I finished my CB-3000 waist belt prototype last night. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and so is my wife and keyholder. She has concerns about it up against my skin for “very long periods of time” (her words). Like any such thing, it’s a matter of trying it and monitoring for any reactions. Overall the look of it is very nice, and the fit seems excellent.

I find that the angle of the CB-3000 is noticably different, a necessary part of increasing the security. Tipping it forward made it easier to pull out, and the belt keeps it pulled way back. That also means it sticks out a little more noticably under clothes. I’m also having to get used to different points of contact and pressure.

This morning I put a sheet over myself to show my wife how it would look for our massages this afternoon. It really showed a lot, looking like a slightly bigger lump that a big erection (which isn’t too cool during a theraputic massage). My wife decided it was too much, and that she’d have me take it off for the massage.

Our massages were nice and uneventful. We have a relative staying with us for some of the weekend, so things may be a little less sexually oriented for the next day or two.