For Her Amusement

Mistress got upset at me yesterday. I had shared with her that I was just thinking about how nice it would be to be inside her, but made clear that I knew I wasn’t suppose to ask to have intercourse with her. You may recall that about a week ago she made clear that I am not allowed to ask to make love to her.

She felt that even bringing up having sex with her was not ok, even if it wasn’t a request. So she clarified that I am not allowed to even talk about penetrating her with tiny (her name for my cock), in any way whatsoever. She emphatically stated that it is entirely up to her “when, or perhaps more appropriately, if” I will ever be allowed inside her again. She said “At this rate, it’s looking like it will be about three years.”

I think that was an off-the-cuff remark. I hope it was. She hasn’t talked specifically about release times at all. We used to have sex several times a month, on average. But it’s been almost two months now that she’s denied me.

She has also talked recently about having me tattooed, although she’s still pondering what it would be. Her most recent suggestion is the word “Sissy” in large letters just above my ass.

I gave her a present after New Years that I haven’t written about here. Included was a card that let her know that, despite my aversion to needles, I was turning myself over fully to her, including needle play. She was looking at tiny in his cage recently, and remarked how she could just push some needles through my penis skin right between the bars of the cage.

Then she asked me if I would do that for her. I said “Of course, Mistress,” but my mind was reeling at the thought of putting needles through my own cock. It really is a tough limit for me to deal with. But I trust her so much now.

Last night she let me lick her clit until she had an orgasm. Tiny tried so hard to have an erection, with the smell and taste of her pussy right there in front of me.  I feel so fulfilled when she cums, her achievement of pleasure gives me the sense of being whole and complete. I crave for her to use me for her enjoyment. It’s nice to fall asleep with the smell of her on my face.

Yesterday she spanked my ass with a wooden spoon, just for fun. She made clear that I hadn’t done anything wrong. It’s just that she wanted to paddle my ass and see it get red. It arouses her to use me for her amusement like that. So to me it’s just another way I can please her.

Tonight she asked me to install something in our bedroom someday soon. She wants a chain hung from the ceiling that she can use for some purpose. Apparently she saw a video online today that gave her some ideas. I don’t know what she has in mind, but being naked and helpless before her sounds wonderful.

She’s waiting for me now in the bedroom, so I must not delay further tonight.


  1. I would advise her to spank you every few days until you stop begging for sex. Perform your oral duties and hush up.

    • @vanessachaland: Fortunately for my ass, I have already learned to stop begging for sex. The threat of being locked up for much longer worked very effectively for me. You are entirely correct about your approach, that I should stop talking about my needs and focus on her. Thanks for the comment.

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