Wednesday my wife allowed me another orgasm. I was in the kitchen, wearing my new formal housekeeping dress, hose, corset, heels, etc. She told me to bend over, and then she pulled my underthings down until my ass was exposed. She spanked my ass with her bare hand for a short while, then turned me around.

“Oh, I see tiny is trying to get hard. Go, tiny, go, you can do it!” she teased. Then she got that look in her eyes, and said “I have an idea.” Often that means something fun for her, but not so much for me. She set the stove timer for 2 minutes and started it. “You can have an orgasm, but only before the timer goes off”. She grabbed tiny and started stroking him vigorously.

I did not think that I could do it, but I really, really wanted to. I’m teetering on my heels, and the corset forces me to take only shallow breaths. Her hand tries to work around the PA ring in the head of my cock, which isn’t as much stimulation as I’m used to.  So I focus on a fantasy in my head. Her black lover comes in, they kiss, and soon he’s fucking her right in front of me in the kitchen. He cums inside her, then pulls his white-coated black cock out of her and shoves it in my mouth. That’s when I came, with 4 seconds left on the clock.

She allowed me to wipe my cum off the floor and her shoe, but she made me lick off what got on her sleeve. Fortunately she didn’t ask me if I fantasized, as I would have been embarrassed to tell her.

Now here’s an interesting thing. I noticed my emotional and mental attitude shift after that, into the evening and the next day. I was less submissive, more grumpy and whiny, and less attentive to her. She noticed, of course, and commented. But I noticed it as well. And I really didn’t like it, on two levels.

Firstly, it felt clearly like a mood swing in the downward direction. Life vaguely felt harder, as if I was struggling more. I didn’t like feeling that way. And secondly I was a bit resentful that my wife is, in fact, right about how I change after having an orgasm. Not resentful at her, but I just didn’t want that reality to actually be true. I am seeing it more clearly lately though. She helpfully suggested two weeks without an orgasm as a consequence. I laughed nervously, hoping she was not serious.

Yesterday I crossdressed at home after work in a more casual outfit. My wife picked up a women’s white cardigan sweater for me a few days ago, and also gave me a pair of her jeans that were too long for her. I was pretty happy with how nice my bottom half looked in her size 8 tight jeans. After dinner we just lounged around the fireplace reading together.

Later we went up to watch a movie in bed. Several of the trailers showed attractive black men, and my wife made note of that each time. Then she told me about a black man she actually did have sex with in real life. This was before we were married, and she was at a swinger’s event. She said he was very good looking, had a great cock, and he had wanted to have sex with her. She instead gave him a blow job. She even remembered his name.

After she shared about that, I could tell she was horny. I cautiously put my hand down between her legs, half expecting her to slap it away. Instead she tightened her thighs around it and started grinding her sex into my particularly positioned palm.

I asked her what she was fantasizing about. She said “Being mean to you,” and she reached out for one of my nipples. She briefly teased it like she normally does, but then grabbed it hard. She pinched it tight until I yelped, and she kept humping my hand. Over the next few minutes she alternated between providing pain to my nipples or my balls, and biting my skin. Eventually she orgasmed with her teeth dug deep into my skin.

I was horny by then, which she acknowledge and then rolled over to go to sleep.

More later…

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