My wife has asked me to proceed with my prototype for improving our CB-3000 chastity device. The prototype will not be secure, but will serve to confirm various critical dimensions as well as comfort for long-term wear. The overall design is similar to other waist belts available for the CB-x line of products. I happened to have most everything I needed for the prototype already in my workshop.

The final version will be a metal, locking waist-belt that I will not be able to defeat. This is no small challenge — since I have the tools and know-how to make it, I’ll also know every weakness. My goal is for it to be escape proof. I have identified the parts I will need for the final version. Local hardware stores seem to have all I need for about $30. It’s been a little tricky to find secure and non-rusting components.

Going forward we will need new locks and well-controlled keys. It’s important that all the keys be kept secure at all times. I don’t want to be tempted by a spare key. She wants me to get a tamper-evident key container so I can keep one key with me for emergencies, but if I ever use it she will know. I’m not sure what her plans are for her key. Two new padlocks will be needed for the device I’ve designed – one for the CB-3000 and one for the belt. Tonight she asked me to order two key containers, since we will need them regardless of what final chastity device we end up using.

I corresponded more with our mutual friend who has recently been in long-term chastity. It turns out he also has a CB-3000, but uses a PA piercing with a padlock to prevent pull-out. Although my wife had my ears, nipples and genitals pierced a few years ago (9 holes total), my body rejected all of them except the ears (dammit!). So unfortunately the piercing route isn’t an option for us. Plus she just doesn’t like the look or sanitation risks of a PA.

Since I’ve been unlocked for the last few days, my wife has trusted that I’m not masturbating throughout the day. Last night at bedtime she said she needed to check, and had me masturbate in front of her. She feels that by observing my volume of cum and how long it takes me to orgasm, as well as my answers to her questions, that she can gauge my truthfulness. In honesty, I have been faithful to her request to not even stroke myself at other times. Yet she was still suspicious of how long it took me.

She said she just didn’t feel that she could trust me, and that the only solution was to keep me locked up. She also said she had noticed that I wasn’t being anywhere near as affectionate. In hindsight, she is probably right. There is something about being locked in chastity that compels me to want to keep her happy. I want to be close and attend to her then, because I know that’s the only way I’m going to ever have another orgasm. Blue balls can be one hell of a motivator.

Tonight we went to another hardware store together to buy one last item for the prototype. I hope to complete the prototype tomorrow night, and to spend the first full day in it on Thursday. With luck the design will confirm that pull-out will be impossible and that long-term wear is feasible. She said she’s hoping to lock me up for the weekend.