Cuckold time?

Yipes. My wife and mistress and keyholder surprised me today at my computer. Before I could close the window I was looking at, she noted all the flesh tones in the picture on my screen. “Let’s see what porno you were looking at”, she said. Not much I could do, so I pulled up the page again.

It was a picture of naked woman sitting on a guys lap, her back to his front, with his cock buried deep in her pussy. Her cuckolded husband was licking the guys balls.

“I see”, says my wife, followed by “Well, I think we should do that. Don’t you think so?”. I hemmed and hawed, because I’m still not sure how I feel about her having sex with another guy. But it may be past that point now.

She talked about how horny she’s been lately, and how she would really like to try a bigger cock inside her. I was pretty speechless at that. She suggested that she go back to her computer and put up an ad for a guy to come and fuck her while I sucked on his balls.

Later she sent this IM to me: “looking for a big cock to fuck me?”.

I have to admit that the fantasy does really, really turn me on. I may have to deal with the reality of it soon. Stay tuned…

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