My wife/keyholder extended my current chastity time by 3 days for a verbal outburst while driving. As I wrote in Extensions, she will delay my next orgasm when I get upset at other drivers when I’m driving and she is with me. Good thing I didn’t flip them off too — that would have cost me a total of 8 days!

Since I haven’t posted for a little while, I’ll take a moment to catch up.

Last weekend she decided she wanted access to my cock for her pleasure. She allowed me to penetrate her, and since I had been locked up for almost a week prior to that, it felt incredibly good! However, she controlled each step of our intercourse and kept it all about her desires. After a short while she had what appeared to be a really nice orgasm. I waited patiently, still inside her.

When she recovered, we chatted, and I started very slowly moving in and out of her again. She let me get away with it for a little while, then said that I wasn’t allowed to cum. It felt so amazingly wonderful that I begged and pleaded. She didn’t seem sure, so I kept asking and hoping, and eventually she said yes – with conditions.

She said I needed to tell her how many strokes I needed to orgasm, and I had to stop after that many whether I was done or not. I felt so close, so I said “ten”. Unfortunately, after 10 more strokes I wasn’t done! I stopped, and begged some more. She laughed, and I wasn’t sure what would happen next. After a bit more pleading she gave me one more chance. This time I said 25, she said ok, and after 22 I had an incredible orgasm. Wow.

Fast forward to the next evening. A few things happened, and I guess I was a little bit snippy (or so she said – one doesn’t argue with such things). Regardless, she made it clear that she wanted me locked back up right away. “I’m learning that you behave so much better when you’re locked up. It really is clear that you need to have that tiny cock under control to help you act properly at all times. And I think this next time period is going to be a long one.” Humph.

Since then I’ve only been briefly released for a couple’s massage we had yesterday. Otherwise it’s been 5 days of wearing the CB-3000. Quite a few of those days have included her merciless sexual teasing with no release.

A few days ago she gave me the opportunity to have an orgasm. “All” I had to do was sing a song. I refused. You are probably thinking that I’m nuts. Maybe I am. But I found her request to be strange and emotionally cruel, for me. You see, I don’t believe in a god. So what? Well, the song she wants me to sing is the child’s song “Jesus Loves Me”.

I’m sure all the Femdom’s will get a great chuckle out of that. There’s some odd principle aspect about it that I am having trouble with. Perhaps I can eventually see it as mere temporary humiliation. But right now I feel like I would be betraying myself in some way to go through with it. Of course she is having a great time with this.

One other item to share. I was out volunteering recently, and the public men’s bathroom there had these open-style wide urinals. I could have used a stall and sat down, of course. But took a chance and peed with my locked-in-plastic cock in my hand. No one else came in when I did it, but it was an awkward reminder of my chastity. There are times I wish my chastity device gave me no choice but to sit to pee. Perhaps a future device of mine will enforce that.

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