Bound and Beaten

The things I suspected my post yesterday came to pass last night. I came up to bed and my spouse/Mistress had our leather paddle quite obviously placed in the middle of the bed.

She had me lay face-down on the bed with my bare ass conveniently placed for her. As she watched TV she spanked me for about 1/2 hour. She interrogated me about recent behaviors that she didn’t like, and why I was acting like that. I gave her my answers, but in the end it came down to having been unlocked.

When she was done and my ass was red and sore, she applied the hot/cold cream as she does after my spankings, which burned more. Then she had me lock tiny (her name for my cock) back up in our cage.

She plans to visit relatives overnight later this week. They live 2 hours away, and she told me she plans to take the emergency safe keys with her. I suspect she may leave them there, far out of my reach (and likely locked in their gun safe from now on). Our bio-safe has been opening consistently well with my wife’s fingerprint, so not having the keys in our house would increase security. Mostly I think she just doesn’t want me hunting for them while she’s away.

I had gotten spoiled over the last week or so being unlocked. Using a urinal feels like a luxury that’s been taken away. And I’m back to wearing feminine pads in my panties to catch the drips after peeing.

This week I outed myself as a transsexual to 7 more people.  Four were folks in our kink community, two were friends, and one was a GLBT attorney that we’ve come to know. And this past week I had two hair removal treatments, one for my face and one for an arm. 5 weeks until my next treatments.

I’m hoping to move forward in May with getting on hormones. I’m anxious to see how quickly things might change. Then it’s time to start thinking seriously about when I will go full-time. That’s called the RLE (Real Life Experience), a time of living 24×7 as the new gender. That would require me “transitioning” at work, which involves some conversations with them about all this. Lots of details to deal with there. Some risk I could lose my job. I hope not.

Chastity leaves me so bulky between my legs. I have trouble looking female between my legs, and that’s frustrating. I am looking forward to the day when I don’t have male genitals anymore.

Mistress has informed me that she is horny and that I’m to orally service her tonight. She said she wishes she could strap my head between her thighs and keep me there all night, and piss on my head whenever she wanted. I told her I would do that for her. Time to go be her slave, which makes us both happy.


  1. Okay well my last question was answered in this post. lol. I hope you do not lose your job over this. That would be wrong. Your performance at work has nothing to do with your gender or your sexuality. And I also hope you had a good time serving your Mistress. How nice for you both.

    • I’m hoping I don’t lose my job either, but some folks do, even though it’s illegal (in this state – but not others). Thanks for your support. I had a fabulous time serving Mistress orally last night until she came. Laying next to her as she enjoys her post-orgasmic glow feels so right to me. I feel so good and so loved, so right-where-I-want-to-be having given her pleasure (with none for me). She was happy too. Thanks for your comments!

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