Ever tried to masturbate in front of someone while singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?”

My wife/keyholder surprised me last night by allowing me an orgasm as a reward for my behavior yesterday. But yes, there was a catch.

I came to bed and she told me to pull out of the CB-3000. Her request sort of stunned me, but I was soft enough to accomplish it. The plastic rings hung awkwardly off my balls as my cock came free. She grabbed it, but let go immediately out of disgust. “Go scrub that thing clean, it’s gross!” I was used to the lube that keeps the chastity device comfortable during long-term wear, but clearly she wasn’t.

After unlocking and removing it all, I went to scrub my genitals good and clean. Upon returning to bed, she started rubbing my cock. I was pretty self conscious about it, which is new for me. I found myself worried that I might not be able to get very hard after about 11 days of being locked up. It took longer than usual, but eventually the wonderful feeling of her hand did the trick.

She masturbated me without lubrication of any kind, which was also unusual. That gets uncomfortable for me after a while, but I didn’t mention it and she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. I wasn’t about to question it. But then things got stranger. She told me to think of a song, and I had to sing it in order for her to keep stroking. My mind went blank. She let go of my erection.

How crazy was this? I’ve played a half dozen musical instruments in my life, publicly performed hundreds of songs either vocally or instrumentally, yet I couldn’t name a single tune. What did I eventually come up with? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She laughed, noting how it was an appropriate song for Tiny, her pet name for my cock. “Go ahead,” she said, “sing.”

I started singing, and she resumed masturbating me. It’s not a long song, and when I got to the end, she stopped. “Pick another song, hurry up”. Um, Row Row Row Your Boat? I was so embarrassed. It too was nowhere near long enough to get me close to an orgasm. She picked the next one: The Star Spangled Banner. I couldn’t help but recall the scene from the movie “Shortbus” — three guys are having sex with each other, one singing it right into another’s ass, while another uses a penis like a microphone. Between that scene in my head and singing, I still wasn’t close to an orgasm.

I think her arm grew tired, which was fortunate for me. She allowed me to masturbate until I came, but I had to keep singing. I don’t remember what the last song was.

I’ve been in “verbal chastity” since while she lets me “air out”. I don’t feel that’s necessary, but it’s not up to me. I’d rather be locked right back up, since that makes it easier for me to keep track of my time “in chastity”. Now I’m not sure what to do about my Chastity Stats page. Humph. Breathe, let go, breathe, let go.

She’s informed me that she wants to feel me inside her tonight. However, she admitted to being a little disappointed in me today, so she doesn’t think she will allow me to orgasm. I’m going to make no assumptions, and let her use me as she wishes.