Hanging free for now

Mistress gave me an orgasm on Friday. It had been 48 days since my last one, and I was securely locked up for the last 35 days.

I had a doctor’s appointment the next day, one that included a genital exam. So she wanted me to take it off (I would have been fine leaving it on, and it wouldn’t have gotten in the doctor’s way at all). Mistress masturbated me while biting my chest. It didn’t take me long.

I don’t think she realized it, but she stopped stroking right as I started to cum. I begged her to keep going, and after a short pause she did. Fortunately I had another climax and got to fully unload. There was a ton of fluid. No surprise, I suppose, since it had been almost 7 weeks of celibacy for me. I was worried that she was going to give me a “ruined orgasm”. That would have really sucked!

The doctor appointment was with my endocrinologist — the one who will oversee the female hormones that I am likely to be on in a week or two. She did a health history, advised us about the risks, did a quick physical — including the genital exam and a prostate exam with Mistress watching! Yesterday I had some blood drawn for lab tests, which should show me healthy and ready for hormones. About a week for those test results.

Mistress told me today she’s looking forward to me having a pussy. She has plans to fist me in a variety of ways, and was telling me details today. She want to fist my pussy and the pussy of a friend of ours. She’s done us both before, but obviously one of her hands was up my ass then, the other in our friend’s vagina.

She also wants to double-fist me – one in my pussy, and one in my ass. And she’s talked about the various dildos she plans to use to fuck me. (I wish she’d fuck my ass now!).

Another thing she plans to do is have people watch while she sews my labia lips together (explicit image here). And yes, she’s completely serious and I fully believe she will do it.

Not sure what she plans to do about keeping me in chastity once my easy-to-secure cock becomes a tempting pussy. She’s never liked the full waist-belt style metal chastity belts, but maybe she’ll end up locked me into one. Not sure how else she’ll be able to control access to my eventual clitoris otherwise.

For the moment Mistress has decided to leave me out of the cage. It will help me crossdress more effectively (and comfortably). A few months back you may recall that I signed a written chastity contract with her. It clearly specified that I must avoid all masturbation or stimulation of my genitals, and that I have turned over all of my sexuality and control of my cock and balls to her. So even though I’m not locked in the JailBird, I am still “in chastity”. And I fully intend to be faithful to her and our contract.


  1. I don’t really understand what is so important to “unload” before going to the doctor… A creamy standing rod would embarass you more.

    And as I love to read between lines… Does the “prostate exam” in front of your wife mean the inquistory finger of your doctor deeply in your bottom? I’m sure it was an interesting point of view…. from your wife. But maybe you have been in so trouble because a third person external to the couple was imposing this penetration to you…

    To your concern: http://steelwerksextreme.com/blog/?p=518

    • @abroad reader: Well, I was nervous enough at the doctor appointment to not have an erection at all. In fact, tiny was as small as ever, which made Mistress quite happy as my useless little cock was on display to another woman. And yes, the doctor did insert her finger into me to check my prostate as Mistress watched. But I’ve had worse. Mistress has arranged that other men pleasure themselves using me orally and anally. That link is very nice, thank you. I think it would be very hot to see that in a dungeon scene. But I don’t think it’s practical at all for 24×7 use. The lock (and locking loops) are right in that perianal area, making it basically impossible to sit with this. I love the look though, and it looks extremely effective at preventing even a finger from penetrating into the pussy. Very hot, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Invisible restraints are just as beautiful.

    • @oliviamar: …and so much more comfortable! Sometimes, though, I want to feel fully and utterly restrained…

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