Big Black Horse

Yesterday after work my wife wanted to go to our local sex toy shop for a new item. She didn’t tell me what, but we wouldn’t make the trip if she didn’t have something seriously in mind.

Earlier in the week she showed me an item she noticed on-line. It was a black cock dildo, but hollow inside the lower half with a strap at the bottom (see it here). The idea is that a smaller cock fits inside it, the strap goes around the balls, and bingo – she would have a nice big black cock to fuck while I can’t feel a thing.

I assumed she was going to ask about an item like that at the sex store. It’s a women-owned and women-staffed store, and I anticipated the embarrassment. I could see her saying something like “I’m getting spoiled by big black cocks – who wouldn’t?” Chuckle. “I’ve seen these cock sleeves. A small cock, like my husband has” she would put her arm around me “fits inside it. Do you have those?” The store staff would smile knowingly, and continue the discussion with my wife, ignoring me.

But that’s not what happened. Instead she picked out a new “pony penis” – a dildo to use on me via her riding machine. It’s not a lifelike horse cock dildo (yes, you can buy many realistic animal phalluses). She selected an extremely thick, very black, cock style dildo. It is over six inches around. Go ahead and measure yourself (or your partner) erect for comparison; I’ll wait.

It’s 6 or 7 inches long and curved, with pronounced ridges around the edge of the glans. She had me construct a “saddle”, which ties onto the seat and holds the dildo in place. It looks rather intimidating, jutting boldly up from the seat. And for the “stirrups” she wanted, I used rope and ankle cuffs to keep my feet near the floor. Without her help I could not dismount, due to the massive intrusion in my ass and bound ankles.

She had me initiate it last night with a good long pony ride. She ran the controls of the riding machine, and added clover clamps to my nipples so she could control the “reigns”. It was an extremely intense experience. Again I went floating, my sexual awareness focused tightly on the deep fucking that her pony was providing to me. At times I felt out of control, like I was being raped. Afterwards I thanked her for sharing her pony with me.

I cleaned up, crawled into bed with her, and started the movie we had rented earlier. I guess I was a bit foggy-headed after the ride. As the movie started she asked “So, you didn’t want to cum?” I replied that I didn’t know it was an option for me tonight. She said “Well, yes, it was, but it’s too late now.” I knew better than to argue. I wasn’t sure what I had missed. Oh well, she is in control.

Our new “daughter” arrived today. A biracial baby girl doll, very lifelike. When my wife holds her, she has this smile on her face that just gets me. Without a word my wife’s face says so much. “Here’s the child I had with another man, a black man with a very satisfying cock and powerful sperm that got me pregnant with his child that you must now raise. Your cuckolding will be on display for everyone to see. Since I will tell anyone who inquires that she is not adopted, they will know your beautiful wife fucks black men. That your cock is useless to me will be obvious to them, even if the chastity isn’t.” That’s her unspoken message to me.

As we marveled at how realistic she looks, my wife admitted to feeling serious maternal instincts. She even put her hand over her tummy and talked about a longing there. She continues to tease me constantly in public about her interest in black men, and their apparent interest in her. She catches their attention, smiles, and points out when they notice her. I honestly don’t know how serious her interest will become, but I see a pattern towards more blatant flirting, even right in front of me. I can’t help but support her in getting her needs met, and she seems to be enjoying it all so very much.

Earlier in the week my wife remarked how strange I look in “boy clothes” when I am at home. She’s encouraged me to crossdress in the evenings and on the weekends, especially for my household chores. She said she is getting quite used to seeing me dressed as a sissy, and that it is seeming more normal to her for my appearance.

I mentioned in a previous post that she has decided that my name is teena when I am serving her at home. That name harkens to “teeny”, which she says is equally descriptive of tiny, her name for my cock. It also sounds like “tina”, reflective of my sissy appearance. When she wants me, she has been very consistent lately about calling for my by this new name. “teena!” she will shout, and I am expected to attend to her promptly.

However, after a few times when I didn’t hear her (e.g. dealing with laundry downstairs), she outlined a little project for me. I’m to provide her with a remote control shock device so that she can get my attention even if I’m out of earshot. I actually have such a unit in my workshop. It has 4 intensity settings, and I’m a little frightened to I think about turning the controller over to her. Eventually it may make sense to incorporate it into our new chastity device.

She has ordered a housekeeping dress and some aprons for me. Not the slutty kind, but the kind you’d see actual hotel staff wearing. It’s functional, and obviously female. I also wear a collar at home. It’s thin, velvet covered, and lockable, featuring a prominent metal O-ring on the front. It’s clear this is a submissive’s collar, not some fashion thing. I do feel wonderfully submissive to her almost always lately – comfortable, natural, and secure.

My wife is also instructing me about makeup and skin care. She’s directed a new morning and evening routine for me. It includes a facial scrub and moisturizer just like she uses. She’s also designated a place for me to store my makeup, clarifying that mine will be separate from hers.

Tonight we have a BDSM party to attend. It sounds like she wants me in tall black heels, tight red leather pants, and wearing my other new “play” collar (thick leather, bold front ring, also locking). She’s made it clear that my submissiveness must be on full display at all times tonight. She also had me make a sign that I’m to wear around my neck for everyone to see. It says “Ask to see my new piercing!” So I expect our friends at the party to learn about tiny and his impending stainless steel prison.