To Be Forced

Mistress spontaneously jumped me in our bedroom this afternoon.

I got home from work and was changing out of my “boy clothes”. She was dressed, I was naked (except for my chastity cage and some jewelry).

She forced herself between my thighs, and hoisted my legs up and apart with her strong arms. I instantly went into submissive mode. She got that dominating grin on her face, and I knew she was enjoying herself.

She started playing with my nipples and guiding me through our new routine, where I can experience an orgasm with no genital contact. I focus on my breathing, letting the erotic stimulation flow through me in a new way.

She started grinding her pelvis against mine, and whispered to me about how it’s not going to be long before tiny (her name for my cock) will be gone and she’ll have my slutty cunt to fuck instead. OMG, that was so hot to hear.

“I can’t wait to put on my strapon, or the feeldoe, and rape you”, she said forcefully. I wished that she could do it right then and there. My heels dug into her backside nearly involuntarily, and my legs pulled her against me with her rhythm as she pretended to penetrate and pound my imaginary pussy.

In those moments my body craves — utterly craves — to be entirely female right then and there. Not as a fantasy — it’s almost like some strange body memory. (And no, I have no sexual abuse memories). It’s more like my body wants to get where it’s always desired to be. In reality. Now.

Mistress then began to bite me. This turns her on, she loves to feel her teeth digging deep into my flesh. She continues stimulating me and biting, the pleasure and pain mix and blend as I swirl in the bliss of her intense attention. It’s incredible, painful, wonderful, amazing.

Then I’m over the edge. We call it an orgasm because the erotic feelings peak and my whole body shudders. I’m flooded with emotions, and sometimes cry. It goes on for at least a solid minute. It’s a more intense, whole body release compared to my “male orgasms”. And then I just want to be held and be close to Mistress. I can’t get close enough to her, it’s like I want to crawl inside her. I need to feel her right next to me, to hold her, to feel her touch. Sometimes I cry again.

It takes some time for me to come down. We talk and process it. She talks of feeling satisfied with her domination of me. I offer to pleasure her and she declines. I admit to feeling guilty about receiving such pleasure without her having any sexual pleasure, but she will not hear of it. Her “dom energy” had a wonderful outlet, she insists, and she is satisfied. I can’t argue or ask for anything better. I feel so grateful, so lucky, so happy. We hold each other quietly in bliss.

She inspects me and seems pleased with the marks she has left on my body. Visible bite marks, some will bruise by tomorrow. We both like it when she leaves marks on me that last a while.

Yesterday was one month since my last orgasm. I don’t think it’s even crossed her mind or mine for weeks. She will tease me about tiny, frequently. But her actions make it clear she has little actual use for my cock anymore. Just as well. I am happy enough submitting to her as she wishes, for her pleasure, at her will.


  1. Very hot! I am glad you had a good time. What a wonderful thing to come home to after work.

    • @oliviamar: Honestly, I’m hoping that she sets up a rape scene for me someday, preferably with someone I don’t know. She’s talked about an abduction in the past (which didn’t work out at that event due to hotel rules), and I think that would be quite an experience. I fantasize about being tazered and hauled into a van, stripped and tied up, and used sexually thereafter, maybe for an entire weekend. Mistress loves to plan things for my birthday (in July), and she tries to outdo herself every year. Ah, well, subs have their dreams, don’t they?

      • You are so brave LH. I would pee my my panties. LOL

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