A Prince is Born

I’m still in shock.  It all happened so fast.  Wow.

As mentioned in my last post, I approached my wife about getting a new chastity device.  We were looking quite seriously at the Queen’s Keep by Mature Metal, an excellent looking device at a very reasonable price.  It got a great review here.

I mentioned to my wife that a piercing in combination with a device like this would make it inescapable.  I suggested that a padlock through the piercing would be an option we could explore in the future.  I figured we’d start with the device, and explore increasing security later.

I sent my wife links, and later she came to talk with me.  She had done some piercing research on her own, and asked me what I thought about getting a Reverse Prince Albert piercing.  She said she really liked the look of it.  I was a bit surprised, as I know she hadn’t been fond of the regular Prince Albert piercing because of how it went through the urethra.

I hadn’t considered the Reverse PA before, but told her that I’d be more than willing.  A penis piercing is about the only way I know of to achieve 100% escape-proof chastity (without serious damage to your own cock anyway).

She surprised me by telling me to call our preferred piercing parlor, discuss the issues with a professional piercer there, and then talk it over more with her.  To me this meant she was at least half-serious.  The piercer recommended against the Reverse PA for a variety of reasons:  difficulty of the piercing, pain (it’s the most painful male genital piercing), and the long healing time of about 8 months.  He suggested an Apadravya instead or a regular PA.

Discussing his recommendations with my wife, and reviewing more photos, she decided that a regular PA would be fine.  I figured this was all sort of pre-research to help us feel better about ordering the Queen’s Keep.

But she shocked me by instructing me to make an appointment to get pierced tonight.  So I did.  And it happened.

As I said, I’m still in shock.

Looking down, tiny has an 8 gauge captive-bead ring running through his head, very similar to the Regular PA photo on Wikipedia (see link above).  It will take 2-10 weeks to heal fully, at which point a lock or chastity device designed for a PA could be used.

In other words, it looks like I’m likely to be in escape-proof chastity very soon.  The phrase “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind.

My wife pointed out that intercourse during the healing process might risk or delay healing, so she won’t be letting me fuck her for probably at least a month.  She also said she doesn’t want to go without something in her pussy for her pleasure for that long.  I’m not sure where that is going.

If any of my readers have personal experience with chastity devices that incorporate PA piercings in some way, please comment.  I could use product recommendations as well as stories about what hasn’t worked.  Links to reviews and such would be appreciated too.  Of course I’ll be looking myself as well.

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