For Real

I ordered the MatureMetal JailBird chastity device yesterday. It will only be a matter of weeks now before tiny is locked into his new 2.75 inch long cage. I’ve found three choices for an 8 gauge Prince Albert lock to use with the JailBird and am close to ordering that as well.

The combination of these two products appears to hit that elusive target for chastity features that we have been seeking: 100% security (no pull-out or masturbation possible), long term wearability, partial access for teasing and cleaning and inspection, reasonable price, and minimal visibility under normal clothing.

While this is truly a dream-come-true for me, it is also frightening. My wife will finally, utterly, and completely control my cock. I have no idea what she has in mind for a release schedule or anything. I’m completely letting go of it all.

My wife said she had coffee last night with the wife of another couple we know who utilizes male chastity. It’s really true that we know several couples who lock up that marital cock. She didn’t share any details of her coffee talk. I suppose it’s possible she met some guy instead.

She ordered a maid/houskeeping dress for me to wear around the house. This isn’t one of those “sexy french maid” outfits – I already have one of those. She feels that one is unrealistic, trampy, and misrepresents women. Instead she wanted something to reinforce my subservient status and sissiness without all the eroticism. It actually feels wonderful to have my submissive nature acknowledged so lovingly.

At bedtime my wife wanted me to take care of “her baby”, our new biracial lifelike doll that represents her first “love child” with another black man. She brought her baby into our bed and I held him. He spent most of the night nestled between my arm and body. This seemed to really pleased my wife. I would catch her staring and smiling.

The doll is very small – premature infant size. He’s darling, with his small face, tiny hands and toes, black sparse hair, and even the body weight being quite realistic. My wife took the opportunity to reinforce her stories about how wonderful it was to conceive him with the oh-so-virile father. She teased me that I have met the father, but she won’t tell me who it is.

She also said that the size of her baby’s body reminds her of how large the father’s cock was, and how great it felt inside her. This comment of hers planted a seed in my head. Now when I see her baby, an image will pop into my head of my wife in our bed copulating with a black man. She is really loving this cuckold mind-fuck game.

I wrote my wife some emails this morning explaining in detail my thoughts and feelings about all this recent stuff: her babies, chastity, tiny being inadequate to satisfy her sexually, and cuckolding. I made it clear that her happiness is my first priority, even if that means I’m experience some emotional turmoil.

She wrote back wanting absolute clarity on one point: “So you are ok with me having sex with other men?”

As I sent my reply, I felt something I have only felt a few times in my life. It was that sense of jumping off the cliff, of acknowledging the total lack of control of the outcome, and of hopeful trust that everything will work out. It’s that butterfiles-in-the-stomach sensation that lasts for quite a while as you wonder “what have I done?” but without the fear.

My reply: “Yes, Maam. Please take care of your sexual needs as you wish.”

This isn’t a mind-fuck. This is my new reality. For the first time in our decade-plus relationship, one of us has full permission to screw other people. And it’s not me (nor will it ever be).

I suspect she may wait until my cock is locked up before bedding another man. That allows a “last hurrah” for tiny. I kind of expect her to thoroughly humiliate me if she does allow me to penetrate her before the locks finally close. I can see her laying there asking “Is it in? I can’t feel it. Are you sure? Well, go ahead, but this is doing absolutely nothing for me.”

Hour by hour it sinks deeper into me. Until now I’ve been her sissy, submissive husband. But sometime soon she will see to it that the words chaste and cuckolded literally apply to me as well.