tiny’s perspective

Hello, I am lockedhubby’s penis.

I’m trying to figure out just what the hell happened here.  There I was, hanging around, just being a penis.  I’d get hard sometimes and squirt, which is really, really fun, my very most favorite thing to do in fact!  And then, all of a sudden, my world completely changed.

I found myself in what might best be described as solitary confinement.  It’s very bizarre, from the point of view of a penis. I’m in some sort of hard, clear prison, it’s very confining, and quite uncomfortable at times.

There’s a slot at the end, about where my opening is, which is pretty fortunate.  Otherwise when I am spraying it would have nowhere to go. So I guess that’s good.  And there seem to be some small openings along my shaft, for ventilation perhaps? But that’s about all I can find to say on the positive side.

The main problem is the size of this place.  Look, when I get fully erect, I’m almost 7 inches long. But this place is less than half my full size.  And lately I’m getting a lot of demands to puff up and get hard, but it’s just not possible!  I can get a tiny bit bigger, but that’s all the room I have.

And then there’s the width. I’m not massively thick, but this prison is narrow as well as short. So when I start to swell, I quickly fill up this little space and push harder and harder on the walls.  Good thing I’m not claustrophopic, or I’d be seriously freaking out here.  It’s really tight, and the bigger I try to get, the harder I’m squeezed by these damn walls.

The neighbors, Left and Right Testicle, are really complaining about the situation too.  Apparently they are squeeezed through this small slot, and when I expand they get mashed up against that slot something severe. I wish I could help, but when the call comes down for me to get big, I don’t really have any choice.

Look, I take my job very seriously.  In over 4 decades I have a 99.9% success rate; no joke.  It’s a matter of pride for me to go from flacid to full-size quickly, almost always in under a minute, and remain that way for a good long time.  But things are really out of whack now.

Instead of accomplishing my job of growing to my full size and thickness, instead I am squeezed tight against these prison walls.  Parts of me even push out those ventilation holes and that slot at the end.  I keep trying and trying to grow bigger, but I just can’t do it.  After a little while the neighbors start screaming due to the pressure on them as well.

Keep in mind that we don’t get to decide ourselves when to relax.  When stimulation happens, we all respond, always and right away, and for as long as is called for.  But the pride I have in my work has been replaced by a sense of inadequacy lately.  The net result of all my efforts is, frankly, embarassing.  I’m always small, never long and thick like I used to be.  To be honest, I’m feeling pretty useless.

My friends the Testicles, however, accomplish their function just fine.  Yes, they’re squeezed too, and I’m sure the pain that sets in after the first few minutes isn’t fun for them.  But at least they can get their work done.  I can’t.  Lately I’ve been wondering whether I should even try anymore.  I suppose I could just give up, and face the fact that I can’t do what most men’s penises can do.  I suspect that after a while I stop trying since it never seems to do any good.  What will become of me then?

The other major issue is this lack of contact with the outside world.  The only thing I can feel is these hard walls, and the occasional lubricated cotton swab.  Where’s my favorite hand?  What happened to that vagina I enjoyed so much?  Why don’t they come to visit anymore?

Just like solitary confinement, there is a serious sensory deprivation thing going on here, and it’s making me crazy.  I used to get fondled here or there — at least touched several times per day in the bathroom, for Aphrodite’s sake.  But lately: nothing.  No sensation at all.  After a while I just become numb, no feelings, I wonder if I even exist.

Being numb all the time means, of course, that I can’t squirt.  The Testicles are a bit upset about that too.  If I can’t squirt, their efforts are wasted.  They have been cranking out a lot of fluid lately, especially with all the extended stimulation going on out there.  But I can’t deliver it!  It just collects there in that gland.  If I can’t feel anything, it won’t come out.

I’ve heard stories from other penises about imprisonment like this.  Many of the younger ones come out just fine, especially if the sentence isn’t too long.  But some of the stories are pretty sad: some end up shorter and thinner, many just don’t respond well any more, and some (shudder) end up useless.

I’m not giving in to the fear, not yet.  I’m still giving it my all, even though it seems in vain.  I’m going to keep pushing against these walls and hoping for some skin-to-skin contact someday soon.  I suppose eventually I’ll succumb, though.  I’ll be forced to retire and dangle limply forever after.  In that case maybe I’ll pray for a miracle.  I’ve heard fantastic stories of penises being turned into vaginas.  It would be pretty cool to see the world from the other side, but that’s probably beyond dreaming about and certainly out of my control.

Actually, everything feels out of my control right now.  But I’m going to keep trying.  Someday I may have no choice but to give up and retire into uselessness.  Until then I’m going to keep pressing against these walls and keep wishing for some touch.  Wish me luck?

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