This and That

My Prince Albert piercing is almost 4 weeks old, and appears to be healing very well. I’ve been following the recommendations for two to four sea salt soaks for 5-10 minutes every day. My wife suggests that the soaking is probably shrinking tiny (her name for my cock) even more.

My wife allowed me an orgasm on Monday. Her requirement was that I described to her how I felt while I was handcuffed naked to the post at the party last weekend (see my prior post). As she watched me jerk off, I described the humiliation I felt at the party.

The key issue for me was my inability to get and stay hard, despite being on display like that. I have a strong exhibitionistic streak, and I love bondage, so the combination seemed ripe for me to be aroused. But with the sign around my neck, my pants and panties around my ankles, and all the recent reinforcement about my inadequate cock size, it just didn’t happen.

So I’m laying there trying to masturbate for her, but recalling the embarassment of my flaccid cock visible to everyone. I did want to orgasm, but the mental space she had me in kept me from getting fully hard, and it took much, much longer for me to orgasm. When I did come, it wasn’t anywhere near as strong as the previous time. My mistress can mind-fuck.

Unfortunately the health issue I mentioned a little while back persists for my wife. The net result is that her own sexual activities are postponed until she feels better. It will just take some time. I feel bad that her pleasure has to be put off this long, but one cannot rush physical healing.

We received some new toys she ordered from Extreme Restraints (a vendor we recommend; do read the reviews on specific items though). The spiked breast binders are particularly evil. When attached snugly, a deep breath causes the points to penetrate even further. They left a ring of tiny red marks around my nipples for a few days. She likes the new nipple clamps she ordered too.

Yesterday she texted me at work. Next door to where she works is a salon, and she’s been teasing me that she’s been having sex with the African-American man who owns the place. She implies that he’s the father of our biracial twin (lifelike doll) babies. In her text she let me know how hard and erect her nipples were as she went over there. Nice.

I had some comp time coming at work, and my wife had me arrange it so we have a five day weekend coming up. This afternoon after work I will present myself to her, and commit to being in her service the entire time. I’m a little scared, but both she and I are also excited.

We will probably have an opportunity to test out the new 4-point restraints I installed on our bed a few weeks ago. They tuck up and out of sight, but are easily accessible and secure enough that I could not escape once bound in them. Besides the traditional spread-eagle position, they can be used to affix me bent over the end of the bed, ass-up for punishment or reaming.

This could be a long (fun! I hope) weekend.


  1. Based on everything I’ve read and my own experience, your cock won’t get smaller from chastity. Thumper who goes extended time without orgasm has measured, and seen no change.

    • Well, that’s encouraging, thank you. I’m sure Mistress will still use the opportunity to worry me about that possibility in my case.

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