Hello! Welcome to my personal experience of enforced chastity. With the blog I intend to describe my ongoing real-life story of being kept locked up by my wife (who is also my BDSM Mistress/owner and of course my chastity belt key-holder). In this “About” section I’d like to cover some background.

We’ve been together since 2001. This is my second (and last!) wife, and we found each other in part due to our matching desires for a relationship that includes power exchange. As I was leaving my first marriage (my choice, long story), I specifically sought out a woman with a dominant personality. I was looking for a rare combination of dominatrix and loving spouse. It was one of those “put it out to the universe” things that actually came true.

In our relationship I am the submissive and she is the dominate female. As kinksters we have been very active in our local BDSM scene. The first months we were together I shared with her all of my fantasies, which included chastity. It wasn’t long before we purchased a CB-2000 for occasional use. But she seemed to like my cock too much – visually, for play, and sexually – to keep it locked up for long. The CB then sat in a play bag for about 6 years. Later we purchased a CB-3000 because she like the look of it much better.

In Dec 2011 she decided to have me get a Prince Albert piercing which will enable 100% secure chastity. We’ve purchased a JailBird from Mature Metal and a PA lock. My posts in Jan 2012 will discuss the transition to this new escape-proof cage.

We both would be considered bisexual, but with caveats. She chooses to not have sex with other men (update: this may be changing!). And although she’s “forced” me to be sexual in various ways with both women and men, I only consider myself bi in a BDSM scene context. I don’t find men sensual or attractive, but I feel a significant sense of fulfillment when they use me for their pleasure.

Many posts refer to tiny which is my wife’s name for my cock. It’s not that my dick is particularly small, but the humiliation factor of her using that is large. I’ve learned she’s told at least one of her girlfriends about my cock’s name.

Most of my posts are based on my real-life experiences; those are categorized as “Non-fiction”. A few posts are original stories I’ve writtten, and they are categorized as “Fiction”. I’ve also tried to use tags to help make certain topics easier to read about.

UPDATE: In Dec 2011 I began transitioning from male to female, and came out as a transexual. In early 2013 I started living full-time as a woman. My new blog is called Blooming Time and it focuses on my gender transition. This blog will remain focused on chastity and the kinkier aspects of our relationship. I had surgery to complete my physical transition in Oct 2014.

If there is other information that readers are curious about, please leave a comment here. I’ll update this section as it seems appropriate. I also would welcome and appreciate comments in the blog itself. Thanks for reading!


  1. Very interesting premise for a blog. I read your most recent entry with great interest, and even some arousal. I’m surprised that I can be so interested in your story, because I am 100% gay male, but very interested in CBT. Do you have any photos posted anywhere?

    • Thanks for your note and your interest. I’m honored to hear that my story might have some more general appeal. Sorry that I do not have any photos online — I don’t have permission to do that. It’s unfortunate, as I have one nice one of our crotches facing each other in a hot tub, my cock locked in the CB-3000 facing and just touching her welcoming pussy. It’s such a great visual of the unattainable and the frustration. Free pics online are harder to find today — check out adult.WorldGroups.com (requires free registration). Thanks again for your comment.

  2. I am a sub/servant mature male, 64 yrs old. My wife/mistress is 63 and we have been a DOMME/sub couple for our 42 yrs of marrage. We are not into whips and chains type of play, but more of the domestic type discipline. She is very much so the DISCIPLINARIAN in the family.
    Your site is great, just wish you had some photos to share.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve been happily in service for 42 years to your dominant wife. I first learned about this lifestyle about 26 years ago (anyone else remember a.s.b on usenet?). I very much respect those into domestic discipline, and that’s been an interest of mine as well. Yes, I do own a french maid’s outfit, and Mistress has had me clean toilets at home and elsewhere (in front of friends and strangers) in it.

  3. Hi. Today is my fourth day in chastity and I think it’s going to become something that’ll last a log long time. My girlfriend is so happy. I am wearing a cb3000 and i am now wearing the next to smallest ring and think we finally found the right fit. What should I expect over time? I am naturally submissive to her but today i had tears come to my eyes because i adore her so much. She was shocked by this but i feel like i need to do everything for her now. Is this normal.? I am new to this and want it to work. Please advise.

    • Well, Adam, congratulations on being locked up! What to expect? So much of that depends on your keyholder, but also on you. If you “want it to work”, follow her lead. If you’re naturally submissive, that should be easy. Maybe she doesn’t want you to do everything for her, and that could get interesting. Hopefully she’s done some reading about her side of this equation. I can provide some links if you need them. Please update us here, I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to hear how it’s going for you. Best wishes to you both!

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