My wife/keyholder informed me of some new rules regarding my time in chastity. I was driving us in the car today, and made some nasty comments about another driver doing something stupid. She said “Well we’re going to do something about your road rage. Every time I hear you go off about someone else like that, you will get 3 more days added onto your time in chastity.” I replied “Yes, Ma’am.”

She continued, “and if I catch you doing any gesturing to other drivers, even that sneaky one you think I don’t notice sometimes, that will be another 5 days of lockup. Understood?” Again I said “Yes, Ma’am.” She pointed out that she is willing to overlook the outburst I just had, but not the next one. I thanked her for her lenience.

At work she texted me about my puny cock. She suggested it was small enough that it could just be snipped off with a fingernail clippers, like a skin tag. She wrote “You won’t even notice, seriously, Tiny is practically as helpful as a wart or blister.” Then she asked me if I was fond of Tiny (her name for my cock). I wrote back “Sort of, but also utterly embarrassed.” She wrote that she understood, that she’d “be horrified if I were you, so let’s just be rid of him.” I wrote that we sort of were anyway, thinking of the chastity. She replied that “we could do more.” I agreed and said that I would defer to her better judgement, and she concurred.

Last night I endured another 20 minutes or so of non-stop nipple stimulation, with the CB-3000 preventing any erection or feeling the whole time. Then she rolled over and went to sleep.

Today I emailed her my third picture of a cock, again describing what I liked about it. This is day 3 of that assignment. This time I selected a large black cock that looked really awesome. It really was quite a bit bigger than my cock. Her response was to change the assignment to find some cocks for next time that I don’t like as much, and to describe why they aren’t as hot for me. I wonder what she is up to?

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