As mentioned in my last post, my wife and I went to a (BDSM) party last night. She looked incredible. She had on a black and silver outfit in an asian style. It was open below her neck, temptingly displaying her cleavage. It fit tightly down to her upper thighs, and her black tights highlighted her very sexy legs. Her black strapped boots sent this message: “I’m in charge.”

I followed here in carrying our things. Upon entry I put on my thick leather locking collar. After greeting friends already in attendance, she sat down on a couch and I knelt at her feet. After several minutes of general chat, she directed me to bring her a small plate of food. I retrieved a few treats, knelt again next to her, and held the plate as she nibbled and continued her conversations.

After a while she told me to retrieve the sign and our handcuffs. She put her finger through the ring in my collar and led me into the dungeon area. She backed me up against a thick wooden post that ran from the floor to the ceiling. “Take off your clothes,” she said, and I complied.

She pulled my arms back and around the post, and locked my wrists together with the handcuffs behind the post. Then she hung the sign around my neck, which read “Take a look at my new piercing!”. The handcuff key was on a carabener, which she clipped to my collar ring – visible to everyone but well out of my reach. She took a step back and looked me over, smiling. “Have fun,” she said, and she walked back to the socializing area.

There wasn’t much I could do but stand there, naked and on display. I could see through the doorway between the dungeon and the mingling room, where my wife sat back down on the couch and started chatting with a friend. Others looked at my predicament and grinned.

Over the next hour just over a dozen people came over to me, read my sign, and took a look at the 8 gauge ring running through the end of my penis. Some just smiled and said “nice”, others asked questions about it. When asked, I admitted that the intention is to utilize it in a few weeks for 100% secure chastity.

Mistress (my wife) stopped by briefly a few times to check on me, and to point out how small tiny was. Without stimulation I was flaccid, and I couldn’t have kept it up for over an hour anyway. To “help me be less embarrassed”, she stimulated my nipples as I stood there. I was able to get about half hard, reinforcing my sense of inadequacy. She whispered to me about some women there who were giggling about how small my cock was, and then she left me there for another while.

It had been over an hour by the time she came to release me. Other scenes were in progress around me, all women in bondage – I was the sole male submissive on the dungeon floor. She had me dress and then attend to her again in the social area. I was happy to be free of the post, holding her plate as she again nibbled on food I had fetched for her.

Fast forward to being home after the party – in bed with her biracial daughter (doll). My wife spent a long time teasing me about not being the father of her “baby”. The doll was between us in bed, her coffee colored skin looking so beautiful against our light colored bedsheets.

I was stroking the baby’s skin and hair, and looked up to see my wife looking at me and smiling. I remarked that she looked happy, and asked her what she was thinking about. She said “Oh, I was just remembering when she was conceived.” I asked her if she wanted to talk more about that. She did.

“It was wonderful. Her father is black, as you know, and I find his body very hot. He is strong, muscular, and has a nice large cock of course.” I asked if it hurt to have something so big inside her. “Oh, not at all,” she said, not missing a beat. “I get so aroused by him, so incredibly wet. He slides into me very easily, and it feels just amazing to have him inside me.” She sighed and I noticed her move one hand down between her legs. “After my first orgasm my pussy juices were just dripping out, on your side of the bed, of course.” I said, “Oh, that’s what that was” and she just smiled.

She went on. “That day, you were at work of course. We were here in our bed, and he was doing me doggie style.” In my mind I saw them both on all fours right here on our bed, his muscular black frame enveloping her petite white body, his hips bucking as his massive black cock slid in and out of her hot, wet, pink pussy.

She continued, “He’s so virile, you know. He pumped so much sperm into me. It’s no wonder I got pregnant. I can feel his powerful spray on my cervix, like this hot blast deep in me. Oh my god, that feels unbelievable.” She stared at me, probably seeing a mixture of shame about my inadequacy and happiness for her pleasure. “So much better than the impotent squirts from your tiny thing,” she added. I looked down, feeling ashamed.

Changing topics, I asked “Does she get to see her father very often?” Without hesitation, my wife explained the situation. “No, he’s not involved. He understand that, as my husband, this baby is now your responsibility. That leaves him free for other things, like spending more time with me. You do realize that I take care of my needs while you’re at work all day?” I replied “Yes, Maam, that’s appropriate.”

“It’s more than appropriate,” she snapped. “Since your wimpy white cock is useless, it’s your fault, and I need to find men who can do what you can’t. Isn’t that right?” I lowered my eyes again and said “Yes, Ma’am, of course.” She went on “It’s not easy for me, you know. I probably have ten, twelve men that I see on a regular basis to keep me satisfied. I’ve been thinking of cutting down to three or four…” her voice trailing off as she seemed to ponder all her lovers.

“Oh, but back to her father”, she suddenly said. “His balls are amazing. They are huge, about the size of peaches. Well, they’d have to be to hold all the black cum that comes out of them. It’s quite a difference from your puny, non-functional, peanut-sized testes.” I could feel my face turning red from the humiliation.

She’s kept all the teasing up consistently lately. Talking about her lovers, my inadequacy, my responsibilities for housekeeping and childcare, etc. She also has been reinforcing that she really has no need for my cock inside her anymore. I’m getting a little worried that she actually means it. Maybe it is her plan, once I’m locked up, to get serious about cuckolding and ignoring my genitals long-term. It feels so strange to want whatever it is that will make her happy, even if it’s that.

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