Party Pounding

Mistress has been teaching me how to make love to her like a lesbian. Obviously that doesn’t include any participation by tiny (her name for my locked-up cock).

She’s had several orgasms now over the past 11 days that I’ve been in chastity. The combination of being totally denied genital stimulation and starting this transgender journey in earnest leaves me ignoring my “male parts” day-to-day. Other than washing around the cage and applying some lube, I don’t tend to think “with my little head” at all anymore.

My poll shows that a clear majority of readers of this blog don’t mind my including details of my gender transition story here, even though my intention for this blog was to be focused on chastity. By a 4-to-1 clear majority, most voters (35 = 81%) agreed with “I don’t mind chastity and TS/TG stuff in your posts; let it all hang out, dude”. The rest selected “I strongly wish you’d focus just on chastity in this blog”.

I’ll try to maintain as high a level of chastity focus here as I can. But I do concede that my gender issues are coming to the forefront of my life. I’ve started laser treatments to eliminate the dark hairs on my face. And in 2 weeks I’m being assessed for a Gender Transition program. I’m hoping to start female hormones as soon as I can.

My Mistress/wife/keyholder is totally supportive, which is incredible. We went shopping together for shoes today, with me crossdressed. It went just fine. We’ve told a few close friends, but are being cautious at this point.

In a few years, if things go well, I could complete my transition to being a female. For real. This has been an issue in my life for decades, so it’s really quite amazing to finally get to a point like this where I can foresee actualizing this part of me. And to (likely) be able to keep my marriage is rare and incredible on top of all that.

While this isn’t part of my interest in going M2F, it occurs to me that not having a penis is sort of like the ultimate chastity situation. I’ll never have a male orgasm, ever again. It’s possible that the “bottom surgery” could leave me unable to orgasm at all (but most do end up with a functional clitoris).

Last weekend Mistress and I attended a big kinky play party locally. I wore a new dress and shoes, and really looked hot! I got lots of compliments. Mistress had a new outfit too and she looked great as well (I think she was a bit jealous, actually).

At the party she had me show my chastity cage and the useless tiny inside to friends. They were impressed with the seriousness of the cage.

Later she used me for a scene. She strapped on our largest dildo and, with me on my knees, had me sucking it and gagging on it as others watched. Then she had me strip, get up on a massage table, and she fucked me hard with it.

As she was impaling my ass, she talked about the people watching, how they were laughing at how small my cock was and that it was locked up. I actually did hear people laughing. She teased that she didn’t think to bring the keys, so I shouldn’t expect any release. I felt very close to having an orgasm with her just fucking me. It was really strange.

More later. I must not daly, Mistress is waiting for me in bed upstairs.

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