She finally broke me. As I wrote in my Violation and Transpotential posts, my wife/keyholder was not going to let me have another orgasm until I sang a song that I did not want to sing. She was willing to keep me locked up for 5 weeks before allowing me a release without singing it.

I gave in on Sunday. Coming to bed that evening she sexually teased me for a while, stimulating my nipples which makes me so horny. But the CB-3000 locked on me keeps my cock under 3.5 inches, pointed down, and small. It’s torture for me, and she enjoys it a lot. This went on for about 20 minutes, which can seem like hours to me as I writhe and desperately crave some genital stimulation.

She stopped and said she wanted Tiny (her name for my cock) and his house (the chastity cage) between her legs. I moved into position, essentially missionary, and gently pressed the cage against her pussy. She started grinding herself against it, and directed me about how much pressure she wanted. It was indescribably difficult to have my cock so close to her opening and feel nothing. She, on the other hand, was easily working herself towards a substantial orgasm.

I was aware of my cock pressing very hard against the inside of the solid plastic enclosure. It felt like the cage might burst open from the pressure, but it didn’t give, and my pulsing cock and balls ached so very much with each throb. I watched her slowly reach her climax. I felt genuinely and deeply honored to be providing her that pleasure, yet I could barely stand the pain radiating from my own genitals.

We then cuddled as she relaxed and floated in the afterglow of her orgasm. After a while she took my head and thrust my face into her armpit. I was surprised, but she smelled really good. Not perfume, but a natural scent of her own that pushed my arousal level through the roof. It was more than I could bear. I could not stand the sexual intensity for even one more minute. I caved in, and said that I would sing the song if I could please, please, please be allowed to orgasm.

She stopped, and was a little surprised. “Really? You’ll sing the song?” I consented, and begged to be allowed to orgasm inside her. She asked why. “It would feel so incredibly good to feel you, your pussy feels so wonderful and it feels like it has been forever. Please may I cum inside you, please Mistress?” I had no self respect left at all, the only thing that mattered was doing what she wanted in order to earn myself some sexual relief.

“Very well,” she said, “get Tiny unlocked. And since it’s going inside me, wash that skanky thing.” I threw on my robe and hurried downstairs to retrieve the key from her keyring and unlock myself. After a quick washing of my genitals, I was back upstairs and in bed. I felt so sexually activated, so fully aware of the urgent need for her body next to my body. It was more than just needing to cum, I needed to touch her, hold her, smell her, and feel her next to me.

I gently and sensuously attacked her, attending respectfully to her breasts, her lips, her thighs, feeling her hair between my fingers, smelling her deeply. It felt very close to what some would call a peak experience. I slowly entered her and savored the feeling of her warmth and wetness wrapping around my cock, which was finally fully hard after a week of captivity. I took my time and honored both of us, drinking in the sensations everywhere on my body. Even so, it still only took me a few minutes to climax.

But it was glorious. It was incredible. It felt so beyond words. I laid there and held her, and thanked her, and felt so in love and appreciative. What an amazing woman, to bring me to such a thrilling experience. Time was irrelevant as we lay together.

After a while we talked a bit, and she made it clear that she wanted me locked right back up in the morning. I agreed. It seems likely it will be at least another week of lockup for me. Saturday we have a play party, and she is really looking forward to it. It’s her birthday weekend, and guess who will be receiving her birthday spankings?

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