At about noon today it finally happened. My wife turned the key, locking me into inescapable chastity. For real.

We have two sets of two keys – one for the high-security JailBird screw, another for the PA lock. One set of keys has been sealed in a plastic emergency box that cannot be opened without breaking it. And my wife decorated it uniquely, so I cannot buy another one and replace it.

She has hidden the other set of keys. It’s clear she is very serious about this now. It’s not a game. She’s already threatened months of chastity should my attitude or behavior disappoint her sufficiently.

I have chores to get back to, but wanted to post about this substantial event. Other surprises have happened, more about those next post.

First Day in Jail

I’ve been wearing the JailBird for almost a full day. So far, so good — if you like having all erections and orgasms completely denied to you, that is.

Overall it fits very well. Having based many of the dimensions on my experiences with my CB-3000, I think length and width are perfect. I don’t notice the additional weight at all. I slept fine with it, even on my stomach. It seemed to naturally tuck under and out of the way; I recall the CB-3000 being lumpier in that position, for me.



I’m not sure yet how I feel about the oval-shaped base ring. It’s a very slight deviation from a circular ring, but once assembled it’s clear that there is more space for the scrotum on the sides than on the bottom. When aroused I have some scrotal skin overlap under the base ring sometimes, that that’s uncomfortable in a not-so-fun way.

The feeling of the cage as it contains my hardening cock is very nice. No pinching or problems there, just solid containment and confinement. My wife likes the way tiny (her name for my cock) pokes out between the bars when he’s trying to get hard.

From the picture it looks like stimulation of the cock head is possible. And for teasing, that is true. But those thick metal bars make it impossible for me to masturbate conventionally. There is so little contact between my hand and my cock that there really is no point.

Worse yet, that kind of stimulation in the cage can cause something I will call “ghost pinching”. The skin along my shaft is very thin, and if it gets pulled around one of the bars, it can feel like a pinch. There’s no actual pinching going on, but that’s what it feels like. It’s like a built-in mechanism to discourage that traditional hand-stroke maneuver with this cage.

In some JailBird reviews I read about a “rotation issue”, where the whole device would turn. So instead of pointing straight down, it would be more to the left or right. I’ve experienced that, and I can’t quite figure out why neither of my CB-X000 models ever did that. It’s not a problem, in fact it might be a handy feature to align the cage down a pants leg, for example.

From the photo you can see that I’ve put my Prince Albert piercing captive bead ring around one of the horizontal bars. That ring will be replaced with the PA lock I mentioned a few days ago. I’m quite relieved that I’ve had no pinching or pain between the ring and the cage bars. And I’m hoping the lock won’t change that. I’m quite sure I could pull out the back when soft, as I could with the CB-X000 units. But the PA lock (and currently the ring) defeats pull-out.

I also tried urinating while standing up. The CB-3000 let me get away with that quite regularly. No way with this. I think the PA ring has a lot to do with it. It seems likely that I would soak my pants at a urinal. So as I suspected, I’ll continue to have to pee sitting down.

Last night and this morning my wife teased me mercilessly, checking that the cage properly thwarted any attempted erections. I was driven so wild by her stimulation that I was almost crying. I begged her to please let me have sex with her. Again, she just laughed. Then she explained what an ordeal she thought it would be to deal with unlocking both locks (the high-security screw is a bit tedious), removing it, and then putting it back on and relocking it all.

I wish I could remember her exact words, but I was in quite a frenzy then. Basically she reiterated that she sees no need for me being inside her again. And she reminded me that she has lots of options for obtaining sexual pleasure for herself. Then she changed the topic and wondered how the cage would work when I was riding the pony. She said she wants to do that very soon.

I’ve curious to see how long she will go before letting me have an orgasm. I’m actually afraid to ask. And it’s up to her anyway, so I shouldn’t be pressing her for an answer.

It’s time now for my first shower with it. One of the benefits of this design is the ability to keep everything clean without having to remove it. We shall see how that goes.


My wife just texted me that our JailBird chastity device arrived in the mail.

I now only have a few hours left of genital freedom. She let me know she intends to install it as soon as I get home tonight.

She’s already teasing about how small it looks. She said the people who made it, particularly Mistress Mature Metal, must have been laughing about how minuscule this one is compared to others. I said that I hoped it wasn’t too small for tiny (her name for my cock). She said “Oh no, I hope it’s not too big!” She was also amused that the box it came in said “Small flat rate”.

There is some chance it won’t fit perfectly, and that we’ll need to work with the manufacturer to make it suitable for 24×7 long-term use. Then again, maybe my measurements were just right, and it will be on for quite a while starting tonight. My CB-3000 has been quite comfortable, and most of the measurements are very similar.

My wife texted “This will be awesome”, and said the same thing by phone. I’m not sure what that means.

She told me it looks quite attractive. I was glad to hear that, since I want her to be happy with it. She also said it’s fairly heavy. Since it’s stainless steel, I expected it would weigh noticeably more than our plastic CB-3000. I hope it’s not so heavy that it’s a wearability issue.

It is sized so that tiny will always be less than 3 inches long inside it, and about 1 inch diameter thickness at most. That’s about half my largest measured length. However, I have a recent photo of tiny erect next to a ruler showing him at about 4 inches in length. I plan to combine that picture with another one showing tiny shriveled up at about 1 inch long, to present to my wife as “something to remember tiny by”.

I’m certainly nervous about being locked up tonight. I’ve always been able to pull out of the CB-2000 and CB-3000 units that I’ve worn. But I’ve read that some folks can’t pull out of a properly sized JailBird. Tiny gets really, really small sometimes, though, so I expect pullout to still be a concern.

And that’s where my Prince Albert (PA) piercing comes into play. In 1-2 weeks, a secure PA-lock from Germany should arrive. My wife will use that to lock tiny’s head to the end of the cage. Pullout will not be possible then. I will be in inescapable chastity when that happens.

I’m also nervous about my wife’s reaction to this level of chastity in our relationship. She’s decided not to permit intercourse with me, and it’s been about 7 weeks now. She’s said that once I’m locked up, she will be “forgetting about tiny – out of sight, out of mind.” Will she give up intercourse for herself? Or will she seek out other men? I honestly don’t now.

Although I still want very, very much to make love to my wife, I’m suspecting that she may not be interested in that any more once tiny is locked away. My PA piercing has been healed for a few weeks now, and I let her know that we could try it. As long as I put the ring back in right away, it should be fine. But she has declined.

And what about orgasms for me? She’s been so generous lately. I’ve probably had 5-6 over the last two weeks, which is a lot for me lately. That has certainly been purposeful on her part – I just don’t know to what purpose. And I have no idea what her idea of a release schedule might be. Will it be by her whim, will I have to earn it, is she planning a long lockup from the start? I do not have a clue.

I do know that she seems to be very excited about it all lately. That is new, and it sort of confuses me. To date, chastity has been something more “for me”. I clearly get the sense that is no longer the case. And her enthusiasm makes me wonder (and worry a little) about what she’s really thinking.

The reality is that I’ll be wearing it tonight. If it’s not comfortable, it will come off and adjustments will be made (probably taking 1-2 weeks). If it is comfortable, she will have me sleep in it, and continue into our busy weekend wearing it.

I don’t know how else to say it. I’m quite anxious about serious chastity finally happening in our relationship.  And it starts tonight.


I spent much of the weekend in my housekeeping dress. The new white women’s work shoes that my wife bought for me are actually quite comfortable. And she thinks they go very well with my dress. She wants to get some type of semi-formal maids hat for me to complete the servant look she desires. I also wore my corset for many hours both days. It cinches my waist by several inches.

I was doing dishes in the kitchen in the afternoon, and the two of us were goofing around. I stuck my butt out at her at one point, and she dared me to do it again. So I did. Bad idea. She grabbed a spatula from the drawer, pulled up the back of my dress, and started seriously paddling my ass. At first I was laughing, but she kept going and eventually I was begging her to stop. She got her apology, and I got a sore bottom for my actions.

(A quick aside: we had company over for dinner on Sunday. My wife pointed out to me beforehand: “Oh, this will be special, you get to eat off a real plate with a fork tonight!”. As mentioned previously, she makes me eat all my meals from a special dog-dish like bowl, and only with a spoon that she dislikes. Unless we have vanilla company over.)

Later we had a bit of shopping to do, and she let me wear some things under my “boy clothes”. I kept my tights, corset, bra, and breast forms on under my men’s sweater and jeans. With my winter coat she felt I was plenty presentable and that “probably no one would notice”. Even if they did, she said they’d just assume they were “man boobs”, which made her laugh. Shopping went fine.

At bedtime my wife announced that I needed some “equestrian training”, which is a euphemism for a ride on her “pony”. I went up to our bedroom and prepared.

I retrieved the “saddle” she had me construct some weeks ago and installed it. The result was a thick, black, very textured, cock-shaped dildo protruding up from the seat of her horseback-ride simulation exercise machine. By the time she arrived, the “pony’s cock” was lubed and I was naked.

She told me to “mount up”. I got into position and gingerly lowered myself, groaning as the dildo stretched my anus and pushed deep into me. My wife, meanwhile, was disrobing. She removed a pad from her panties and rubbed it under my nose. “I’ve been wearing these all day, just waiting to do this.” She had me hold it in my mouth so I would continue to smell her juices, which really turns me on.

Then she got onto our bed and, facing me, spread her legs wide. “Are you ready for some riding practice?” she asked. I meekly responded past her pad which I was still holding between my teeth: “Yes, Mistress.” She told me to go ahead then, and I turned it on the slowest speed. The seat started gyrating, and her pony began to slowly fuck me. Meanwhile she started playing with her pussy about 6 feet away from me.

At first tiny (her name for my cock) was hard, and I was really aroused to see her put on a pussy show for me while smelling her. She had me increase the intensity, spending some time on the two medium settings, then eventually the fast setting. The anal pounding her pony was giving me felt unusually intense tonight — too intense to stay arousing.

Tiny didn’t stay hard, so she came over and tried to help by stimulating my nipples. Even that didn’t help, and tiny was limp and flopping around as the seat bucked underneath me. She held my soft cock in her hand. “What’s wrong with tiny?” she asked rhetorically. “It’s so sad, pitiful really. Look at how small and soft it is. Certainly not capable of pleasure anyone. Good only for being locked up, right?”. I gasped “Yes, Ma’am” as the pony continued reaming me.

It wasn’t long before she ended my training and had me clean up. I realized later that I had used some different lube, and probably not enough, which may have contributed to the discomfort. I was also tired. But it did make me wonder if I might really be losing some ability to stay erect. I wondered if maybe I was mind- fucking myself into impotence by worrying about becoming impotent.

I shared with her later about the lube issue, and she suggested maybe we should try using Ben Gay instead. I begged her not to – I’m just a little terrified about how that would feel.

PA lock

PA lock

Here’s some exciting news! I finally was able to place the order for the PA lock (shown here).  It’s coming from Germany, so it may arrive a week or so after the JailBird (which is due to arrive any day now!).

I also ordered an emergency key box. They’re not that easy to find, so I’ve added two KeySure suppliers to my Chastity Vendors links. This is a plastic box that snap-locks together and cannot be opened without breaking it. They are inexpensive and perfect for chastity keys that are only to be used only case of an actual (non-sexual) emergency.

My wife has a meeting away from home for an hour tonight. She’s mentioned several times leaving me tied up on our bed while she is out, and getting someone to come over and “babysit” me. Turns out she wasn’t able to find anyone for tonight, and she’s not comfortable leaving me unattended and in inescapable bondage. I guess I do appreciate that concern… (sigh)

However, she has recently made contact with another dominant woman online, and has set up a meeting with her so we can all talk and get to know each other. If there seems to be a reasonable fit, my wife said she might invite her over to double-team me, or maybe even use her to “babysit” me when she’s out. Ok, this part is not a mind-fuck, I know she’s serious about this possibility.

Have I mentioned that my wife is bisexual?

Mistress Chair

Two days ago I gave my wife a big surprise. We were at a store with some relatives about a week ago, and she saw a lounge chair that she loved. This picture is of a very similar item. She’s wanted something like this for years.

Mistress Chair

Mistress Chair

We’ve seen items like this before, but I could tell as she was sitting on this floor model that she really liked this one. It also looked like it would work well in our recently renewed master bedroom. So while she was working late I bought it, rearranged our room a little, and had it ready for use when she got home. She was very surprised, and very happy.

She calls it her “Mistress Chair” which I think is very appropriate. She’s already initiated it by having me lick her to an orgasm yesterday as she reclined on it. I’m quite sure I’ll be attending to her regularly that way. Tonight she had me lean over the back while she paddled and caned my butt.  It was punishment for forgetting my cell phone at home today. You see, she couldn’t get ahold of me, nor could she text me humiliating messages about tiny (her name for my cock).

In other news, she found out that my housekeeping dress was being held for shipment because the apron assortment she ordered was backordered. She was not happy with them. The dress should be on its way now, with the extra aprons arriving later.

She also bought me a fun, new outfit – women’s, of course. The tight, stretchy pants looked really good, although I wish I didn’t have such a bulge in the crotch area (even after tucking). The top of the shirt sleeves are loosely laced, revealing the arms. I wished I didn’t have so much body hair. But overall I liked the very female appearance it gave me.

We both find it very fun for her to bring home girlie clothes for me to wear. I felt like putting on some makeup, fixing up my hair, and going out dancing with her in my new outfit. But it was late and she was tired from her long work day. I’ve asked her about us going out together as two women (which we have done a few times before). She wants to be sure we do it discretely to avoid problems with people at her work or mine.

We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new chastity cage. It should be here in about a week. Unfortunately I’m having trouble ordering the high-security PA-lock that we will use with it. The cage comes with a high-security screw to “lock” it onto the base ring. The PA-lock is a separate unit that is like a padlock for my Prince Albert piercing that will prevent pull-out 100%.

I’m unhappy about some delays in getting the PA-lock ordered, in addition to the 2-week overseas delivery timeframe. I also have yet to order a secure emergency key box. So it may be the end of the month before everything comes together.

Last night my wife remarked that she’s noticed my behavior has been more self-centered lately. She said she figured it was because she allowed me two orgasms recently. I playfully suggested that it was just her imagination, but I don’t think she took it the way I intended. So that’s probably not good for me.

In anticipation of the new cage, I’m wearing my CB-3000 during the day. I want to get used to a base ring again. I was concerned that my PA-ring would pinch or otherwise not work well with it. But so far I’ve had very few issues. There is an oversized slot in the end that allows plenty of room for my ring. A pleasant surprise. Has anyone seen any pull-out prevention accessories used with the CB-3000 and a PA piercing?

Pleasing Her

My wife is certainly feeling much better, and has wanted quite a bit of sexual attention lately. That amounts to five orgasms for her over the last three days. She let me have one, but it was really embarrassing. Twice she let me lick her clit in bed. Yesterday she had three more.

The first one happened when we got dressed up for a New Year’s Eve event. She thought I looked very attractive (in those men’s clothes) and said she was very turned on. She took my hand and put in down into her panties, and then rubbed herself on me until she came. She was very horny and very wet, it was wonderful for both of us. I really do feel fulfilled when I am used for someone else’s sexual satisfaction.

Last night she tried something new. She let me lay on top of her and rub my erection on her pussy. She had two great orgasms that way, and then rolled over to sleep, leaving me horny and unfulfilled.

Afterwards, she said “Thank you, honey, I had two very nice orgasms. Did you enjoy them?” I told her the truth, “Yes, Ma’am.” She said “Oh good. I’m feeling so content and sleepy now. There isn’t anything else you wanted, is there? You probably liked having tiny so close to my warm, wet pussy. Not inside, of course, but so close.” Her body language was clear: she was done for tonight. And her words were sheer tease.

I said “Thank you, Mistress. I’m so happy you feel so wonderful. It was fun to be on top of you. I felt like I was fucking you, except that I was not inside you. I hope you will let me be inside you someday soon.” She said “Well, between your ring and your cage, it’s not looking good. But we’ll see. I’m glad you enjoyed it too. Goodnight.”

A couple of days ago she got the idea of putting a bell on my cock. It was probably the day I was her naked slave, and the Prince Albert ring dangling from tiny (her name for my cock) likely gave her the idea. So I installed a medium-sized jangling bell onto the ring. She likes how it makes noise when I’m around the house. “It helps me know where you are,” she says. If it is quiet, you can just barely hear it through my clothes. I’m not sure if she’s going to make me wear it to work or not.

The orgasm she let me have a few days ago was humiliating. I was standing next to her as she was sitting at the kitchen table.  She said she wanted to see tiny. He immediately started growing hard in her hands. She asked if I wanted an orgasm, and I said “Yes!” of course. She told me I had to sing “Jingle Bells” while she jerked me off. Sounds simple, but it wasn’t. I did manage to cum before too many verses, though.

I have some work to do for her business today, then she said she will let me have another orgasm. She’s also talked about trying out the new restraints I’ve recently installed on our bed. I’m really looking forward to that. Once bound, I really can’t escape. I love bondage, and the added fear of being truly helpless is really erotic for me too.

Rocky Road

Real life issues are an unavoidable aspect of a real-life relationship with a D/s focus. All the fantasy stories focus only on the kinky play. But family, work, bills, medical issues, and many other everyday issues still require attention. The relationship itself also needs care and feeding. And the holiday season can pretty heavily redirect the focus to the mundane.

Thus it was for us. I had some hope that my five days off of work over Christmas might be quite a wild ride. But we were scheduled with friends or family most days, with prep activities and related discussions in between. As noted in my previous post, the first two days were a bit rocky for me.

My behavior was much, much better the next two days. In fact, my wife was so pleased that I earned two rewards. The first was to be able to lick her to an orgasm on day three. By the end of day four I had earned an orgasm. And that’s when the train went off the tracks.

After a holiday gathering I got a little freaked out by some things that were said at a relative’s house. It seemed like our life and relationship might be impacted in a major way. I didn’t do very well expressing my concerns to my wife, and she got hurt. So day four ended in flames, and I was not in any mood to enjoy my earned orgasm (although she did offer it to me).

Day five was an emotional recovery day for both of us. Lots of talking, only some of it productive. It was really hard for both of us for a while. My interpretations of the original event were off-base, as was my reaction. She was upset, and I spent some time crying in bed and upset myself, worried about how I had hurt her.

I take it really hard when our relationship is hurting because of me. I experience a lot of fear and sadness about my role in fucking things up. And I have so much regret, I feel like I can’t ever do enough to make things right. I just feel devastated when I fuck things up. I suppose that’s part of why our D/s roles work so well for us. It’s truly core for me to do what I can to make her happy. Making her unhappy rots me from the inside.

One of my coping skills is to be busy doing something. So while she was out I washed the kitchen floor, vaccuumed most of the house, and cleaned the floor of her office (something she’d been wanting for a while). She didn’t mention any of it when she returned, but later thanked me for cleaning her office. We went out to dinner, and by the end of the day things felt almost back to normal. She even teased me a little again.

We watched a movie together in bed, and one of the strong women actresses was running down her daughter’s husband. She said he was acting like a wet, wimpy, whipped dog just following her around. My wife looked at me and said “I like the sound of that, it makes me wet.” And she meant it. I took that as a good sign that things were getting back on track.

This week she will be ramping up on the medication that makes her horny. I have no idea how she will be addressing her sexual needs. She seems to have no problem denying mine lately. All as it should be.

This coming weekend is another long one. I have 2 days off work. We have a relative visiting one of those evenings, and we have one holiday visit to relatives planned. But otherwise it looks to be a 4-day weekend mostly with time for us. Let go, breathe, let go.

We are both disappointed that my housekeeping dress hasn’t arrived yet. I’m looking forward to really looking the role of her house servant. White tights, white work shoes, and a woman’s hotel cleaning outfit will help to reinforce my role as her sissy, submissive husband. I know she will be very happy when it comes.

It’s been 2 weeks since we ordered the chastity device, so there are 2-3 weeks left before it arrives. I’m hoping the PA lock will arrive about the same time (more about that when I order it next week). My 4.5 week old PA piercing continues to look like it’s healing excellently. That suggests that my wife will want to install me in chastity as soon as the JailBird arrives.

I’m going to focus this week on my behavior and attitude, working extra hard on keeping my emotional responses in check, and being respectful to her 100% of the time. That is how I want to be for her, as I know that will make her happy.

Things are feeling back to normal between us today. After work I have instructions to fix an issue with her computer, attend to our babies (the life-like dolls that represent children she’s “had” by one of her “many black lovers”), and to prepare a light dinner for her. It feels wonderful to be able to serve her.

I’m thinking that a good new year’s resolution for me is to be the best submissive I can be.

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