Tax Relief

Mistress gets to make the rules. She also can change the rules. And that’s just what she did.

I’d been working hard on her business taxes, spending many many hours. She decided that (plus my work on our personal taxes) was worthy of a reward.

“When you finish the taxes,” she told me a few days ago “then I will let you cum inside me – without the four-day rule.” This was incredible news!

As I wrote in a recent post, she had decided that I must be nice and not grumpy for four days after intercourse with her, or else she would never let tiny (her name for my cock) inside her again. To earn an exception to her ultimatum was really something.

So last night I claimed my orgasm inside her. I didn’t stress about it, we just got busy with it at bedtime (when she normally would have me just pleasure her with my hand or mouth). About halfway through she seriously stimulated my nipples, which brought me over the edge in a hurry. It had been just over 3 weeks since my last orgasm.

While it was very nice, I found myself a bit disappointed. In some other recent posts I’ve discussed the “female orgasms” that I have experienced recently, with her help. This “male orgasm” felt, well, shallow in comparison. It was intense, but brief, and physically limited to tiny. Pretty quickly afterwards I was back to normal (no afterglow).

Of course, all I’ve ever known my whole life is the penis-based orgasm. But now that I’m working toward transitioning into a female, I’m finding out so many interesting things. Like how ready my body and brain was to experience a non-penis-based orgasm. And how my body responded in a very recognizably female way.

Anyway, tiny is locked back up. Despite the bulk of the cage, I can still crossdress quite effectively. Mistress sent me out shopping dressed in a pink top, some cute flats, cropped pants, and some nice jewelry. I added a little makeup too, mostly to cover my facial hair, but some eye treatment too. We both feel I look really good, and I’m not aware of anyone noticing me at all. It feels good to pass as a woman.

This coming week is busy. I’m seeing my gender transition therapist for the 2nd time. We’ll be talking about the plan and schedule from here. I hope to finally hear something definite about hormones. And later in the week I have my first laser hair removal appointment for my face. Progress!

Mistress has been using me as her urinal sometimes at bedtime. She’s getting to like how it saves her a trip to the other end of the house into a cold bathroom. I’m just loving serving her and making her happy.

I have a new blog page partway completed. It will be focused on accomplishing affordable, inescapable male chastity as we have. I’ll have more pictures, information about prices, and extra details that were not in my previous article. I hope to publish it in the next few weeks.

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