My wife/keyholder told me to lock myself back up last night. At bedtime she teased my nipples for over half an hour, which drives me crazy with sexual desire. It’s a physical response I feel no control over. I try to get hard and ache against the confines of the CB-3000. Eventually I am reduced to whimpering and begging for an orgasm. She never allows me one, of course, and she seems to really enjoy the severe sexual torment. Then she rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving me panting, hard but small, and horny beyond sanity.

Earlier last night she sketched out the tattoo she has planned for me. By the way, I hate the pain of getting a tattoo. We have matching tats on our shoulders from a few years back. She didn’t seem to mind the pain, but I could barely stand it. For me it was about 9 out of 10 for pain. This time the ink will go between my navel and cock, which I suspect is a much more sensitive area. I could compare it to the extreme pain of the genital piercings she had me go through — dydoe: 10 out of 10, two in one visit!. But at least those were quick. Tattoos take time. Fortunately I haven’t heard her talk recently about having “tiny” etched onto my cock head.

Last night I made some good progress on my homemade waist belt for our CB-3000. I think tomorrow morning I’ll finally be able to put it on and test it for long-term wear, security, and water resistance. If things seem good, then Phase 2 will be replacing the prototype codpiece with a locking, stainless steel version.

We are scheduled to have a “couple’s massage” tomorrow after work, where two of us and two massage therapists are in the same room. This is therapeutic, not sexual, massage, and we’ve been there many times. My wife has made clear that, for the first time, I will remain locked in chastity. I am quite anxious about how much the CB-3000 will show when I’m on my back and there is just a thin sheet on top of me. Normally I’m flaccid and don’t worry at all. My wife has made it clear that she’s going to enjoy my embarassment very much. I don’t know if she’s going to say anything to the therapists or not.