My wife/keyholder has been in a down mood lately. She’s had little interest in the usual things, including our sex and chastity games. Yeah, it’s a bummer. But life isn’t always blue-balls and thwarted erections, is it?

If history is any guide, she’ll be back on top of her game in a few days. Rather than filling posts with fluff here, I thought I’d just clarify the situation. I think it makes more sense to skip a post or two until I can share things of topical interest. If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment.

Some years ago I would have taken something like this personally, and twisted it all around to be about my needs not getting met. But it would have come out all sideways and really fucked things up in our relationship. Over the last two years we’ve had some amazing personal and interpersonal growth. And that helps me to see that this isn’t about me, it’s her stuff. That frees me up to be there for her, support her, and just wait as she processes things her way. That probably sounds easy, but I wasn’t there a few years ago. I’m grateful to be past that now.

In the big picture, the chastity lifestyle has to accommodate all the aspects of real life — fun times and hard times. I happen to be in verbal chastity now, but would I be behaving any differently if my cock were physically locked up? It shouldn’t matter, and I’m grateful to feel that it really doesn’t. I hold no illusions that I’m immune from “topping from the bottom”, but I feel more aware about that dynamic in our relationship. My focus on her simply feels better, and very likely gets us both more of what we want anyway.

She did ask me recently if I was being faithful with what I call being in “verbal chastity”. I honestly answered that I was. She asked how it felt being in chastity without a device versus with one. I told her that I somewhat prefer being in a device, ideally without being able to remove it. She marveled at how different we are in that way, as she couldn’t tolerate that at all. I brought up the KSD-G2, and she asked about the CB-6000. I think she’s interested in putting Tiny into the short version of that device. I pointed out that the KSD-G3 add-on seems to have better reviews, and last I noticed they had a discount when the G3 was purchased with a 6k. She seemed to be leaning in favor of the 6k+G3 combo, but we didn’t make a final decision.

So in summary, my posts may be sporadic for a short while. Stay tuned. Thanks.

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  1. No worries, I can understand your situation. Moods and priorities change. I was regularly locked up, then something shifted and that part of our relationship took a backseat. I’ve not been locked up for nearly 2 years now. Perhaps one day the padlock might come out again, or perhaps not. It’s the way it goes.

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