This morning I came to realize some of her plans for me.

Last night was a bust, as my wife/keyholder had something sudden crop up that required her attention. It kept her occupied until after midnight. Life happens.

But this morning she started teasing my cock shortly after we awoke. I have been in “verbal chastity” since showering yesterday, and in physical lockup for about 6 days prior. So this was literally the first time my cock had any physical stimulation in about a week. However, her approach was one of long, drawn out teasing.

She started with slow strokes up and down my cock, each stroke lasting about 3 seconds. So frustrating! Then a 5 second burst of fast stroking on the head, followed by a break. Argh! Next she slowly ran her fingernails up and down my shaft, avoiding the head entirely. Then some intense nipple stimulation. After that she repeated those things in various combinations and durations. I was so totally aroused and attending to her every touch. It was very clear that see was immensely enjoying edging me.

Then she got out some lube, put some on my cock, and also on my nipples — hmm, that’s new. Fast strokes on my cock, I’m so close, “Mistress please may I cum?” She stops immediately and says “No!” I try hard to hold back and manage to obey. Next, nipple teasing which feels new and interesting with the lubrication. It still drives me crazy. More cock pumping, I plead “Please may I cum?” to which she responds again “No!” Again I withhold my orgasm as she removed her hand. How much more can I take of this?

Then she proceeds to work my nipples and shaft more, explaining that I can cum now. I whine that I can’t. She explains “Well, you’re going to learn. We’re going to train you to cum without all that rubbing and fussing. Eventually you’ll be able to have an orgasm without that. Go ahead and try.” Her stimulation continues and I’m massively aroused, but not close enough to go over the edge.

I tell her that I don’t think I’ve ever come without my normal stimulation. She says “Well that’s just silly. I can do it, you can too. For me it just takes the right pressure sometimes. You will get there, but it may take some time. That’s why we’re in training. Go ahead, you can cum now.” Still no stimulation of my cock head. How in the world will I ever get there? Eventually she strokes my shaft fairly slowly, barely touching my cock head. Before too long I explode with an orgasm, making a huge mess all over my chest.

“There,” she says, “that’s a start. You had much less stimulation than normal, and you still came. So that’s progress.” I couldn’t speak yet, and I just accepted what she said as true. She went on to explain that she allowed me this orgasm because she intends to use me for sex tonight, and she didn’t want my pent-up orgasm getting in the way. So those were her two plans for me this morning.

Thinking back, I wonder about her plans for altering my orgasm triggers. What could this be about? Could it be just a control thing, maybe a slave trick that she can show off to friends at a play party? Or could this be related to her desire to have my cock and/or balls removed? Could she still make me cum then if I was suitably trained? I end up feeling more confused. Regardless, I want to please her.

The last two cock pictures I sent her, as part of my daily assignment, were small and hairy and yucky. She mistook them both for Tiny which was just humiliation, since they were both uncut cocks. Tiny (her name for my cock) is circumcised. It’s not that I find uncut cocks ugly, these two were just unsightly specimens. I have some nice pictures of some uncut cocks, and I find them totally fascinating. I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing foreskin, so it really intrigues me. The 7-8 cocks my wife has had me suck over the years have all been cut.

Now that evening is here, she feeling a little bit ill and she’s exhausted after the late night last night. I’m ready for another postponement of the intercourse that she’s wanted, if that is her desire. I’m also not sure if she’ll want me locked up for the work week yet. We shall see.