Last night my wife/keyholder continued her tease, denial and humiliation ritual, but added a few new things.

I came to bed and we chatted about some things on her mind. I fully expected little or no sexual attention, either given to me or desired by her. As often as not, she will prefer cuddling or a light massage prior to sleep rather than an orgasm.

But after a while she rolled over and began teasing my nipples with her fingernails again. She knows this gets me extremely aroused and, I’m starting to realize, very mentally pliable. She teased me about my cock and said it was “about the size of a pimple.” She went on: “I really can’t feel it at all. All this time I’ve been faking orgasms for your benefit. Your useless dick doesn’t give me any pleasure at all.”

I apologized for my cock being so worthless. She said “Well, it’s not really your fault. Some people are born without an arm, others without a leg. You just happened to have been born with a defective penis. You can’t really blame anyone, it’s just a pathetic deformity that you can’t help.” I agreed, but told her that it’s not fair that her sex life should suffer because of that.

She agreed, and then surprised me with “I can’t wait until D comes to live with us.” D is someone we had dinner with last week, a friend from our local BDSM community that we’re reconnecting with. He is into chastity, has a nice sized cock, and is interested in discussing a place for himself in our household. She went on “It would be so nice to feel his big dick inside me. And when he’s done fucking me, he can jam his cock down your throat. You’ll be able to taste and smell my juices on him.”

The intensity of her nipple stimulation was probably the same, but the arousal I felt was about double. I said “Yes Ma’am, it would be so good for you to be satisfied by a Real Cock, you really deserve that.” She asked me directly if I would enjoy his cock in my mouth. I replied “I would, especially if it would please you.” She laughed, called me a cock sucking faggot slut, and told me to repeat it. “Yes Ma’am, I am a cock sucking faggot slut.” She said “Yes, you are, you sure are.”

She continued teasing my nipples, and then surprised me again. “I have an assignment for you. Once a day I want you to send me a picture of a cock. And I want you to write about what you like about it.” Between being surprised and being kept in a sexual frenzy by her teasing, I didn’t know what to say. She said “I’m serious. Is this assignment clear?” I managed to put together a few questions, like what size she wanted and any other details. She said size was up to me, but that she didn’t want any accessories, like toys or rope or anything, just the cocks.

She asked me some questions. “Do you like huge cocks?” Her stimulation continued, and images of erect dicks swam through my hormone-filled brain. “Yes Ma’am, although they wouldn’t go down my throat as well as average cocks.” She asked if I like hairy cocks. “Not as much, Ma’am”. She asked if I like black cocks. I moaned from being on pleasure overload, and replied “Yes Ma’am, very much.” She suggested we could put out a CraigsList ad for a nice black stud. I wasn’t sure if she was serious, and I didn’t ask.

Then she asked if I had thought at all about another genital piercing. I said yes. She talked about getting a pet tag engraved with “tiny” on it, and hanging that off a new cock piercing. She like the idea of parading me around naked at play parties so our friends could see it and laugh at my teeny, tagged cock. We discussed genital piercings for a while, returning to the unfortunate fact that all seven of my nipple and genital piercings had grown out on their own. I suggested I could talk to someone at our piercing parlor about it. They also do tattoos there, which may have factored into her next train of thought.

“What about another tattoo?” she asked. “Yes Ma’am, if that will please you.” She said “I want to get the word ‘tiny’ tattooed on your teeny weenie cock.” I balked, and then tentatively asked here “Where?” She stated “At the end, right on top where it will be easy to see. In script lettering, I think.” I told her I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. She told me to call them tomorrow and discuss it with one of their tattoo professionals. I told her I would. She said she would enjoy the embarrassment that would cause me.

It turns out that our parlor doesn’t do genital tattoos, but the piercer will be calling me back to discuss my questions, including recommendations for places that do perform genital tattooing.

I sent my wife my first email with a cock picture, telling her what I liked about it. She asked me to describe how I feel when I think about sucking it. I wrote “I feel horny. I also feel it would be very satisfying to be giving pleasure to another cock, that in a service sense I would be fulfilling some aspect of purpose within me.” Then she asked me if I consider myself bisexual. I said in the “sex” sense, but not in the sensual or relationship sense. I guess that means she’s right about me being a cock sucking slut.