Saturday was quite a special day, both for my wife/keyholder/mistress and for me. Her birthday was that weekend, and she decided that I would receive birthday spankings on her behalf. Rather than use her age, she set a high goal for me to earn release from chastity and an orgasm: 500 spanks.

With her help we made a little progress towards that during the week: 15. Only 485 spankings to go.

On Saturday we attended a play party with friends. This was a kinky party at a friend’s house in their BDSM dungeon. About 30 people attended. I picked up a Byerly’s birthday cake that was decorated with roses. I asked them to customize the frosting with her name, and to add thorns to the rose stems, which they did.

After we arrived at the party, my wife suggested that I let people know about my predicament. Most folks I asked were happy to help out by spanking my ass. So with my pants at my ankles and my CB-3000 visible, I received scores of birthday spankings. Most used a nice leather paddle that my wife prefers (similar to this but red). However, a few used their bare hands. Before very long I had over 300 and was pretty sore and pink.

Soon a special friend arrived at the party. I had phoned R earlier and asked her to participate in a special scene that my wife had wished for. A short while later the three of us were on the dungeon floor, where R and I stripped and laid down next to each other. My wife put on gloves and proceeded to fist us both at the same time. I was still locked in chastity, but during this scene R had three orgasms. My wife/mistress loved having one hand inside R’s pussy and the other inside my ass.

After that scene we cleaned up and then mingled with our friends some more. I asked for additional spankings. My wife said I had to stop at 480 so she could take over. I suspected she might quit at 499 and leave me locked up for the night. Indeed, at that point she administered the next 19 herself and stopped. I begged and pleaded for one more. To my surprise, she layed into my red rear with one more hard one, bringing my total to 500.

I asked to be unlocked, and she instructed me to retrieve the key from her keyring and ask someone else to unlock me. As it turns out, the couple who introduced my wife and I to each other were at the party, and I asked him to unlock me. He was happy to, as I suspected he might be, since he is also locked up at times. He knew what it meant for me to get unlocked.

Back in the dungeon, my wife had me strip again and lay in a leather sex sling with my legs up (like this but without the ropes). Apparently my orgasm would be here in front of everyone watching. She whispered something to R, who disappeared for a short while. My wife produced our largest dildo (similar to this), ready with a condom and lube. She held it at her waist and started fucking my ass with it. Due to it’s size, this is a very intense experience for me.

R returned and my wife asked her to masturbate me at the same time. A minute later my wife told me to close my eyes, turn my head, and open my mouth. I did so, and someone shoved their cock down my throat. He grabbed my hair and proceeded to fuck my face. I can’t do justice to how amazing this was – to be simultaneously used at both ends and jerked off. With so many sensations going it, it took me a few minutes to focus on the orgasm that was building. But before long I came and came and came. Having been locked up for a week, it was a wonderful orgasm, and the additional penetrations made it even more intense and incredible.

I opened my eyes and recognized D, a substantial presence in the local scene, as he took his cock out of my mouth. We both laughed, since I had sort of owed him this for a while. About a year ago I was crossdressed at another party here. Sitting in his lap, I got him all turned on but then had to run to a scene when my mistress called. Since then he had teased me about “finishing the job”.

Of course I’m locked back up now. My wife has been very appreciative of the dual fisting scene I helped arrange for her. And I’ve been so grateful to her, not only to have had an orgasm, but to have realized such an incredible fantasy with her. We are both aware of how fortunate we are to be together.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good workover.



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