Temporary Freedom

My wife, Mistress and keyholder has approved a modification to my chastity cage. It is being mailed back to Mature Metal today. They offer base ring resizing for only $10, another great thing about them and their products.

At the moment, tiny (her name for my cock) is wearing only the PA-lock through my Prince Albert piercing (mine looks a lot like this photo). I’ll probably be switching back to the captive bead ring that came with my piercing, as I need to modify the PA-lock slightly. There’s a piece on it that has pointy corners that can poke into my scrotum at times. It’s caused wincing bad pain a few times just sitting at work, so it’s time to file those edges down.

Although I had only worn the JailBird for a week, I had gotten very used to it. It feels so strange to have it off. My genitals hang down loosely, all floppy and flaccid. I feel surprisingly vulnerable between my legs now. This makes me realize that the cage gave me a sense of safety, being locked into the constrictive cage.

I’m also struggling with temptation. I could masturbate. I know that would greatly displease my wife, so I shouldn’t. But there is a physical and psychological urge that is compelling and a challenge to keep contained. I’m not willing to lie to her, as that destroys the mutual trust that is core to who we are today. And for myself, I don’t want to be a liar, especially to her.

I told her about feeling tempted. She asked me straight out if I had masturbated, and I told her the truth (no). I said “I’m quite aware of how bad the consequences would be if I did.” Her response: “No, you really have no idea how bad it would be for you.” Ok, it’s pretty damn clear that I won’t be cheating just because I am sans-cage for a few days.

Last night we watched the South Park episode featuring the Shake Weight (season 14, disk 3). It was hilarious how they overlaid masturbation onto that exercise device. Afterwards my wife wanted to masturbate me. I wasn’t going to say no, since it had been a week since my last orgasm. We had to take the cage off anyway to ship it back for resizing.

In bed she jerked me off with her hand, the PA-lock still dangling off the end of tiny. I was so aroused by her touch that I came very quickly. I wasn’t even fully hard, and I lasted only a minute or so. It was a very intense and enjoyable orgasm. My wife commented quite a lot about how it didn’t take me very long.

She also mentioned that she was thinking about letting me fuck her, as long as I was out of the cage already. That didn’t happen last night, and she might just be teasing me. I’m a bit worried that I won’t be able to last very long, like last night. Pleasing her is important to both of us.

This makes me wonder: might chastity be turning me into a premature ejaculator? If so, that could be one more reason for my wife to seek out other men for sex. And another thing to use to humiliate me. I can’t help that I’m so sensitive after a period of denial. My wife probably won’t mind it, though, as she seems fine with forgetting about intercourse with me anyway.

She continues to notice and comment about black men. At dinner tonight a man with very dark skin was at a nearby table, and she spent quite a bit of time looking at him and talking about him. It’s such a mind-fuck for me, because I don’t know if she’s sincerely interested for herself (which is what she acts like), or if it’s just to make me feel inferior (which it does, probably also her goal). It may also just be a tease because she wants to watch a black man overpower me and fuck my ass (or so she says).

In other news, the tea aprons for my housekeeping dress finally arrived. Mistress wants me to do some work for her tomorrow morning, and then I’ll be her maid for the rest of the day. I expect to be cleaning floors, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc. At least I’ll be able to tuck tiny down under, and avoid the embarrassing bulge under my dress.


  1. They need to make the base ring “smaller”? 🙂

    • @vanessachaland: Sorry for being vague. Smaller for ‘tiny’ seems like it would be appropriate. But the base ring needs to be bigger. The cage is fine (at 2.75 inches long and 1.25 inches wide). But when I’m 110% stimulated, the base ring is so tight I get bad pain in the 8-9 out of 10 range. The alteration is, of course, Mistress-approved. She is fine with some pain during arousal, but not so much that it distracts from what she is doing to me.

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