Cooked Bool Tincture

I wrote Mistress yesterday, confessing a concern/desire I’ve been thinking about:  CBT.

Potentially I won’t even have my cock and balls in as few as 15 month (after surgery to become a female). And as a male submissive, CBT is a pretty typical thing to experience. I realized that I haven’t experienced much along those lines though. And time is, literally, running out.

So I wrote Mistress an email about this, how I felt, and that I wanted to simply leave the issue in her hands. What she does when, if anything, how intense, etc, is all (of course) completely up to her.

Well, this weekend is one of our BDSM play parties. She told me today she’s already talked with a friend to help her with a scene she has planned for me. This friend is very much into pain herself, and is well versed in kinky things of all kinds. I’m a bit frightened to consider that I might just get what I’ve asked for.

Then again, Mistress may have something entirely different in mind. I won’t know. One thing I do know that she has planned is for me to come out as a transsexual to our friends at the party. I’m not worried about that at all, there are lots of transgendered folks in our kink community.

I only asked for one thing specifically: a butterfly board experience. The link is not for the squeamish. Of course if/when that happens is up to her.

We’ll see what she has in mind for me tomorrow night…

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