Epic Fail

Boy did I blow it. I’ve been locked up almost a week now, and my wife and keyholder sends me a text yesterday afternoon suggesting that maybe she would let me cum that night. Well, a “maybe” seemed pretty exciting.

In the morning I was having some discomfort with the panties I told her I was going to wear.  So I switched to something else during the day, and then switched back before I got home.  I was careless about it, and she discovered what I had done.

Not surprisingly, she cancelled my release. And it was worse than I thought. She said “I was even going to let tiny inside me. Would you have liked that? Feeling my warm, moist pussy wrapped around your tiny cock?” “Yes, Maam, I would have liked that very much,” I responded. She stated “Well, not only is that not going to happen, but this transgression will mean keeping you locked up for even longer. I’m so upset right now I don’t know when or even if I will feel like unlocking you.”

Later that night she had me retrieve a leather paddle we’ve had for years, and she used it to severely spank by ass until it was red and hurting. She said she wanted it to be very clear that this type of deception was not ok, and that some punishment was certainly in order. I did not argue.

Part of me wonders if she was really going to let me penetrate her, or if she chose to embellish the details of my release once she knew it wasn’t going to happen, just to make the consequences seem worse. I’ll never know. Regardless, it’s clear that I shouldn’t expect any release for a while.

A few days ago she asked me how long I had been locked up for in the past. I wasn’t sure, and suggested a few weeks. She didn’t think that was right, and was certain it had been at least over a month. I wasn’t going to argue, and I don’t actually remember. But my sense was that she was maybe setting expectations for the amount of time between my releases. That’s just a guess, I could be completely wrong.

She also said she is enjoying the sound of the padlock clicking on my chastity device when I am naked and walking around at home (usually before and after bedtime). She called it a comforting sound that reinforces that my worthless cock is locked up. I used to wrap a fuzzy elastic hair tie around the lock to keep it from making so much noise. But she doesn’t want that now.

She was also curious if it clicked when I was dressed, such as at work. I told her that it did make a little noise sometimes when I was allowed to wear boy underwear. But now that she has me only wearing sissy panties, they are usually snug and keep the lock from flopping around.

I’m also expecting that over the long weekend she will want tiny to have a bath. That sounds innocent enough, but she’s mentioned using a scrubbing pad recently, to “ensure that he gets good and clean”. Given that she’s unhappy with me, the image of my cock in her hands with a scouring pad is just a little worrisome.