2B Thankful

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  Our plan this year was to have a friend over for a relatively traditional meal, but he cancelled.  So the two of us had the day to ourselves instead.

I was feeling especially horny all morning, and I let my wife know by holding her, and kissing her neck, and rubbing my locked up genitals against her crotch.  I figured it was futile, but my body was clearly craving some sexual contact.  I felt like an animal, plaintively humping her, pleading with my caged cock between her thighs.

Twice she gently pushed me away, and I got productive around the house for a short while.  But I guess the third time was the charm.

In the kitchen I playfully started humping her ass, and she bent over a counter.  We were both in our casual clothes including blue jeans, so it wasn’t some picturesque sex scene.  I begged to be unlocked and to be able to go inside her.  She said “ok”.  I was completely sure that what she meant was that I could put the end of my cage into her pussy opening – a teasing way she lets me “inside” her without releasing me from chastity.

I unbuckled her pants and slid them and her panties down to her ankles, lowering my pants and panties as well.  She spread her knees and I pushed the cage up between her pussy lips and put some pressure on her clitoris.  She started grinding herself against the plastic.  I couldn’t feel anything, but she obviously did as she soon achieved an orgasm.

I figured that would be it for the day.  She turned around and asked “Would tiny like to go inside me?”  Fully expecting more tease and denial, I said “Yes, ok yes please,” begging like someone starving.  I was stunned to hear her next words: “Ok, fetch me the key”.

Less than a minute later I was unlocked, the first time in almost a full week (excluding brief cleanings).  We both noticed that tiny was about half-hard.  That sort of surprised me since I was really, really horny, and getting fully erect quickly is usually easy for me.

She said I can try and see if I can get tiny inside of her, suggesting that he might not be up to the task.  I actually wondered myself, a wonderful mind-fuck, being unlocked from a week of chastity and then doubting whether you’ll be able to get it up.

Fortunately I found I could get inside her, but she only let the tip in, and wouldn’t let me go all the way inside her.  That didn’t matter, it felt incredible to feel her pussy wrapped around the head of my cock again.  It didn’t take long for me to have a very intense and long orgasm.  My wife did not orgasm again, reinforcing the inadequacy of tiny to satisfy her.

Apparently I did cum quite a bit, as my wife said later it felt like a “cum douche” as it ran out of her.   I’m not sure I ever got 100% erect.  That makes me wonder if the tight confinement of the cage, and the ongoing teasing coupled with the inability  have a full erection (not to mention the aching), is having an effect.  Probably all according to her plan.

Anyway, tiny definitely had something to be thankful for.  The opportunity to be inside my wife and keyholder’s pussy is worthy of gratitude, since it is for me now a rare occurrence.