I’m learning that my wife loves to humiliate me, particularly in public. She admits that it is not only fun for her but erotic as well due to the power exchange involved. This weekend involved a lot of it.

She’s noticing attractive black men now wherever we go. She’ll make a comment like “oh, yeah” and point him out to me. Or come right out and tell me “wow, now there’s a man that could really satisfy me”. My usual response is “Yes, Maam.”

We were driving to a restaraunt to meet some friends and she commented about an african-american stud in the crosswalk. I said, half joking, “We’re pretty early, so if you want I can pull over and he could please you in the back seat.” I expected maybe a chuckle back from her. Instead, without missing a beat, she said “No, then we’d have a big mess to clean up on the seat.” It surprised me how quick and matter-of-fact she was about it. She loves the mind-fuck.

As luck would have it, the table next to us at the restaraunt featured a black man, a white woman, and (we assume) their black daughter. My wife pointed them out to me and told me that he clearly was the baby’s father, but she was sure he was not the husband. She was also pregnant.

My wife attracted his attention several times and would smile at him. She told me he definitely had noticed her. I felt conflicted to see my wife enjoying this so much. Obviously she wasn’t going to hit on this particular guy, but I was watching her lightly flirt! She also spun some stories about other cuckolded men she noticed in the restaraunt.

The waitress delivered our water glasses to the table and – honest – accidentally spilled one directly on me. The front of my pants got soaked. She came back with napkins and a towel, apologizing. My wife thought it was hilarious, she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. The color of my pants made the wetness really visible. It looked like I might have pissed my pants. I was genuinely embarrassed, and my wife was loving it. She tipped the waitress generously.

Since we were seated, we didn’t want our friends to be waiting up front for us. So my wife sent me to check for them several times. The place was packed, and I blushed with embarassement as I walked past all these people with my pants so obviously soaked in the front from the crotch down. I realized (as did my wife) that they hadn’t seen the water spill, so what would they think?

Eventually our friends arrived, and of course my wife shared the water spilling story, embarassing me again. She also had me tell them about my PA piercing and our plans for my chastity. The two women also spent some time whispering together. She wouldn’t tell me what that was about. But I did learn that our friends utilize chastity too. My wife directed me to keep in touch with him.

My wife is also very excited now that her new doll arrived. She calls it “her baby” and “her love child”. It’s a cute newborn, a very realistic biracial baby boy. We have clothes and blankets, and she had me assemble a changing and storage table that is in our bedroom now. She’s made it clear that she expects me to take care of her baby. She is “pregnant” again, and a biracial baby girl is on the way.

She also is planning for us, and sometimes me by myself, to go out together with one or both babies. People who ask to see them will assume they’re adopted, but she will deny that, meaning I’m obviously not the father (we’re both clearly caucasian). She’s coached me to explain that “I plan to love him as my own”. I turn red even thinking about it, and it arouses her to make me practice my line. It’s like I’ll basically be admitting to these strangers that “my wife has sex with black men”.

She mentions more than usual lately how much time she has at home while I’m at work. She talks about a black man who works next door to her part-time workplace, and how she has some hours each week when he’s there and she doesn’t have to work. I noticed that she named the baby boy based on his initials.

Although these experiences are all true from my perspective, what’s not clear to me is how much of what my wife tells me is fiction. I’m realizing that she’s an absolute expert at mind-fucking (as well as humiliation). And while I’m very sure that almost all of what she says right now is made up to tweak me, it’s very clear to me that going forward I will not know for sure.

There’s a seriousness in her that is slightly frightening. For example, she was very sincere when she told me recently that part of her really does wish that she would get pregnant by a black man so that I’d have to raise the baby. She’s also talked about me tasting “black cum” and cleaning her up, so she’s at least thinking about letting black men cum inside her.

My wife also loves to remind me that I had a vasectomy, with language more like “your balls don’t even work right anymore.” I think it turns my wife on to daydream about the live, viable sperm from a black man swimming around inside of her. It’s just another reason for her to shun intercourse with me.

She appears to be getting very comfortable with this new, higher level of control over me. From a recent email: “This isn’t about you, this is about me” and “This is NOT your decision nor your choice” and “I am glad you are starting to GET IT”.

For example, she decided this weekend to paint my toenails. Gratiously she let me pick the colors (I selected pink and red). I’m pretty sure at least one guy at the fitness center where I shower in the morning noticed my pretty toes (and maybe my feminine panties). Another level of embarassment.

She recently called me her “limp wristed, faggy, sissy cuckold husband.” Another comment: “I have some plans for our family.” And she said that it’s important to her that I have “outside interests”, meaning activities I do without her and away from home. I’ve had butterflies in my stomach for days due to her merciless teasing.

Mature Metal has been awesome at answering my device sizing questions. I just place the order. So it’s only a matter of weeks before I’m finally and securely locked up. It seems totally clear that once those locks finally close, my wife / keyholder / Mistress has some definite and serious plans.

Husband to Slut

[ This is an original, fictional story. Please attribute properly. ]

I’m still finding it difficult to believe the situation I’m in. My wife and her lover just dropped me off, like they do almost every Friday and Saturday night. They’ll be going out for a nice long evening of dining, dancing or entertainment, and wonderful sex.

I am dressed in a tight short light-pink colored skirt, black fishnets over white stockings with a garter, bright red fuck-me heels, and a red bow holding my pony tail sticking straight up. My makeup is heavy and my earrings are gaudy to make it obvious at a glance that I am for rent.

Their car drives off and I walk around to the back of my pimp’s house. My wife’s lover recommended Angie and Rick, who runs a pretty successful business connecting clients with people like me who can provide, well, services.

I should back up and explain how it got to be like this.

About two years ago my wife and I finally got serious about chastity. We had played with it on and off throughout the 10 years of our marriage, but it was mostly a game. When I ordered the secure device, however, everything changed. She realized how much control this gave her, and hasn’t stopped leveraging it since.

It started slowly with her managing my releases and orgasms to get me to do the things she wanted. That included lots of oral sex for her, as well as more housework and fun times for her in general (e.g. shopping).

Fast forward, and eventually she realized that having my cock locked up for weeks and months at a time meant that she was having a lot less intercourse than she wanted. She made it clear that my cock wasn’t satisfying to her even out of the cage. She also told me that my crossdressing meant I was a total sissy, which does not turn her on sexually.

That’s when she started having sex with other men. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her so happy and satisfied.

We went through all the usual cuckolding activities. Me tied up and gagged having to watch. Cleaning them both up orally after a messy bareback session. Walking behind the two of them in public at malls, carrying their purchases while they held hands. The observant would notice wedding rings on my finger and hers, but not his. Once, out of town, they additionally made me wear a shirt that read, simply, “cuckold”.

One of her favorite ways to humiliate me was to call me at work and say she was horny. She would elaborate about being naked in our bed, wet, and playing with herself. She’d tease that if only I was there right now she’d let me fuck her, but by the time I got home it would be too late. Then she’d tell me about the naked man next to her in our bed, often passing the phone to him with instructions for me to beg him to fuck her.

She kept exerting more and more control over me, maintaining a high level of embarassment, ridicule and shame at my expense. Whever we were, she would not hesitate to approach men she found attractive. She would ask them to come home with her and have sex, and then point me out as her wimpy husband — it was so humiliating. She’d drive back to our house with him, leaving me to drive our car back home, wondering all the while what they were talking about and doing. At home I would be assigned housework or errands as she fucked them in our bed. Afterwards she’d be sure that I thanked her lover.

Eventually she started to really connect emotionally with one of her many lovers. Then she asked him to move into our house. Tyrell is a very black man, and she loves his large cock and muscular body. They now sleep in the master bedroom. I don’t.

A few months ago Tyrell suggested to my wife that she could rent out her sissy husband and earn some money. They could do even more fun things together with that money, and my wife liked the idea. She first tried renting my maid and cleaning services to friends, but that eventually went nowhere.

I guess Tyrell knew about Angie and Rick’s business, told my wife, and that same day the four of them worked out a deal. I now work for them on Friday and Saturday nights, providing extensive sexual favors to their clients. I remember how the conversation went when she told me about the details of the agreement.

My wife sat me down in my sissy clothes and explained that she had found a new job for me. I was in shock. If I was as successful as she expected me to be, she said she may even have me quit my day job.

Eventually she talked about the money. “Angie and Rick get half, and Tyrell and I get the other half. You’ll get a portion of our part, which will replace the allowance I had been giving you.” I started to balk, but she wouldn’t have any of that. “No complaints, or else. It makes sense, really, since the more successful you are, the more you earn. It’s called incentive, my little sissy”.

She went on. “So the bottom line for you is that a simple blow job might be worth four dollars or so for you! Pretty good, huh? You’ll continue to suck Tyrell and his other friends for free, of course.” I meekly nodded. “Now a good fuck might earn you $8, maybe less. Some clients get discounts for repeat business or referrals. And get this: maybe $12 an hour for you with a ‘rough session’, whatever that is. Rick said you might see some good business there.”

There was nothing I could do. I know she would just threaten to destroy the keys to my chastity device if I didn’t comply. Not to mention all the photos and videos she had taken of me over the years. I’d been through this kind of thing before. She gets her way, always.

Angie and Rick collect the money, so they said it’s very unlikely that I’ll be arrested for prostitution. Somehow they make that all work out. I get off about 3 or 4 am most days. My wife gets the money from them directly. If she remembers, she’ll give me cash a few days later, which is all I get for my own spending money. She doesn’t allow me a checking account or credit card.

She and Tyrell have saved up enough for a week on a Caribbean beach together. My wife loves being by the water. She tells me it’s like heaven to her to have sex right on the beach with the sun setting on the horizon. Of course, she has never done that with me.

In fact, I suspect that my cock will never touch her pussy again. Why would it, when she can enjoy any other incredible cock she desires, rather than my shrunken thing? At times I wonder if she’s already destroyed or thrown away the keys. It’s been 11 months since my last release, and she just keeps adding time to my lockup for the most minor infractions.

My wife also has had me taking hormones for a few months now in order to grow real breasts. I’m up almost to a C cup and they are still growing. Apparently she-males can make a little more money, even if they are in chastity. Some clients demand real breasts.

My first few hours tonight are on the street because I have no clients until midnight. It’s a little risky, but my wife insists that I be making more money. Rick has worked out some deal with another downtown pimp to get me a corner.

I get into the car with two other early-shift workers. Angie’s driving us tonight, and she chatters away. As she drops each of us off at our designated locations, she reminds us when she will be picking us back up to go meet with our scheduled clients.

Well, back to work.