Saturday morning I went to breakfast with some friends, and partway through my wife texts me:  “I’m horny”.  Turns out she expected me home sooner, and by the time I got home she told me she had already taken care of it by masturbating.  I was a little surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t be.

At the risk of overthinking this, I ended up wondering to myself what meaning I should take from this.  One easy one is that she expects me to be home when I say I’ll be home.  Another is that my presence isn’t necessary for her sexual needs to get satisfied.  And that second one is, well, interesting.

Once home, she wanted me to scrub the kitchen floor — in a dress and heels.  She told me she wanted to see me literally on my knees scrubbing, for at least some of the effort.  I changed and got to work.  I have to say the floor looked quite good when I finished.  Fortunately she agreed.

We recently purchased a device that simulates a horse ride.  It’s basically a motorized seat/saddle, that moves in the motion you’d experience if you were riding a horse.  It’s good for balance and core muscle strength.  My wife used to ride horses, and she loves her new “pony”.

Last night she decided it was time for me to try a “special pony ride”.  This involved her putting a butt plug inside me, seating me on her pony, and her running the controls.  It has 4 speeds plus a random mode, and she had fun using them all while my ass got a good reaming.  It was surprisingly intense.  To “help” she pulled my ankles up off the floor (thanks to some rope), ensuring that my butt was fully down on the seat.

It sounds like she’s planning more pony rides for me in the future.  She’s asked me to fashion something to hold a dildo or butt plug on the seat, which I’m sure would be even more intense.  And she sounds quite serious about getting some larger size butt plugs.

This afternoon she took me over to a woman’s clothing store she likes.  She bought me two new dresses, a mirror, and some lip gloss.  She also got a new outfit for herself.  I’m typing this while wearing my new tight-fitting teal dress and some knee-high, leather, high-heel boots.  She seems to be enjoying dressing me up as a sissy.  She also humiliated me in another store, and told me she’s liking that as well.

I love her.  Earlier today she called me a “picky, bitchy faggot”, and her “fuck toy”.  I just want to give myself to her to do as she will.  We’ll see what she has in store for me tonight…