Her Rules

Here are the rules that my wife / Mistress / keyholder has for me:

  • I will be in chastity continuously, with no scheduled releases, until she chooses otherwise.
  • I am not allowed to ask for release from chastity.
  • I am not allowed to propose sexual activity for her benefit. She is in charge of her sexuality.
  • I am not allowed to ask for an orgasm or sex or intercourse. She is in charge of my sexuality.
  • She may orchestrate sex partners for herself or me at her discretion.
  • At home I am only allowed to eat out of my “trough” (a special bowl, with a special spoon) unless I have her explicit permission to use other dishes or silverware.
  • I must comply with her requests, even if they humiliate me in public.
  • I may only wear my formal housekeeping dress with her permission.
  • Each weekend (usually Saturday mornings) I am to wear my everyday housekeeping dress for my chores (washing floors, vacuuming, dishes, etc.)
  • I am responsible for keeping my housekeeping dresses and the tea aprons clean and pressed.
  • When driving with her present, I am not allowed to get upset at other drivers.
  • Failure to meet her expectations can result in corporal punishment of her choosing.

I will keep this updated as She clarifies her will further.


  1. That’s all? Too brief of a list! Here is a suggestion…you should make a list of twenty or twenty-five rules, and if she approves, then that can be your updated list, and you can post it here! Time for Her to “kick” it up a notch! How did she like the idea of keeping you locked up until your birthday? Speaking of kicking, does she ever kick those blue balls?

    • @thegoddesszoe: Ah, Goddess Zoe. If you held my keys, my life would certainly be hell. 😉

      I assume you are referring to my “Her Rules” page, which I agree seems pretty short right now. A little while back I did, in fact, write up an extensive 3-page chastity agreement. But I decided not to give it to Her. Why? Those are my ideas about rules, not Hers. I know Her well enough to not want to push my own agenda, since that topping-from-the-bottom approach makes Her want to abandon the whole enterprise. It’s supposed to be about Her being in complete control, including what rules and when. So I’ve decided to leave all of that completely up to Her, and simply update the list as She provides new rules to me – at Her pace, on Her terms. I hope that makes sense.

      Ironically, when I mentioned possibly being locked up until my birthday, She heard in that me being pushy (wanting it my way). Not good. However, the double-irony is that it bothered Her enough to actually consider it as a punishment for my pushiness. Only time will tell what Her will shall be.

      No, Mistress has never kicked my balls. And I doubt She would, out of sincere concern for serious damage. I would accept it if She did, I’m just saying that I know Her well enough to confidently predict that it ain’t gonna happen. However, you may appreciate knowing that She has no problem using a leather paddle or other impact implement (riding crop, etc) on my balls. I suspect She prefers the greater level of control, being able to push me just over my pain threshold and keep it there for as long as She wants.

  2. You are such a sub Locked, like me. I agree, topping from the bottom is pointless. I think you are a beautiful person. And the kink just adds to that beauty. I am dying to know what those house keeping dresses look like. It reminds me of the story of o. Only with a little extra. : )

    • @oliviarmar: Thank you, you beautiful sweet thing you! I have a link to a photo of my housekeeping dress in this prior post. My “formal” one is black as shown, my “everyday/chores” one is grey. Ah, sweet O, what a role model 🙂 Be warned: we rented “The Sexual Story of O” from Netflix by director Jesus Franco – terrible, just awful. Even the director admitted it sucked. I should re-read the book (which I have upstairs)…

  3. I do not see a picture here of the black one. I will click the link as soon as I am done typing here. I rented that same movie, yes horrible. The book was much better. But, thank you.

  4. until you get your balls back, would you like me to fuck her for you, or should I just ask her?

    • @Bob: Well, that’s a very nice offer, but it’s not up to me (or you even) — it’s up to Her. As I’ve written, She talks sometimes about having sex with other men, but I’m quite sure She hasn’t and isn’t likely to soon. I could be wrong, and I’ll certainly remember your offer if She asks for my help with that. I’m pretty sure She wouldn’t have too much trouble finding a nice stud or bull if She wanted one.

  5. why no diapers? A little slave boy in chastity like you deserves to be in diapers

    • @mike: Yes, we’ve had times that have included diapers. One issue is that she isn’t interested in being the “mommy” to my messes. There are also practical reasons that she prefers not to (my skin is extra sensitive to rashes, smell, cost, etc). She does, however, on rare occasionally enjoy the humiliation that having me wear diapers provides.

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