Today is Day One of my next period of chastity. After my wife/keyholder permitted me an orgasm last night, I’ve been relocked into the CB-3000. I’m tolerating wearing it 24/7 very well, although I’m pretty much constantly aware of it. Keeping it adequately lubricated seems to make a big difference. I’ve been using silicone-based lube between all the plastic surfaces and my skin. I have also found that putting some lube on my balls helps reduce their chaffing against my thighs.

A recent change is that I’ve started wearing panty liners in my underwear. After peeing, which I can do standing up, I had been using wads of toilet paper stuffed into the end slot of the CB-3000 to absorb the drips. But those wads fall out, are sometimes uncomfortable, and are unsightly. My wife saw one and asked “What is that, a tampon?”. Uh, no, well, sort of. The liners are more comfortable, they don’t go anywhere, and having to use one every day is a bit more humiliating.

At work my wife sent me text messages about Tiny, her name for my cock. Last night she measured it before my orgasm, stating it was “about 5.5 inches fully erect, which is completely inadequate”. In fairness I wasn’t fully erect and her measurement technique was ungenerous, but I wasn’t about to complain! The CB-3000 keeps it to 3.5 inches or less at all times. I’ve informed her that at times Tiny doesn’t even fill it, so often my cock is closer to 2 inches. She feels that is “practically invisible.”

After lamenting in her text messages about how my cock is completely incapable of satisfying her, she said she was horny. I wrote back saying I really wanted to help with that. She asked “How??”. Humiliation in three letters. I offered my tongue. She said that she might make use of it tonight. And she observed that her “nipple training” hasn’t seemed to help Tiny get any bigger. I agreed.

Now might be a good time to list the reasons I have noticed about why my wife keeps me in chastity:

  • It prevents me from masturbating, which she considers unacceptable sexual activity.
  • I am more affectionate – touching and cuddling and hugging her more.
  • I am more agreeable when she asks me for something, be it a footrub or to join her on an errand, etc.
  • She seems to really enjoy teasing me about my cock being inadequate, and this seems to make her horny.
  • She still has plenty of orgasms, as she masturbates whenever she wants and uses me in other ways to pleasure her.
  • The sadist in her enjoys sexually tormenting me, and my resulting genital pain arouses her.
  • The dominatrix in her appreciates the power and control aspect of being in complete control of my sex.
  • I try much harder to be nice, to not get angry or upset, and to take responsibility for things.
  • She seems to like talking about things like castration, penis surgery, and cuckolding.
  • The sexual teasing and denial game is just plain fun to her.
  • She enjoys publicly humiliating me about my cock size in subtle ways that others wouldn’t even notice in the conversation.
  • The contraption locked between my legs serves as a constant reminder of her throughout my day.

One other observation. Yesterday she had said she wanted to “discuss chastity”, which we did. But in hindsight I realize that the discussion was one-sided. I answered her questions, but she didn’t offer her perspective. I did express interest in her opinion, but she declined and instead interrogated me further. I had sort of expected a more egalitarian discussion. I even half expected her to say that she would like to be done with chastity. But instead she stayed in charge, pumped me for information, and locked me back up. She even hinted that this next period of chastity would be even longer. Once again I am reminded to let go of my expectations. She is in control.