I did not accomplish the requirements that my wife/keyholder set out for me to perform at the party last night.  I did offer to give BJs to five guys, that was easy.  Three said no right away, and there were two maybes.  But they didn’t pan out as the evening went on.  One had an orgasm with someone else, and the other turned out to be locked in chastity like me.

So I did not get unlocked.  I did get put on display for everyone, naked except for my chastity device.  She put me in some bondage, and then stimulated my nipples, which is extremely erotic for me.  I can go to full erection in under 30 seconds with nipple play, but the cage just turns it into torture.  I was bucking my hips and begging to be released — just the spectacle she wanted.

This morning I learned there will be other requirements now before I can be unlocked.  She has yet to decide on them and tell me.  Today is also a “bath day”, where I will be briefly unlocked to clean “tiny” and the cage.  I’m going to ask permission to trim or shave my hair there as well for comfort.

The other man in chastity at the party last night had been locked up for weeks.  My wife described in detail, several times to me, how much she enjoyed watching his attentiveness to his keyholder.  She clearly wants me to be even more like that to her.

I had some hopes that I might have already had some relief, but no.  She may be serious about not letting me have sex with her until next year.  At this rate it seems like I may be lucky to have even one orgasm before then.  It’s up to her, she has the key.

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