I was instructed to provide oral service immediately upon going to bed last night. My wife/keyholder had her hands on either side of my head, a fistful of my hair in each. She held me in the position that gave her the most pleasure until she came. Afterwards she relaxed and enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm. My cock, of course, remained small and locked in the CB-3000.

A short while later she began playing with my nipples, arousing me terribly and making my genitals ache desperately. During this torment she reminded me again of the worthlessness of my cock. “It’s so small and isn’t even close to being able to satisfy me. I really don’t see the point in having it at all,” she said. She also brought up castration again, reinforcing that a useless penis has no need for testicles. Our cat was purring next to her on the bed, and she elaborated. “See how content and loving this cat is? It’s been castrated and just look how happy and affectionate it is.” I agreed.

She continue to sexually tease me and talked about how only a Real Cock could satisfy her. I apologized for not having a Real Cock. She talked of sharing about my inadequate manhood with her coworkers and the women she works out with at the gym. (I don’t actually think that’s true, but I can’t be 100% sure). Then she started masturbating herself, and told me she was fantasizing about having a Real Cock inside her. She was explicit about wanting to feel a nice thick, big, Real Man’s Cock sliding in and out of her, and how incredible that would feel.

She named a couple of men we both know, stating that she knows that one of them has a really large penis. She asked me about some of my friends and coworkers, and whether I thought they had Real Cocks. I said I didn’t know. She named some names, and asked me now big I thought their cocks were. I said I had no idea, but that I’m sure they could satisfy her. She told me to think about how I would feel if she let them fuck her. I laid there quietly while she fingered herself for quite some time.

In my mind I envisioned myself standing next to the bed naked except for my CB-3000, using my hand to guide another man’s Real Cock into my wife’s wet and deserving pussy. I would watch as they fucked, perhaps being ordered occasionally to put his Real Cock back inside her. I expect they would verbally humiliate me intermixed with the sounds of their lovemaking. After their orgasms, I would stand there silently while their breathing slowed as they lay together mutually enjoying feelings of complete sexual satisfaction. My worthless cock would remain trapped in its plastic prison, and cum from his Real Cock would seep deep into my wife. As a symbol of my total emasculation, I fantasize that they would have me lick his substantial load of cum from both their genitals. This daydream makes me so horny, yet I wonder if I might feel emotionally crushed if it were to happen in real life. Watching – helping! – another man fuck my wife?!

Such a dichotomy. I sincerely and deeply want my wife to be happy and sexually satisfied. I really, really want that. I know that she really enjoys intercourse. She has been reinforcing daily that my cock is worthless. And it isn’t fair that her sexual pleasure should be reduced in any way. Logically that leaves only one option. I fear it and am fascinated by it.

In the morning she spent just a little time toying with my nipples. She reinforced how tiny and insignificant my penis is. She also mentioned castration again. I was surprised that she was reinforcing those messages so much. But when she is physically stimulating my nipples like that, I have no resistance at all, and I accept her statements and agree with her completely. If her goal is to program me to be an emasculated husband, she seems to be on the right track.

I think back to Monday. Despite having been locked up for a week, I realize with shock that I never got fully erect. She masturbated me, I pleasured myself, I even had a huge orgasm. But I wasn’t hard like I usually am. Are her messages making me impotent? Is being locked in chastity 24/7 teaching my cock that it’s hopeless to even try?