I suspect she’s somewhat serious. But not serious enough yet to actually make it happen. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to blog someday here about something like that having happened.

Another interesting development is my attitude towards certain types of heavy bondage, which I used to love. As a woman now, I think my sense of risk and personal safety has shifted. I have this intense, heavy duty sensory deprivation hood that I used to love (as a guy). But now I can’t even tolerate putting it on myself; I freak out before I get it fully laced up and buckled.

I ordered a custom-made hardwood paddle for my wife, and it arrived today. I need to wrap this up and get upstairs so she can install a bunch of fresh welts on my ass tonight. It’s an incredible toy, which she let me design. I’m so happy she loves it. But I’ll be hollering shortly.

Wishing all my readers a happy 2016!

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