I was treated to an orgasm this morning, but just barely. Apparently I’m in training.

My wife/keyholder/Mistress has been trying hard to get me to learn to orgasm without having my penis stimulated. As a lifelong masturbator (until recently), I’m realizing that my body really doesn’t know any other way to do it. At least not yet.

She got me going in her usual ways, and then started “edging” me – bringing me to the edge of an orgasm and then stopping. Sometimes she masturbated me, sometimes she let me do it. I had to stop well before cumming, or ask for permission to cum which alerted her to stop. Then she either left me untouched, or played with my nipples. “Go ahead, you can cum, come on, let’s see it,” she said, and also “It’s fun to torture you. I love this tease and denial.” Yes, dear.

No fantasy in my head would get me over the edge. It probably didn’t help that my bladder was full, or that there were distractions going on elsewhere in the house. Regardless, I just don’t seem to have any wiring right now that will trigger an orgasm without some penile stimulation. Unfortunately, this is unacceptable to her.

Eventually she had an idea to move me a step closer to her goal. Instead of allowing me to have my legs straight and my hands near my sides, she had me bend my knees and put my hands over my head. Then she masturbated me. This felt really unusual, and it was surprisingly hard for me to orgasm like this. It wasn’t an uncomfortable position, just one very different from almost all of my other in-bed masturbation episodes. That difference proved to be substantial.

She kept stroking me, switching hands very effectively to keep going and going. Eventually, with a little visualization, I was able to orgasm. My thoughts were about this being my last orgasm before being locked into an inescapable chastity device for a long time.

Afterwards she told me to do some research so we could learn more about this type of orgasm training. Dear readers, do you have any resources to help me in this quest? How can I learn, or be trained, to orgasm on her command? Please feel free to comment on this post, or see my Contact page to email me privately. Thank you for your help!

I also forgot to mention in yesterday’s posting an orgasm that she had two nights ago. She positioned her crotch on my thigh, and rubbed herself to a climax. I enjoy being used like that for her pleasure, it turns me on too, but of course I wasn’t permitted an orgasm or even any stimulation.

I won’t be posting tomorrow, as she decided it was time for a “night away”. So we have a jacuzzi suite reservation, and she wants to bring our “play bags”, which means there will be some substantial BDSM adventures going on. She is also talking about taking me out crossdressed, or at least looking androgynous, maybe even to a large shopping mall. I’ll catch up with a post on Sunday.

One last note: Thank You to you, my readers. My blog is averaging about 100 visits per day, which exceeds my expectations. I appreciate your interest and your comments. Several people have mentioned that some photos would be nice, and I am keeping that in mind. Please know that I value your thoughts, input, and readership.


  1. An aneros prostate stimulator makes you come without you ever touching your penis, and without it even getting hard.

    • Yes, we have one. I’ve tried it and it works well. But Mistress hasn’t used it on me yet. I think it’s because she enjoys having her way with her penis. Perhaps if I’m locked into a more secure chastity device for longer she’ll see the need. I suspect she’d tell me to do it while she watches…

  2. I have a locking chrome steel chastity device which is fun to wear, however despite the manufactures claims it does not prevent a little “self play”, sadly, unlike the plastic CB2000 they don’t have Points of Intrigue which might prevent that happening.

    Good luck.

    • May I inquire as to which device you have specifically? Also, you may already know, but in case not: some of the CB-x000 line can be augmented by the KSD-Gx accessories, which are reported by some to work better than the Points of Intrigue. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have checked out the KSD-Gx accessories but they appear unsuitable for my device. Several sellers are quite clear that Points of Intrigue or other modifications are not available; the gap between the restraining ring and the cage is small and wouldn’t accommodate any additions. I may have to resort to a new device.

    • I’m still curious as to which locking chrome steel chastity device you have…

  4. This is a link to the one I have:

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