As mentioned in my last post, my wife and I went to a (BDSM) party last night. She looked incredible. She had on a black and silver outfit in an asian style. It was open below her neck, temptingly displaying her cleavage. It fit tightly down to her upper thighs, and her black tights highlighted her very sexy legs. Her black strapped boots sent this message: “I’m in charge.”

I followed here in carrying our things. Upon entry I put on my thick leather locking collar. After greeting friends already in attendance, she sat down on a couch and I knelt at her feet. After several minutes of general chat, she directed me to bring her a small plate of food. I retrieved a few treats, knelt again next to her, and held the plate as she nibbled and continued her conversations.

After a while she told me to retrieve the sign and our handcuffs. She put her finger through the ring in my collar and led me into the dungeon area. She backed me up against a thick wooden post that ran from the floor to the ceiling. “Take off your clothes,” she said, and I complied.

She pulled my arms back and around the post, and locked my wrists together with the handcuffs behind the post. Then she hung the sign around my neck, which read “Take a look at my new piercing!”. The handcuff key was on a carabener, which she clipped to my collar ring – visible to everyone but well out of my reach. She took a step back and looked me over, smiling. “Have fun,” she said, and she walked back to the socializing area.

There wasn’t much I could do but stand there, naked and on display. I could see through the doorway between the dungeon and the mingling room, where my wife sat back down on the couch and started chatting with a friend. Others looked at my predicament and grinned.

Over the next hour just over a dozen people came over to me, read my sign, and took a look at the 8 gauge ring running through the end of my penis. Some just smiled and said “nice”, others asked questions about it. When asked, I admitted that the intention is to utilize it in a few weeks for 100% secure chastity.

Mistress (my wife) stopped by briefly a few times to check on me, and to point out how small tiny was. Without stimulation I was flaccid, and I couldn’t have kept it up for over an hour anyway. To “help me be less embarrassed”, she stimulated my nipples as I stood there. I was able to get about half hard, reinforcing my sense of inadequacy. She whispered to me about some women there who were giggling about how small my cock was, and then she left me there for another while.

It had been over an hour by the time she came to release me. Other scenes were in progress around me, all women in bondage – I was the sole male submissive on the dungeon floor. She had me dress and then attend to her again in the social area. I was happy to be free of the post, holding her plate as she again nibbled on food I had fetched for her.

Fast forward to being home after the party – in bed with her biracial daughter (doll). My wife spent a long time teasing me about not being the father of her “baby”. The doll was between us in bed, her coffee colored skin looking so beautiful against our light colored bedsheets.

I was stroking the baby’s skin and hair, and looked up to see my wife looking at me and smiling. I remarked that she looked happy, and asked her what she was thinking about. She said “Oh, I was just remembering when she was conceived.” I asked her if she wanted to talk more about that. She did.

“It was wonderful. Her father is black, as you know, and I find his body very hot. He is strong, muscular, and has a nice large cock of course.” I asked if it hurt to have something so big inside her. “Oh, not at all,” she said, not missing a beat. “I get so aroused by him, so incredibly wet. He slides into me very easily, and it feels just amazing to have him inside me.” She sighed and I noticed her move one hand down between her legs. “After my first orgasm my pussy juices were just dripping out, on your side of the bed, of course.” I said, “Oh, that’s what that was” and she just smiled.

She went on. “That day, you were at work of course. We were here in our bed, and he was doing me doggie style.” In my mind I saw them both on all fours right here on our bed, his muscular black frame enveloping her petite white body, his hips bucking as his massive black cock slid in and out of her hot, wet, pink pussy.

She continued, “He’s so virile, you know. He pumped so much sperm into me. It’s no wonder I got pregnant. I can feel his powerful spray on my cervix, like this hot blast deep in me. Oh my god, that feels unbelievable.” She stared at me, probably seeing a mixture of shame about my inadequacy and happiness for her pleasure. “So much better than the impotent squirts from your tiny thing,” she added. I looked down, feeling ashamed.

Changing topics, I asked “Does she get to see her father very often?” Without hesitation, my wife explained the situation. “No, he’s not involved. He understand that, as my husband, this baby is now your responsibility. That leaves him free for other things, like spending more time with me. You do realize that I take care of my needs while you’re at work all day?” I replied “Yes, Maam, that’s appropriate.”

“It’s more than appropriate,” she snapped. “Since your wimpy white cock is useless, it’s your fault, and I need to find men who can do what you can’t. Isn’t that right?” I lowered my eyes again and said “Yes, Ma’am, of course.” She went on “It’s not easy for me, you know. I probably have ten, twelve men that I see on a regular basis to keep me satisfied. I’ve been thinking of cutting down to three or four…” her voice trailing off as she seemed to ponder all her lovers.

“Oh, but back to her father”, she suddenly said. “His balls are amazing. They are huge, about the size of peaches. Well, they’d have to be to hold all the black cum that comes out of them. It’s quite a difference from your puny, non-functional, peanut-sized testes.” I could feel my face turning red from the humiliation.

She’s kept all the teasing up consistently lately. Talking about her lovers, my inadequacy, my responsibilities for housekeeping and childcare, etc. She also has been reinforcing that she really has no need for my cock inside her anymore. I’m getting a little worried that she actually means it. Maybe it is her plan, once I’m locked up, to get serious about cuckolding and ignoring my genitals long-term. It feels so strange to want whatever it is that will make her happy, even if it’s that.

Big Black Horse

Yesterday after work my wife wanted to go to our local sex toy shop for a new item. She didn’t tell me what, but we wouldn’t make the trip if she didn’t have something seriously in mind.

Earlier in the week she showed me an item she noticed on-line. It was a black cock dildo, but hollow inside the lower half with a strap at the bottom (see it here). The idea is that a smaller cock fits inside it, the strap goes around the balls, and bingo – she would have a nice big black cock to fuck while I can’t feel a thing.

I assumed she was going to ask about an item like that at the sex store. It’s a women-owned and women-staffed store, and I anticipated the embarrassment. I could see her saying something like “I’m getting spoiled by big black cocks – who wouldn’t?” Chuckle. “I’ve seen these cock sleeves. A small cock, like my husband has” she would put her arm around me “fits inside it. Do you have those?” The store staff would smile knowingly, and continue the discussion with my wife, ignoring me.

But that’s not what happened. Instead she picked out a new “pony penis” – a dildo to use on me via her riding machine. It’s not a lifelike horse cock dildo (yes, you can buy many realistic animal phalluses). She selected an extremely thick, very black, cock style dildo. It is over six inches around. Go ahead and measure yourself (or your partner) erect for comparison; I’ll wait.

It’s 6 or 7 inches long and curved, with pronounced ridges around the edge of the glans. She had me construct a “saddle”, which ties onto the seat and holds the dildo in place. It looks rather intimidating, jutting boldly up from the seat. And for the “stirrups” she wanted, I used rope and ankle cuffs to keep my feet near the floor. Without her help I could not dismount, due to the massive intrusion in my ass and bound ankles.

She had me initiate it last night with a good long pony ride. She ran the controls of the riding machine, and added clover clamps to my nipples so she could control the “reigns”. It was an extremely intense experience. Again I went floating, my sexual awareness focused tightly on the deep fucking that her pony was providing to me. At times I felt out of control, like I was being raped. Afterwards I thanked her for sharing her pony with me.

I cleaned up, crawled into bed with her, and started the movie we had rented earlier. I guess I was a bit foggy-headed after the ride. As the movie started she asked “So, you didn’t want to cum?” I replied that I didn’t know it was an option for me tonight. She said “Well, yes, it was, but it’s too late now.” I knew better than to argue. I wasn’t sure what I had missed. Oh well, she is in control.

Our new “daughter” arrived today. A biracial baby girl doll, very lifelike. When my wife holds her, she has this smile on her face that just gets me. Without a word my wife’s face says so much. “Here’s the child I had with another man, a black man with a very satisfying cock and powerful sperm that got me pregnant with his child that you must now raise. Your cuckolding will be on display for everyone to see. Since I will tell anyone who inquires that she is not adopted, they will know your beautiful wife fucks black men. That your cock is useless to me will be obvious to them, even if the chastity isn’t.” That’s her unspoken message to me.

As we marveled at how realistic she looks, my wife admitted to feeling serious maternal instincts. She even put her hand over her tummy and talked about a longing there. She continues to tease me constantly in public about her interest in black men, and their apparent interest in her. She catches their attention, smiles, and points out when they notice her. I honestly don’t know how serious her interest will become, but I see a pattern towards more blatant flirting, even right in front of me. I can’t help but support her in getting her needs met, and she seems to be enjoying it all so very much.

Earlier in the week my wife remarked how strange I look in “boy clothes” when I am at home. She’s encouraged me to crossdress in the evenings and on the weekends, especially for my household chores. She said she is getting quite used to seeing me dressed as a sissy, and that it is seeming more normal to her for my appearance.

I mentioned in a previous post that she has decided that my name is teena when I am serving her at home. That name harkens to “teeny”, which she says is equally descriptive of tiny, her name for my cock. It also sounds like “tina”, reflective of my sissy appearance. When she wants me, she has been very consistent lately about calling for my by this new name. “teena!” she will shout, and I am expected to attend to her promptly.

However, after a few times when I didn’t hear her (e.g. dealing with laundry downstairs), she outlined a little project for me. I’m to provide her with a remote control shock device so that she can get my attention even if I’m out of earshot. I actually have such a unit in my workshop. It has 4 intensity settings, and I’m a little frightened to I think about turning the controller over to her. Eventually it may make sense to incorporate it into our new chastity device.

She has ordered a housekeeping dress and some aprons for me. Not the slutty kind, but the kind you’d see actual hotel staff wearing. It’s functional, and obviously female. I also wear a collar at home. It’s thin, velvet covered, and lockable, featuring a prominent metal O-ring on the front. It’s clear this is a submissive’s collar, not some fashion thing. I do feel wonderfully submissive to her almost always lately – comfortable, natural, and secure.

My wife is also instructing me about makeup and skin care. She’s directed a new morning and evening routine for me. It includes a facial scrub and moisturizer just like she uses. She’s also designated a place for me to store my makeup, clarifying that mine will be separate from hers.

Tonight we have a BDSM party to attend. It sounds like she wants me in tall black heels, tight red leather pants, and wearing my other new “play” collar (thick leather, bold front ring, also locking). She’s made it clear that my submissiveness must be on full display at all times tonight. She also had me make a sign that I’m to wear around my neck for everyone to see. It says “Ask to see my new piercing!” So I expect our friends at the party to learn about tiny and his impending stainless steel prison.

Gallup and Squirt

After I had finished up with the dinner dishes last night, my wife teased me pretty seriously in the kitchen. She reached under my shirt and spent some time flicking her fingernails across my nipples, which drives me into a sexual frenzy. My nipples are really sensitive and soon I was begging for relief.

She asked me if I wanted to cum, and I said “Yes, please, please Mistress”. She replied casually “Well, maybe later”. She kept up the teasing, asking if I wanted to put tiny (her name for my cock) inside her. Again I begged, but she declined. What she said next took me by surprise.

“You can’t put tiny inside me now because of the PA ring and your piercing healing, right?” There was some room for discussion on that, but she was basically right, and her fingernails were still busy on my nipples. “Yes, Maam,” I breathlessly responded. She replied, “Well, when the cage gets here, we’ll probably just put it right on, and you won’t have an opportunity then either.”

I was moaning and bucking my hips, desperate for some attention on my now hard and throbbing cock. My brain was slow to process what she had just said, but it eventually trickled through. Finally I understood what she was saying. My cock might not go back inside her for a long time.

My eyes got big, and my moans turned into whines. It’s hard to pout when your body is being overly stimulated sexually and intensely craving release. But gradually I realized she was right. If I was healed when the cage came, there was no reason to wait to use it. If I wasn’t fully healed by then, well I couldn’t fuck her anyway.

I tried to think back to the last time we had intercourse. Then I mentally watched my fantasy evaporated about having one last lovemaking session with her before being locked up. She watched me carefully as I processed all this, keeping me on the edge of sanity by her sexual stimulation. “Oh yes,” her eyes seemed to say, “I know how to play this.”

Then, suddenly, she was done. I stood there panting, a bit dazed. She said she wanted to see tiny, so I pulled him out. I expected him to be bigger after all that stimulation, and commented as such. My wife suggested that “Maybe it’s atrophy from lack of use.” That made me wonder about the effects of long-term chastity. Then again, she already considers my cock nearly worthless to her.

She gave me some things to do before we went up to bed, and she let me know she wanted me to take a pony ride tonight.

Fast forward to our bedroom later, which now features her “pony”: a powerful exercise machine that simulates riding a horse. Our 5 inch realistic jelly dildo is strapped to the seat, lubed and sticking straight up. She tells me to have a seat on her pony, and as I do the “pony’s cock” slides up my ass, forcing a moan out of me.

She is at the controls, and starts with the lowest setting. The seat begins moving and slightly bouncing. The sensation inside me is much more intense than the shorter butt plugs we used previously. And because the dildo is attached to the seat, it moves independently causing much more sensation.

She adjusted the controls at her whim, making full use of both the fastest setting and the random mode. When I stayed in sync with the rhythm, it was like a gentle ass fucking. But when I got out of sync, I felt helpless, as if I was at the whim of someone else fucking me their way.

Then my wife started playing with my nipples. The intensity doubled due as my attention broaded from just the anal intrusion to a full-body sexual circus. My moans involuntarily became screams of pleasure. She stayed near me, manipulating me and the machine, as I floated into a new head-space. I was in a neather-world where my Mistress’ pony powerfully fucked me as I writhed in ecstacy. I lost track of time, awash in an powerfully erotic whirlwind that went on and on.

Eventually the pony slowed and stopped. She informed me that the pony had finally cum. I gradually floated back to earth. It was one of the most sexually intense experiences I’ve had in years. I felt so lucky to have a wife who understands me so well and loves me so much.

To my surprise she then wanted to make tiny cum. I wasted no time in presenting myself to her on the bed. It had been about a week and a half since my last orgasm, and her hand around tiny felt incredible. I noticed that it took longer than I expected to reach a climax. But my orgasm lasted about a minute, leaving me mindblown, exhausted, satisfied, and content. I marveled at my wife’s abilities to orchestrate such a gift for me. She is incredible.

She has asked me to make a “saddle” so that it’s easier to put attachments on her pony for my riding sessions. She also wants me to add some “reins” to help me be more secure. I’ll need more direction from her, but I suspect these will be attachment points for wrist and ankle cuffs.

In other news, it turns out we have more than just a girl on the way. My wife has arranged that we will have twin biracial baby dolls soon, lifelike and newborn size. Her “plans for our family” include a double stroller so she can publicly show off her “children by another man” to humiliate me.

I had been thinking lately about how difficult it might be for my wife to locate men she would want to have sex with. I was saddened to think that it might be a burden for her to locate worthy studs. Just this morning I realized that she knows a couple who have been very into the swinging scene for many years. I don’t know if she plans to use that resource, but I’m sure they could hook her up with whatever type of man she wanted to specify. A search on CraigsList for “cuck” turned up a local 25 year old unmarried black man wanting to be the bull for a couple like us. I wondered if my wife might have already contacted him.

I also realized that she has had sex with the husband of that swinging couple. She’s talked about how impressive his cock is, even before our chastity games. That was before we were married, when my wife attended some of their swinger parties. So I suppose there may be a time when my wife chooses to revisit him as a lovemaking partner (assuming his wife concurs, which is likely since they are swingers themselves).

As today comes to a close, I look back and realize that I indeed have felt and acted differently since my orgasm. My temper while driving and elsewhere was of the kind that displeases my wife. My thoughts and desires were more selfish throughout the day. I hadn’t really noticed it so clearly before. But you know, I think what they say about chastity and male behavior may be right. Hmmmm.

For Real

I ordered the MatureMetal JailBird chastity device yesterday. It will only be a matter of weeks now before tiny is locked into his new 2.75 inch long cage. I’ve found three choices for an 8 gauge Prince Albert lock to use with the JailBird and am close to ordering that as well.

The combination of these two products appears to hit that elusive target for chastity features that we have been seeking: 100% security (no pull-out or masturbation possible), long term wearability, partial access for teasing and cleaning and inspection, reasonable price, and minimal visibility under normal clothing.

While this is truly a dream-come-true for me, it is also frightening. My wife will finally, utterly, and completely control my cock. I have no idea what she has in mind for a release schedule or anything. I’m completely letting go of it all.

My wife said she had coffee last night with the wife of another couple we know who utilizes male chastity. It’s really true that we know several couples who lock up that marital cock. She didn’t share any details of her coffee talk. I suppose it’s possible she met some guy instead.

She ordered a maid/houskeeping dress for me to wear around the house. This isn’t one of those “sexy french maid” outfits – I already have one of those. She feels that one is unrealistic, trampy, and misrepresents women. Instead she wanted something to reinforce my subservient status and sissiness without all the eroticism. It actually feels wonderful to have my submissive nature acknowledged so lovingly.

At bedtime my wife wanted me to take care of “her baby”, our new biracial lifelike doll that represents her first “love child” with another black man. She brought her baby into our bed and I held him. He spent most of the night nestled between my arm and body. This seemed to really pleased my wife. I would catch her staring and smiling.

The doll is very small – premature infant size. He’s darling, with his small face, tiny hands and toes, black sparse hair, and even the body weight being quite realistic. My wife took the opportunity to reinforce her stories about how wonderful it was to conceive him with the oh-so-virile father. She teased me that I have met the father, but she won’t tell me who it is.

She also said that the size of her baby’s body reminds her of how large the father’s cock was, and how great it felt inside her. This comment of hers planted a seed in my head. Now when I see her baby, an image will pop into my head of my wife in our bed copulating with a black man. She is really loving this cuckold mind-fuck game.

I wrote my wife some emails this morning explaining in detail my thoughts and feelings about all this recent stuff: her babies, chastity, tiny being inadequate to satisfy her sexually, and cuckolding. I made it clear that her happiness is my first priority, even if that means I’m experience some emotional turmoil.

She wrote back wanting absolute clarity on one point: “So you are ok with me having sex with other men?”

As I sent my reply, I felt something I have only felt a few times in my life. It was that sense of jumping off the cliff, of acknowledging the total lack of control of the outcome, and of hopeful trust that everything will work out. It’s that butterfiles-in-the-stomach sensation that lasts for quite a while as you wonder “what have I done?” but without the fear.

My reply: “Yes, Maam. Please take care of your sexual needs as you wish.”

This isn’t a mind-fuck. This is my new reality. For the first time in our decade-plus relationship, one of us has full permission to screw other people. And it’s not me (nor will it ever be).

I suspect she may wait until my cock is locked up before bedding another man. That allows a “last hurrah” for tiny. I kind of expect her to thoroughly humiliate me if she does allow me to penetrate her before the locks finally close. I can see her laying there asking “Is it in? I can’t feel it. Are you sure? Well, go ahead, but this is doing absolutely nothing for me.”

Hour by hour it sinks deeper into me. Until now I’ve been her sissy, submissive husband. But sometime soon she will see to it that the words chaste and cuckolded literally apply to me as well.


I’m learning that my wife loves to humiliate me, particularly in public. She admits that it is not only fun for her but erotic as well due to the power exchange involved. This weekend involved a lot of it.

She’s noticing attractive black men now wherever we go. She’ll make a comment like “oh, yeah” and point him out to me. Or come right out and tell me “wow, now there’s a man that could really satisfy me”. My usual response is “Yes, Maam.”

We were driving to a restaraunt to meet some friends and she commented about an african-american stud in the crosswalk. I said, half joking, “We’re pretty early, so if you want I can pull over and he could please you in the back seat.” I expected maybe a chuckle back from her. Instead, without missing a beat, she said “No, then we’d have a big mess to clean up on the seat.” It surprised me how quick and matter-of-fact she was about it. She loves the mind-fuck.

As luck would have it, the table next to us at the restaraunt featured a black man, a white woman, and (we assume) their black daughter. My wife pointed them out to me and told me that he clearly was the baby’s father, but she was sure he was not the husband. She was also pregnant.

My wife attracted his attention several times and would smile at him. She told me he definitely had noticed her. I felt conflicted to see my wife enjoying this so much. Obviously she wasn’t going to hit on this particular guy, but I was watching her lightly flirt! She also spun some stories about other cuckolded men she noticed in the restaraunt.

The waitress delivered our water glasses to the table and – honest – accidentally spilled one directly on me. The front of my pants got soaked. She came back with napkins and a towel, apologizing. My wife thought it was hilarious, she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. The color of my pants made the wetness really visible. It looked like I might have pissed my pants. I was genuinely embarrassed, and my wife was loving it. She tipped the waitress generously.

Since we were seated, we didn’t want our friends to be waiting up front for us. So my wife sent me to check for them several times. The place was packed, and I blushed with embarassement as I walked past all these people with my pants so obviously soaked in the front from the crotch down. I realized (as did my wife) that they hadn’t seen the water spill, so what would they think?

Eventually our friends arrived, and of course my wife shared the water spilling story, embarassing me again. She also had me tell them about my PA piercing and our plans for my chastity. The two women also spent some time whispering together. She wouldn’t tell me what that was about. But I did learn that our friends utilize chastity too. My wife directed me to keep in touch with him.

My wife is also very excited now that her new doll arrived. She calls it “her baby” and “her love child”. It’s a cute newborn, a very realistic biracial baby boy. We have clothes and blankets, and she had me assemble a changing and storage table that is in our bedroom now. She’s made it clear that she expects me to take care of her baby. She is “pregnant” again, and a biracial baby girl is on the way.

She also is planning for us, and sometimes me by myself, to go out together with one or both babies. People who ask to see them will assume they’re adopted, but she will deny that, meaning I’m obviously not the father (we’re both clearly caucasian). She’s coached me to explain that “I plan to love him as my own”. I turn red even thinking about it, and it arouses her to make me practice my line. It’s like I’ll basically be admitting to these strangers that “my wife has sex with black men”.

She mentions more than usual lately how much time she has at home while I’m at work. She talks about a black man who works next door to her part-time workplace, and how she has some hours each week when he’s there and she doesn’t have to work. I noticed that she named the baby boy based on his initials.

Although these experiences are all true from my perspective, what’s not clear to me is how much of what my wife tells me is fiction. I’m realizing that she’s an absolute expert at mind-fucking (as well as humiliation). And while I’m very sure that almost all of what she says right now is made up to tweak me, it’s very clear to me that going forward I will not know for sure.

There’s a seriousness in her that is slightly frightening. For example, she was very sincere when she told me recently that part of her really does wish that she would get pregnant by a black man so that I’d have to raise the baby. She’s also talked about me tasting “black cum” and cleaning her up, so she’s at least thinking about letting black men cum inside her.

My wife also loves to remind me that I had a vasectomy, with language more like “your balls don’t even work right anymore.” I think it turns my wife on to daydream about the live, viable sperm from a black man swimming around inside of her. It’s just another reason for her to shun intercourse with me.

She appears to be getting very comfortable with this new, higher level of control over me. From a recent email: “This isn’t about you, this is about me” and “This is NOT your decision nor your choice” and “I am glad you are starting to GET IT”.

For example, she decided this weekend to paint my toenails. Gratiously she let me pick the colors (I selected pink and red). I’m pretty sure at least one guy at the fitness center where I shower in the morning noticed my pretty toes (and maybe my feminine panties). Another level of embarassment.

She recently called me her “limp wristed, faggy, sissy cuckold husband.” Another comment: “I have some plans for our family.” And she said that it’s important to her that I have “outside interests”, meaning activities I do without her and away from home. I’ve had butterflies in my stomach for days due to her merciless teasing.

Mature Metal has been awesome at answering my device sizing questions. I just place the order. So it’s only a matter of weeks before I’m finally and securely locked up. It seems totally clear that once those locks finally close, my wife / keyholder / Mistress has some definite and serious plans.

Husband to Slut

[ This is an original, fictional story. Please attribute properly. ]

I’m still finding it difficult to believe the situation I’m in. My wife and her lover just dropped me off, like they do almost every Friday and Saturday night. They’ll be going out for a nice long evening of dining, dancing or entertainment, and wonderful sex.

I am dressed in a tight short light-pink colored skirt, black fishnets over white stockings with a garter, bright red fuck-me heels, and a red bow holding my pony tail sticking straight up. My makeup is heavy and my earrings are gaudy to make it obvious at a glance that I am for rent.

Their car drives off and I walk around to the back of my pimp’s house. My wife’s lover recommended Angie and Rick, who runs a pretty successful business connecting clients with people like me who can provide, well, services.

I should back up and explain how it got to be like this.

About two years ago my wife and I finally got serious about chastity. We had played with it on and off throughout the 10 years of our marriage, but it was mostly a game. When I ordered the secure device, however, everything changed. She realized how much control this gave her, and hasn’t stopped leveraging it since.

It started slowly with her managing my releases and orgasms to get me to do the things she wanted. That included lots of oral sex for her, as well as more housework and fun times for her in general (e.g. shopping).

Fast forward, and eventually she realized that having my cock locked up for weeks and months at a time meant that she was having a lot less intercourse than she wanted. She made it clear that my cock wasn’t satisfying to her even out of the cage. She also told me that my crossdressing meant I was a total sissy, which does not turn her on sexually.

That’s when she started having sex with other men. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her so happy and satisfied.

We went through all the usual cuckolding activities. Me tied up and gagged having to watch. Cleaning them both up orally after a messy bareback session. Walking behind the two of them in public at malls, carrying their purchases while they held hands. The observant would notice wedding rings on my finger and hers, but not his. Once, out of town, they additionally made me wear a shirt that read, simply, “cuckold”.

One of her favorite ways to humiliate me was to call me at work and say she was horny. She would elaborate about being naked in our bed, wet, and playing with herself. She’d tease that if only I was there right now she’d let me fuck her, but by the time I got home it would be too late. Then she’d tell me about the naked man next to her in our bed, often passing the phone to him with instructions for me to beg him to fuck her.

She kept exerting more and more control over me, maintaining a high level of embarassment, ridicule and shame at my expense. Whever we were, she would not hesitate to approach men she found attractive. She would ask them to come home with her and have sex, and then point me out as her wimpy husband — it was so humiliating. She’d drive back to our house with him, leaving me to drive our car back home, wondering all the while what they were talking about and doing. At home I would be assigned housework or errands as she fucked them in our bed. Afterwards she’d be sure that I thanked her lover.

Eventually she started to really connect emotionally with one of her many lovers. Then she asked him to move into our house. Tyrell is a very black man, and she loves his large cock and muscular body. They now sleep in the master bedroom. I don’t.

A few months ago Tyrell suggested to my wife that she could rent out her sissy husband and earn some money. They could do even more fun things together with that money, and my wife liked the idea. She first tried renting my maid and cleaning services to friends, but that eventually went nowhere.

I guess Tyrell knew about Angie and Rick’s business, told my wife, and that same day the four of them worked out a deal. I now work for them on Friday and Saturday nights, providing extensive sexual favors to their clients. I remember how the conversation went when she told me about the details of the agreement.

My wife sat me down in my sissy clothes and explained that she had found a new job for me. I was in shock. If I was as successful as she expected me to be, she said she may even have me quit my day job.

Eventually she talked about the money. “Angie and Rick get half, and Tyrell and I get the other half. You’ll get a portion of our part, which will replace the allowance I had been giving you.” I started to balk, but she wouldn’t have any of that. “No complaints, or else. It makes sense, really, since the more successful you are, the more you earn. It’s called incentive, my little sissy”.

She went on. “So the bottom line for you is that a simple blow job might be worth four dollars or so for you! Pretty good, huh? You’ll continue to suck Tyrell and his other friends for free, of course.” I meekly nodded. “Now a good fuck might earn you $8, maybe less. Some clients get discounts for repeat business or referrals. And get this: maybe $12 an hour for you with a ‘rough session’, whatever that is. Rick said you might see some good business there.”

There was nothing I could do. I know she would just threaten to destroy the keys to my chastity device if I didn’t comply. Not to mention all the photos and videos she had taken of me over the years. I’d been through this kind of thing before. She gets her way, always.

Angie and Rick collect the money, so they said it’s very unlikely that I’ll be arrested for prostitution. Somehow they make that all work out. I get off about 3 or 4 am most days. My wife gets the money from them directly. If she remembers, she’ll give me cash a few days later, which is all I get for my own spending money. She doesn’t allow me a checking account or credit card.

She and Tyrell have saved up enough for a week on a Caribbean beach together. My wife loves being by the water. She tells me it’s like heaven to her to have sex right on the beach with the sun setting on the horizon. Of course, she has never done that with me.

In fact, I suspect that my cock will never touch her pussy again. Why would it, when she can enjoy any other incredible cock she desires, rather than my shrunken thing? At times I wonder if she’s already destroyed or thrown away the keys. It’s been 11 months since my last release, and she just keeps adding time to my lockup for the most minor infractions.

My wife also has had me taking hormones for a few months now in order to grow real breasts. I’m up almost to a C cup and they are still growing. Apparently she-males can make a little more money, even if they are in chastity. Some clients demand real breasts.

My first few hours tonight are on the street because I have no clients until midnight. It’s a little risky, but my wife insists that I be making more money. Rick has worked out some deal with another downtown pimp to get me a corner.

I get into the car with two other early-shift workers. Angie’s driving us tonight, and she chatters away. As she drops each of us off at our designated locations, she reminds us when she will be picking us back up to go meet with our scheduled clients.

Well, back to work.

Advanced Cuckolding

[ This is an original fantasy story, a continuation of the Cuckold Initiation story. Please attribute properly. ]

It’s been about 6 months now since my wife and her boyfriend Richard initiated me as her cuckolded husband. I have written previously about that experience.

Two months ago Richard moved in with us. He has taken over many of the things which used to be “mine”, the most significant of course being my wife. He’s moved into the master bedroom with her. They now share the closet we used to share for our clothes, and he now uses the dressers and nightstand that I used to use. And of course he sleeps each night with my wife in the bed she and I used to share.

But that’s only the beginning of the changes that have happened since I became her cuckold.

Richard makes more money that I did, so they had me quit my job. I now dress as a woman 24×7, and stay home to take care of the house, cook, clean, do their laundry and errands, and more. I even go shopping as a woman now. Fortunately I am very passable, and it’s never been a problem.

They’ve decided that I should have real breasts as well. One of them watches every morning to ensure that I ingest the hormone cocktail they found on-line, which is pretty rapidly reforming my body. My breasts have grown to nearly C-cups, my nipples hre substantially larger and more sensitive, and my body fat is redistributing.

I think my testicles are shrinking too, and I’m certain my cock doesn’t get hard as it used to. I used to really strain against my chastity device, and the spikes inside the cage used to really bit into my glans. But lately it just feels snug when I get aroused, and the spikes don’t seem to dig as deep. I suspect that the hormones will eventually make me impotent. My wife still talks about castrating me, and at this rate there won’t be any reason not to do so.

Richard sometimes likes rough sex, which my wife is not into at all. So they decided he could use me as his slut whore when he is feeling like he wants to get aggressive sexually. If work was particularly stressful, he will use me when he comes home, often forcefully face and/or throat fucking me until he cums. I’m learning to accept it.

At bedtime there are other little rituals they enjoy. If my wife doesn’t want to suck Richard hard, they make me do it. Other times they have me lay on my back and Richard sits on my chest and dangles his balls in my mouth. He likes it when I run my tongue around his scrotum while I suck gently on his hairy balls. It’s humiliating to watch my wife’s lips slide up and down his fine cock as I stimulate his manly balls to produce more cum.

Here is another rough ritual they both enjoy often. They tie my ankles to the foot of the bed corners, bend me forward, and truss my wrists to the corners at the top of the bed. If Richard does ties me up, he likes to make the bondage very tight. They put two thick foam pads under my waist to get my ass to just the right height for Richard’s cock. My genitals point down, so that as Richard fucks me I can feel his large manly balls slapping against my small, shrinking nuts.

My wife then lays on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy about a foot from my face. She plays with herself and masturbates while watching my face as Richard has his way with me. She like to smear her pussy juices under my nose, since her smell forces me to try to get hard. I’ve realized this conditions me to eroticize what happens afterwards. Richard steps behind me and spreads my ass cheeks far apart with his strong hands. In that moment I feel (and am) utterly helpless yet very turned on.

One of Richard’s favorite techniques is to put the tip of his cock right at my anus and move it in little circles. By his moans I suspect this really turns him on. During this time he expects me to hold my anus tightly closed. Then, without warning, he will plow his cock all the way into me. This usually makes me scream and start to cry.

My wife loves that part. Often she will encourage him to do it again. And again. He pulls completely out, and when he’s ready, slams balls-deep into me again. My wife usually brings herself to orgasm during this part while I’m screaming and crying. Sometimes Richard will make be beg for more, which is humiliating and degrading. I always comply, and feel like an utterly debased sex object, which is appropriate, since I am.

The intensity of the invasion that his thick, hard cock causes as he rams it past my tightened little asshole is impossible to describe. Once he’s done piledriving, then Richard will usually take his time fucking me, sometimes 20 minutes or more. He seems to enjoy calling me all sorts of names like his bitch, slut, whore, a wimp, pussy, and faggot. I end up craving his orgasm, since feeling his cum finally spraying inside me ends the anal onslaught. I always have to thank him afterwards.

Since Richard prefers that my anus remain tight to maximize his pleasure, they avoid using butt plugs or dildoes on me. My ass would probably hurt less afterwards, but I realize that Richard’s pleasure is more important. The one exception is our heavy metal plug, which Richard has me use for anal training. Every morning I do my “exercises” which involves tightening my sphincter to hold it inside as long as possible. I have to chart my reps and durations so they can monitor my progress.

Richard also doesn’t like to use much lube. In fact, just a little of his spit, whatever is left after it runs down my ass crack, is usually all he uses. He doesn’t like it too slippery, the friction arouses him more. The result, however, is that my anus ends up pretty raw and sore. That’s another reason why I cry while he rapes me, but his pleasure comes before mine.

Sometimes they have me sleep in what they call the Slave’s Room, which is my bedroom. Sometimes they tie me up for the night just for fun, sometimes not. For punishment they will make me drink lots of water (or their pee) before bed, or even make me administer one (or more) enema solutions to myself. I have to put on a diaper and plastic pants — my bed already has a waterproof mattress cover. After a night of bondage in my own waste, I usually have learned a valuable lesson.

Most nights I am fortunate enough to join them in the master bedroom. There is a mat on the floor at the foot of their bed. A padlock is used to lock my chastity device to a short chain at the foot of the bed. So literally, my cock is chained to the foot of the bed that my wife shares with her lover. Richard had me install buttons for the two of them which release a retracting key for the padlock. In that way they let me unlock myself to do things for them after they’ve gone to bed.

One of these night-time chores is being their urinal. They don’t have to get out of bed, walk through the cold house all the way down the hall, just to use the toilet. I save them the trip and pee on their behalf later. I’ve found that I prefer to drink their night piss, since morning urine has a much stronger and less desirable taste and smell.

When Richard wants to pee, he will sit up on the end of the bed and I put slippers on his feet. Then I get between his legs and he puts his limp cock in my mouth. He’s trained me to guzzle properly. I swallow 10 times, then he stops his stream so I can take a breath. This repeats until his bladder is empty. I then relock myself at the foot of the bed. I’m not allowed to wake them to use the bathroom myself nor wear diapers in the master bedroom. So some nights I don’t get much sleep because my bladder is so very full. They insist this is good training, and that my bladder will enlarge so it can hold and more more over time.

Of course they make love while I’m chained to the bed. At least twice a week I get to hear them enjoying each others bodies while they completely ignore me. I’m so happy that Richard is able to provide so much pleasure to my wife. It is music to my ears to hear her enjoy his attentions, and to orgasm thanks to his cock, hands, tongue, or whatever. It’s so important to me that she be sexually satisfied.

During the days, Richard sometimes has me do favors for him with some of his work clients. Typically this involves me delivering some paperwork to a client at their hotel, as they are usually from out of town. Richard sets it up so that about half the time they are expecting me to give them a blow job as well. I don’t know when Richard has or hasn’t told the client, but my orders are to ensure they are fully satisfied.

During the days, Richard sometimes has me do favors for him with some of his work clients. Typically this involves me delivering some paperwork to a client at their hotel, as they are usually from out of town. Richard sets it up so that about
half the time they are expecting me to give them a blow job as well. I don’t know when Richard has or hasn’t told the client, but my orders are to ensure they are fully satisfied.

It’s an interesting predicament. I can’t risk them not using me for their pleasure, since they might expect it. I’ll be punished if they didn’t “get some”. But they tend to be cautious so it’s impossible for me to tell who knows and who doesn’t. I end up awkwardly letting them know that I “want them to be fully satisfied with my services”. They usually take the hint, and before long their cum is trickling down my throat. A few have gone further and forcably raped my ass, but I don’t dare say anything. I bring a sanitary pad just in case so that, as I’m driving home, their cum running out my behind doesn’t mess up my clothes or the car.

Richard and my wife entertain in our house too. Sometimes I am just a vanilla maid; no one seems to really notice. For their sex parties they outfit me in various embarrassing ways in order to ridicule me as the sissy, chaste, cuckold husband of the hostess. One time I had to serve the guests all night dressed as a baby, wearing ten diapers at once, a bonnet, and pacifier. I was required to suck on a baby bottle that they kept refilling with their piss. All their guests are free to use me as they wish during their sex parties.

The good news is that my wife has wonderful sex with Richard. They make love several times a week, as far as I know, perhaps much more than that. They don’t hide it, in fact they prefer that I am aware. My wife makes use of me as her “cum dump”, letting Richard’s big loads run out of her pussy into my mouth. She much prefers this to “wasting it down the toilet” and having to walk to the bathroom herself. I always have to thank Richard for the privilege of swallowing his cum.

One Saturday they gave me a long list of household chores to complete. They were going out for a full day of shopping, eating out, driving around, and having fun. I had to wear my locking 4-inch heels with a short chain between my ankles, which was just long enough to permit me to use the stairs. My elbows were tied 18 inches apart behind my back. My wrists were locked to an 18-inch spreader bar in front of me, and that bar was chained to my locking collar. They took all the keys with them, so there was no chance for me to get unlocked.

Most chores were much, much more difficult in this bondage. I could sit to pee, of course, but could not reach to clean my ass (which explained the series of large enemas early in the morning). About noon Richard called to tell me a client was stopping by to drop off some papers for him. I was nervous as I opened the door for him, being tied up as I was. It wasn’t long before he had made me suck him hard and then brutally raped me. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

After he left I tried to catch up on my chores. I did not complete them all. Understandably, I was punished severely. Perhaps another time I will share the details of that extensive “corrective experience”.

My life has certainly been transformed. Looking back at my cuckold initiation, I was just a sissy, pantied, chaste, cuckold husband. Now I am also a maid, slave, whore, toilet, servant, cum-dump, sex toy, and she-male. I don’t dare predict
what they plan for me in the future, although things like eunich or transexual seem like possibilities.

A sissy can always dream.