Fantasy Fuckup

Quite a bit happened in bed with my wife last night. All verbal. And I think I might be in trouble again.

First she said she was going to tell me a story about how she dropped something off next door at work. The man who owns that adjacent business is a young, attractive black man that my wife teases me about a lot. She told me she hung around in his lobby area until he had finished up with a client. She gave him a package, and he seemed appreciative. I know that much is actually true. But her story was far from over.

He took her to a back room and locked the door. There he ripped her pants and panties off and pushed her up against a wall. She felt his big black cock between her legs, so she spread them so that he had easier access to her wet and waiting pussy. She went on about how great it felt to have his man-sized, thick cock slide into her. I noticed she was fingering herself in bed as she described the scene in great detail.

“He is such an incredible lover, he soooo knows how to please a woman. He gave me four orgasms, you know. He really knows how to use his mouth, his tongue, his hands, all just right on my clit and pussy, and it feels amazing. His penis is awesome, 8 or 9 inches and thick, and I just love how it feels inside me. There is really no comparison at all with your puny, shriveled, useless white flesh hanging down there.”

She said she was so loud while they were having sex that she is sure that people heard, not only at his business but where she works next door (and it is true that you can hear through those walls). “I’m sure people not only know that he’s my lover, but they probably heard us laughing about your tiny cock, how it’s less than half his size. So next time you see him, you’ll know. And since word gets around, all the girls at my work probably know by now too.”

She reached down and felt that my cock was erect. “Why does that make you hard?” she asked. I fumbled for an answer. “Well, it’s erotic, and, um, I’m really happy that you are getting good sex. And,” I said hesitantly, “it’s really humiliating.” She laughed, “Well, you seem to enjoy being humiliated, don’t you”. I could only agree, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She put her hand around my balls, and felt them with her fingers. “Wow, these are so small, like raisins. My lover’s balls are huge, like lemons. They would have to be, to hold as much sperm as he pumps into me. Your balls are a joke. You know that? Do they embarrass you?”. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Then she switched gears and started playing with my nipples. Being already aroused, this instantly put me into a state of wanting an orgasm. I was bucking my hips, panting, moaning, and desperately craving touch on my cock that I knew she would not allow.

“Tell me your fantasies,” she commanded. I stammered “Um, I have a lot of them, I don’t know…” That was not the answer she wanted, so she increased her stimulation of my nipples and simplified it for me. “Tell me something you fantasize about. Right now!” I blurted out that I fantasize about men’s cocks.

“Of course you do,” she said and pressed for details. “What about them?” Her fingernails continued moving back and forth across my sensitive nipples, perpetuating my frenzy. It was hard to think, much less talk. I blurted out what I could. “Licking and sucking them. Swallowing cum. Having them fuck me.” She summarized it this way: “You’re just a little faggot, aren’t you?”. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“What else?” she demanded. My mind reeled as she kept up the tit torment. “I fantasize about dressing pretty or slutty.” She laughed, “Of course you do, you are a slut. What else!?”. I struggled for more. “Um, I dream about having real breasts.” She laughed again, “What a sissy. Maybe you need a sex change, so you can date men and marry a man someday. Is that it?” I said, “No Ma’am.”

“What else? I can tell there is more. Tell me!” she continued. I struggled to think. “I fantasize about watching other men fuck you.” She urged me on with “…and?” Embarrassed, I said “And licking their cum out of your pussy.” She was relentless, “…and?!”

“I don’t know, I can’t think of anything else!” I cried. Her inquisition did not end. “There is more you’re not telling me, what else?!” My body felt out of control sexually, going crazy for some genital stimulation instead of the nipple attention. “Nothing else, Mistress, I don’t know!” I sobbed.

“Don’t you want to be tied up, and to let me beat and torture you?” she asked. I felt stupid for missing those things, “Yes, Ma’am, I definitely fantasize about those things too, of course.” She pushed me for more, but I could not think any more.

She stopped. “Well, I noticed you didn’t say that you wanted to fuck me. You only talked about men – men fucking you or fucking me. I guess you aren’t interested in sex with me anymore, is that it?” Oh shit. “No, that’s not true!” I gasped, “I do want to be inside you, I really, really do. I think about it a lot, I just don’t consider it, well, fantasy.” She didn’t buy it, even though I sincerely meant it.

I thought it would help, so I said “Just this morning I was thinking about sex with you, as I showered after my workout.” She asked me if I masturbated. “No Ma’am, I did stroke myself a little, but I did not orgasm.” She was upset, “So you masturbated!?” Trying to clarify, I said “No, I didn’t cum! I just played with myself a bit.” We argued about whether masturbation included an orgasm, and she insisted it did not.

Finally she said “Well, that chastity device can’t come soon enough. It’s going right on and I’m tempted to lock those locks and throw away the keys — all of them. I don’t see any reason to give that useless so- called cock of yours any attention at all, ever again. You can’t seem to keep from playing with it despite me being clear with you about not masturbating. Leaving it locked up forever is sounding pretty good right now.”

I tried to clarify, to help her understand how I do crave sex with her. She still didn’t buy it, saying “I asked if you had any more fantasies, and you said no. I wasn’t on your list. That’s fine. You’re gay, maybe in the wrong gender body. Whatever. I am quite capable of finding men who can sexually satisfy me. Good night.”

The first thing this morning I wrote her an email, trying again to clarify things. She only acknowledged that she had read it. I get off work in the early afternoon today to start a 4-day weekend. I have no idea what to expect when I get home.

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